they will use their own means

September 27 [Fri], 2013, 18:09
Like those engineers, senior employees, it is difficult to dismiss. After all, to come this far, shows that they have a great contribution to the company. Otherwise, according to seniority rì I that serious theory, if people do not contribute, is absolutely able to get that kind of height. And those companies that want to retrenched workers, it is necessary to use some means. If you do not want to be too harsh, allowing these employees to resign, and there is a huge returns. However, this is not a means of gentle and effective at all times. Because I can come to this position, for the average person, it is already acquired status and honor. Did not feel anything wrong premise, it is difficult to resign. This means that he received the honor Canada Goose Victoria and status, it will cease to exist after the resignation. For those over fifty people only climb high, it is difficult to accept the resignation of the pressure automatically. So, not everyone will choose to resign. And those companies in order to get rid of these people, they will use their own means. For example, transfer. It would be quite modest means, of course, be transferred for the people, this means still unacceptable. After the transfer, it means that they have been kicked out of the important department, or an important position. Not only is the job change, the most important is salary. Important sector salaries and non-important sector salaries, and certainly not the same as, or even far. Accustomed to the salary before the people, as poor rì another child, it is very hard to endure. Jin Sato is such an important sector was only removed from the engineer, originally rì the steel company, he was responsible for a special blade coating latest research work in this field and north face sale store he shall not be considered a no small specialist. Originally bon voyage sailing, but two years ago has changed. Came from the United States introduced an expert, and the original charge of this project, he has gradually lost its position in the company. To tell the truth, that the Americans do not seem more than technical expertise Sato gold a good, but because he is an American, so it is not in the company's position Sato gold one can be compared. Say good cooperation between two people, something that is not a good idea. However, because the Americans could not understand Sato gold a rambling style and inside a female laboratory technician sāo interference, so Jin Sato and do not always deal with the Yankees. Jin Sato originally the idea of ​​the struggle between him and the Americans will definitely win of their own, after all he done so much in the company, but also in the laboratory which, their influence is not the Yankees can be compared . In the end, the company will definitely see this kind of situation, and take the initiative to put the Yankees dismissed. But I did not expect the board to make the final decision, do let yourself out. Such a decision, enough to make one despair Sato gold. He is no longer young, his blue chūn stay in the company, the company quietly made nearly three decades, had waited to retire him, but was knocked out at this time. Not to mention pensions, is later in life do not know how to be maintained. He has a daughter, a very lovely daughter, is now Tokyo University study. He still has parents, but also to a mortgage. Originally all this is simply not a problem, though he is in rì the steel company, but he was important to researchers, his share of wages can certainly live very moist. But now everything is over, Sato gold one as a loser, I do not know Where is the way in front. Dangling walk that he has gone three years on the road, does not know how to explain to the family inside, and Keiko still at home waiting for him, desperate to hear this news, do not know What kind of reaction. Just thinking about the future Sato gold a road when a voice from behind. "Mr. Sato, Mr. Timberland Hydroclimb Hybrid Boots Sato, you can wait it?" A more than 30-year-old man, Sato ran from behind the front, bowed, facing Sato Jin said. Looked at the stranger, Sato gold a recall for a long time, still do not think this man who in the end, he began to say: "Sir, do not know that you called me this loser, something the matter with it?" Failed who self-deprecating, not nonsense. Although Sato merely dismissed by the company, but in the entire rì this, he will not find any ideal job. His one knowledge, are entirely useless. Originally this field is relatively narrow, relatively speaking, but he was dismissed by steel companies, even if there are other companies want to use him, but also had to consider the steel company's problems. For a researcher, while friction and steel pipe company, not a cost-effective thing, so, before Jin Sato said he is a loser. And that stopped Sato gold a person, but do not like to hear Sato's self-deprecating, opening said: "Mr. Sato, Hello, my name is Suzuki Mitsuhiro for your experience, I am very sorry. If you do not mind, can can not go with a cup of watery liquor, we'll have a conversation. "hear drink, Sato gold an instinct that frown. For them to engage in the study of people, wine jīng the brain damage is well known, so people who do research work, basically seldom drank, even in rì this, this circle of people they rarely drink, as is keeping a cool head. However, Sato gold a second thought, do not think laughing. He is now no longer the company's researchers, and where there are so many scruples? After which line also maybe will do it, this wine jīng injury but also on their own what impact? This kind of mentality, and that is called Jin Sato Suzuki Mitsuhiro who came to a tavern. Previously little out drinking Sato gold one, can clearly feel, this pub is very different, as to what is different, he lived fad can not understand. They sat down to wait until after the tatami above, Suzuki Mitsuhiro clapped his hands and motioned serving. Before long, a sumptuous feast to put up with, see Sato gold a secret tip the scales. He made no how even shopped pub, but the price he can dish considered clear. In this meal, his month's wages are not enough check. You know, he was in the company's wage is not low, but it is so, can not buy off this meal snacks. One can imagine, this is called Suzuki Mitsuhiro people, how the rich and powerful. This time, Jin Sato secretly attention up to spend such a large price to invite him to dinner, presumably this is called Suzuki Mitsuhiro purpose is also a great person, do not know what he wants in the end, if you want to sell their company's confidential , it certainly is not, after all, had signed a confidentiality agreement, the means for the company, first find out about, but Sato gold. If he really dare to do so, and absolutely ruined the ending. But in addition, there are other where their use value it? Suzuki Mitsuhiro Sato gold one's mind no matter how tangled, started yelling and Sato toast: "Mr. Sato, this first cup, I respect you because you are on the coating technology research, let us rì the company in the international competitiveness on the market, has a significant role in promoting your carbon coating the above studies, let me end this school backward, admiration admiration for your wisdom, please dry this wine. "Then, Suzuki Mitsuhiro gulp his cup of wine, motioning first for the King. Jin Sato While Suzuki Mitsuhiro With jǐng Ti's mind, but to hear him praised his achievements in the field of science above, still secretly pleased. For coating on carbon steel, is most proud of Sato gold a technique. Originally this technology, the most out of sè the Germans and the Americans, the Soviets although these technologies, but their products and some alien capital of the world, in the international market, in addition to the same camp in the Soviet Union in those countries, the basic on nobody uses. Therefore, the Soviet Union's technology can be neglected. His research, which is equivalent between the Germans and the Americans opened up a gap, let rì my things openly to the world stage. While that technology to now, has not really a good thing, similar products, basically is rotten Street, but the share of honor, still in the hearts of gold and one Sato plays an important role. The textbook includes rì now, just talking about this thing, he Sato gold one is definitely not around the past. Scientists are not worldly air, they will pursue fame and fortune, they also have their own yù expectations. So, Suzuki Mitsuhiro, then touched him just right, and now is one of the most Sato Gold lost time, he was so respected Suzuki Mitsuhiro, share of excitement, not ordinary people can understand the. So, when drinking alcohol Suzuki Mitsuhiro Sato also followed kill his own cup of wine. With the first sip of wine, then the next wine can not stop. Sato gold one was depressed, could not find a place to vent, to drink now, it is just to vent out his dissatisfaction, coupled with Suzuki's waves. Not long after, never drunk Jin Sato had already cried in your eyes are dim brother of Suzuki Mitsuhiro. "Buddy ah, you are sensible. Much suffering my brother, to give them the company did a lifetime, did not expect to old, but because of an American hero to me like kicked out of office, you say this thing how can they do it? I have old, under a small, had to rely on their wages to eat. now these days, although there are a termination payment, but money enough to do? My daughter studying at the University of Tokyo , she needs to live on, if not a job, how do I go to feed her. well Keiko, she accompanied me twenty years, seeing we must enjoying the time I been dismissed by the company and I'm sorry she ah. "Speaking of which, Sato could not help but burst into tears.
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