and finally defeated several consecutive

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(Fellow tight schedule, please leave collection) This last one is actually a LOT of broken dark bronze rusty token, a way without aura. However, Huang Baiyun Zong introduce this dark bronze beard when it is a look of excitement: "Look you on the face, mind must be in the scolding Hwang, and also please Shaoanwuzao fact, this thing is not like you for eyes to see is so unbearable, I Baiyun Zong this auction was placed in the position of the finale is a reasonable argument. "yellow beard Here, following several monks are tempted cried:" Hurry talk This material origins of it, not in the guessing. "yellow beard hear, chuckled, then said:" This thing is not my Baiyun Zong all, but instead of a friend sell this bronze but a keepsake, holding this thing one can have a chance to worship into Sansen door! "said" Sansen door, "the words, the yellow beard looked excited, and a look of longing expression. The monks are also buzzing about the audience up. "What! Sansen door, said that this sect is in that endless sea of ​​xanthan mountains, the ancient and mysterious ...... sect seems to be composed of three components." "Yes, I heard that a few decades ago had Sansen door There are monks set foot inland, the largest in the State of Yan comprehension martial Taiqing door a scene, and finally defeated several consecutive Taiqing elders on the door too, just laughing away. "" This is something I also heard However, and this person leaving Shihai said a word, you know? "" What if? "" This man mad laughing too pure to leave the door when he said: 'Sansen Sansen hill doors, any one enough to sweep inland! '"" What, within Luxiu Shi, at least 10 million, he actually dared to boast so under the sea? "" Any one? Could this Sansen door is not a sect, but three of these doors? "" should Each seat is on the mountains with a sect, known collectively as xanthan door it ...... Well ...... if Sansen door of God really has a late brother, swept inland and mention the road Kazuya? After all, is not a virtue in the comprehension many people on able to dominate. "Wang Hao is also interesting to listen to at this time Hongsheng explanation, after all Hongsheng Sheng in royalties among the legends for xanthan door or know twelve of. Sansen door is actually on top of mountains in the overseas three, I want to go Penglai mountains overwhelmed, not just one of three mountains do? It seems this line really is not so simple ...... Wang Hao thought here, looked toward that dark bronze, then yellow beard still looked ecstatic bronze, the audience heard someone ask, just recovered . "Yellow Elder, you said this bronze hand, he has the opportunity to worship into Sansen door, how do we distinguish this true?" Pathetic questioning was a young monk dressed, has built the base late repair to. Yellow beard chuckled and replied: "That you'd be able to rest assured that in a hundred years ago, I was ten countries comprehension league is has such a shock only change my life bronze figures holding the same joined Sanxian door!" Then, is holding bronze, bronze toward the back of the audience Morohito, everyone suddenly shines, actually turned out that the back North Face Apex engraved bronze three simple characters - Sansen door. People see these three characters, the eyes are suddenly released splendor, after all, if it can worship into this legendary sect among the jīng intake for repair is definitely a great help. Yellow Beard added: "This keepsake, I could have been ready Baiyun Zong sovereign personally bought, but later given to the worship already is too small sovereign masters, they use this opportunity to give the gentlemen, therefore, also hope you do not respect the bid stingy ah! Oh Oh ...... "yellow beard chuckled, then uttered Canada Goose Alberta a stunning upset," this thing, and I helped a friend on behalf of selling Baiyun Zong reserve price of ten million low-grade Lingshi! "ten million low-grade Lingshi ! Suddenly all the monks began sāo audience to move, after all, even the monk Yuan Ying, the entire net worth would still be difficult to cobble together so many began. There are eight in ten monks * jiu already sè ashen face, desperate eyes looking around and want to see if there are people who can afford such a high price. Yellow beard at the moment is the head exposed jīng light four sweep shè, especially when the sweep second floor balcony, his face full of looking forward look. Sure enough, the west side of a box, the thought of a hoarse voice: "Naturally, I began a ten million low-grade, bought this thing, get good with my grandson." People have to cast curious eyes, the speaker was a jīng thin old man, covered with obscure atmosphere is unknown, a look that is practicing too hide the flavor of the power law. Although this person did not reserve price based on the increase, but can afford to pay ten million people who began with low-grade blessing for pushovers. Yellow bearded old man apparently lost with this jīng familiar, smiling old man lean towards that jīng a Baoquan said: "Don predecessors really good spirit, so that Sun is really lucky ah!" That is called Tang predecessors jīng two hollow thin old man sound, no answer, but Shining eyes stared at the dark bronze, their income seems to want a storage bag in general. Three interest rates, still no fare increase, yellow bearded face sè a dark, helpless, said: "If no one fare, this thing will go Tang predecessors!" Yellow beard Carter, a sound is actually from two princes Honglida private room in the spread, "Wait a minute!" speak to the people who do not stand in front of private rooms, all per capita is unable to see the face of this person. The man then said: "10010000 began with low-grade, this keepsake my comprehension Union to the ten countries!" To hear the remark, the presence of all are the faces sè a change, especially in that start bid jīng skinny old man and the yellow beard. After all, the name of this person comprehension Union ten countries under the banner, just adding a mere ten thousand low-grade began precisely to keepsake win, which for them, is a big loss. jīng first bear to lean old man said: "I do not know which is the union of the elders came to town, Baisha Town befall me?" Then towards the direction of inter-packet flood force arch of the hand, the meaning would be very clear: if you really human comprehension Union , you show your identity to say, and if you are in none of the elders comprehension Union's position, you want this keepsake photograph easily, and probably a nonsense. Yellow beard is moving in the direction of inter-packet hand and asked: "I actually did not receive Baiyun Zong auction was to attend the league's notice, who appeared a fellow could see?" "Well! I do also act comprehension Union To Baiyun Zong referrals you not? What a joke! "Hung force package occasional voice sounded again, but only for a period of Yuan Ying coercion toward yellow beard with that jīng skinny old man away. Yellow bearded old man with jīng thin surface sè are changed, it is unable to control yellow bearded figure, one step toward the back exit, just stand, staring at the ugly face sè flood packets between the direction of the force, no longer speak . That jīng should lean old man looked Yuan Ying repair, but added that coercion is not affected, sneered: "If you really alliance fellow, Tang will naturally sell at twelve face, if someone can name Union signs a trickster, you can not blame Tang help eradicate the scourge Union! "Then, the whole body element force flow, imposing sky. Wang Hao was sitting among the private room, face sè Furui no wave, the heart is simmering: listen to the sound, just the person speaking it should be white Chin-yuan, overwhelmed by the league in the end I do not know how to send a former monk Yuan Ying to hunt for themselves, if that white stretch per person, last time it was Chen Lao Xianshu captured, there should be no guts come. However, although he is now changing the atmosphere looks, but it touches the side of the Qi Er exposed himself, who just took his portrait looking person does not know the Qi Er, let me say, but this white stretch Yuan Qi Er is seen that he would save onwards, so overwhelmed wanted a good is no longer possible. Moreover, he now can rely on is that the cry of the frost sword, a sword, his identity is revealed. Wang Hao is meditated here, and that is very much like the sound of the white man exhibition yuan now has a burst of laughter, then that is said: "Ha ha ha ha, the white one time more than a decade in the league, was the first time someone said I trickster , but also to eradicate me! good! then I would look at your surname Tang how uproot me? "Then, that already stood two princes flood force front. Wang Hao looked up, it really is white Chin-yuan, but this time it is also white Chin-yuan from Wang Hao eyes swept him, sneering. Participate in auctions with many people actually know this white Chin-yuan, that old man surnamed Tang jīng thin and yellow beard at the moment is the ugly face each other in the eye sè, does not seem to believe that there really are elders comprehension league suddenly came here. White Chin-yuan is Buyiburao eyelids doubled, swelled jīng skinny old man surnamed Tang said: "You are the early Yuan Ying, the white one is a mid-Yuan Ying, I'd like to know how are you going to deal with me?" That Don Suddenly the old man surnamed as white as chalk, sweat dripping and said: "If I had known Tang white elders Driver Deluxe this, surely is not going to compete with you in this matter. overwhelmed is Tang rash, and willing to offer spiritual million Stone apologize! "This is nothing but an old man surnamed Tang scattered repair, naturally not offend comprehension Union this monster, besides the immediate repair of the people is above their own, if insensible, kill the body will inevitably lead to disaster. White Chin-yuan see Tang old man surnamed so sensible, but added immediately face sè a change, smile, said: "Tangdao You polite." Then, turning to yellow beard and said: "That's keepsake, the white one to the." Yellow beard as white as chalk point nod, hearts secretly contemplating white Chin-yuan said to be a mouth, is prepared to spend began to buy, or directly away. People in the field agree that the end of this auction, suddenly from the second floor of the east room came a voice packet to: "Since it is the auction, the film Canada Goose Whistler Parka thing, it should be the highest bidder. I offer a one thousand one million low-grade Lingshi buy this thing!
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