the Wang Hao's probe into

September 28 [Sat], 2013, 14:41
Wang Hao and Ye Qingqing two full flight number rì, had just arrived Yan capital Yanjing, one into the Yanjing, Wang Hao will be sent to the acoustic Hongsheng Yu-Jane, but did not receive Hongsheng echo. Wang Hao heart secretly anxious, and Ye Qingqing brief deliberation, decided to go ahead within Yanguo Huang Palace, where she met Yan Huang Yan Changsheng, asking Hongsheng and Ju child's whereabouts. They convergence of breath, came to the Imperial City, the Wang Hao's probe into a little soul found within Imperial calm abnormalities, including a main hall, but it is the number of road has a strong flavor. This atmosphere, matchless, obviously not monk Yuan Ying can have. Wang Hao frowned mouth murmured: Within this Yanguo Huang Gong, actually has a few of the master of God, really is Crouching Tiger ah! This time it seems best not to insist forcing. Think of here, Hao Ye Qingqing they both went with the Imperial guard outside the Department, to the guards say they wanted to ask to see Yan Huang's intentions. That several guards saw the convergence of the atmosphere of Wang Hao and Ye Qingqing two people, young, looks just building the base for the repair, actually a port is asked to see Yanguo Huang Di, can not help but face resentment sè, including a Name saver early frowning guards shouted: "Do you want to ask to see His Majesty? joke, do not say Her Majesty will not be easily met in flat rì ordinary monk, you alone, identity, even to the visitors met with His Majesty's rì , you are also not the slightest possibility of an audience. still make haste out of here! "Then, who released saver of coercion, to Wang Hao and Ye Qingqing forced open. Unexpectedly, this saver of coercion is applied to these two young men and women who did not work but it is. I saw that look handsome young man smiling, said: "The Jun Ye, please also accommodating twelve, the next it is there are events and asked to see Yan Majesty!" That early saver guards to see their coercion did not actually Both junior can force open, face sè a change, then angry and said: "presumptuous! had just not been said clearly, His Majesty will not receive you, do not make haste to leave, do not want to insist forcing the Imperial City ? Did you know that the first few rì, there is a late Yuan Ying monks want to insist forcing the Imperial City, the last is not to be Nanwang found, not only will he expelled the Imperial City, but also all the way to kill, maybe now dead in the hands of the Nanwang! not walking! "" What! Nanwang? "Wang Hao face sè a change, hearts Canada Goose Reversible Vest Ancun said:" It seems that the late Yuan Ying monks ten nine eight * is flood birth, but this Nanwang ...... Is Yannan Tian fragmentation? into the magic of this person has been, it has also escaped from that office space, it seems that this time is already Laomo break the seal, came to the inland! If this is the case, then inland bound to encounter a catastrophe! "thought here, Wang Hao can not help but face sè hard look! That guard see Wang Hao although sè ugly face, but did not leave the meaning, suddenly furious, greeted around three guards, remove the magic, they want to Wang Hao and Ye Qingqing grappling. "You two really ungrateful! Qinxia you not to, you do not know the law Dayan powerful!" That said we have to guard wielding magic, they greeted the past towards Hao. At this point, Wang Hao slight movement, this four guards just felt a breeze blowing, their hands would have been unknown natal magic disappeared, to be transferred eye towards Hao looked and saw to Wang Hao in the hands of time already more than four out of magic, not their natal what is magic! "You! ......" That guard was about to curse, then I thought: this young man for the repair set is somewhat hidden, otherwise the moment is not likely to take away his four magic hands. Thought here, that the lead guard suddenly dwarfed, bend lost smiles: "The older generation, the original is hidden repair, there is a small did not know, do not know that you always ......" "Well! "Wang Hao interrupted the guards, then being sè asked," without further ado, I'm asking you now. If hesitant, or something to hide, immediately Haier Heaven, hear clearly did not? "" listen carefully the .... listen carefully .... predecessors, you ask it! "This four guards suddenly submissive bend standing, not the slightest neglect. Is the case in the comprehension to the strong respect! "Well, I ask you, you said Nanwang, is not Yannan Tian?" "Yes ...... Nanwang's name taboo is indeed called Yannan Tian!" "Well, I ask you, you said mouth insist forcing the palace of the late Yuan Ying monks, have you seen his face, whether he was alone? "really is Yannan Tian Hao heard Nanwang after heart thump loudly, underground passage: Hongsheng probably overwhelmed by fierce Dorje less ...... "older, that insist forcing the palace of the people we'd not witnessed, but listen to the other guard said, is a fat man, he was flanked by a little girl!" "really is Hongsheng!" Hao mind illegal channels , mouth continue to ask, "It's a few rì, within the palace, is there any misfortune?" Hao reason why there is this question, is because Yannan Tian behind but a group of early Laomo of God, Yannan Tian appear in this Yanguo Huang Gong among those Laomo must also in this neighborhood. Thus, this Yanguo Huang room, is in a dangerous situation. Because of his own soul had just discovered with those of the master of God, Wang Hao had a terrible mind is already speculation: At this point Canada Goose Men's Lodge Vest Yanguo Huang chamber, which is already in the hands those Laomo! "Misfortune?" That sergeant several defenders while meditating Ningmei up after a number of interest, one of them suddenly spoke and said: "predecessors, the palace has been very calm, no misfortune. Simply, these rì, heard Pingxi Wang and Nanwang discord, that rì actually a fight in the palace, and later still even Taishi also shot up. simply, the final outcome is not known small! "Wang Hao brow tight locks, underground passage in mind: It seems that the situation in the State of Yan really is bewildering that he now wants to break open the fog, it is necessary to insist forcing the palace to see the palace of God to those of the monks, in the end is the sort of person. These people are some of the early monks of God, he himself is able to cope with! Thought here, Wang Hao waved his right hand, that has made it this four defenders monk fainted. Then, turning to Ye Qingqing said: "green, we convergence of breath, quietly go!" On Wang Hao and Ye Qingqing convergence of breath, ready to enter the Imperial City, the Wang Hao suddenly face sè a change, a Cheguo Ye Qingqing, whispered: "You and the Sky into my ring!" Then, soul a move would be to Ye Qingqing income Sky ring, followed by Wang Hao stature gradually fades, hidden in a wall below. A moment later, a green cloud drifting away slowly, very strange, this Irene above, stood a one Lvpao, looks weird monks, this monk standing beside a young man, it is Yannan Tian , Yannan Tian next to crawl rather than four figure, Irene fell on top of the four, but it is unable to see the face. Only one of them seems to be a small woman. That Irene Wang Hao, head of the flash, not into the city among Yanguo Huang. After the number of interest, Wang Hao show stature, mouth murmured: "Lvmao ancestors! Really is these old monster, Hongsheng and Ju children actually fall into the hands of these people, but they did not actually kill the flood students, but to catch it seems is trying to lead me to be here this Lvmao ancestors of God, but mid-monk, although I can deal with, but it still has few side early old monster of God, these people If the same shot, I will certainly not rivals, the matter, rather, to be long term and not rashly shot! "thought here, Wang Hao stature flash, that fly the Yanguo Huang city. After half rì, Wang Hao Yan Guohuang appeared in the city thousands of miles from the foot of the mountain too pure, too pure Yan door is built on hills too pure, Wang Hao is now the strength of the child you want to help too pure, and shot himself together, these Laomo caught. Canada Goose Women's Camp Hooded Jacket This repair is too pure sub unfathomable, if teamed with him, will be able to eradicate these Laomo. Also, there have been too pure to recruit their own sub-meaning, now go Xiangqiu own, should not be rejected! Think of here, Wang Hao will step on Lanyu sword toward the top of Mt Taiqing Taiqing door doors away. Just flew hillside, Wang Hao is too pure to see the door gate, above its gate, decorated, with what seems to be happy event in general. Many disciples are too pure rush the door and the line, hands holding each sè gift, his face is a happy look. Wang Hao falling stature, to find a young saver of monks, asked: "This fellow, but too pure disciple?" That saver monks face sè hesitated, then said: "Yes, in the next It is too pure disciples, friends do not know which martial art? "Wang Hao smiled and replied:" In the coming ten countries but comprehension of the monks, Jiuyang Taiqing door daimyo, overwhelmed by the twelve came to pay their last respects. it is What seems to have found the door happy event, I do not know whether the fellow told twelve, and let the next dip festivity! "That monk heard that Wang Hao but comprehension from ten countries, suddenly appeared out of touch his face contempt of God sè, haughty said: "So you are from that remote place, look at your brother, just build the base late, actually dare to cross Wu, Yan came to my door too pure, it can be considered some courage. Well , they tell you, but I'm too pure Ming rì door Patriarch of eight sub-Chitose birthday too pure, too pure door in the matter, but I have great event. If you are interested, you can also go down the ceremony! overwhelmed I am too pure for Christmas Patriarch door, not only invited four Fangxiu Shi, and alerted the three mountains myself, I heard that someone will come to congratulate Sansen hill! right, and you do so much, you do not know the three mountains What is this place, well, well, I'm going, you please yourself! "Then, toward the top of the hill will be flying away. Wang Hao heard three mountains words, can not help but thump loudly, underground passage: It was not the enemy does not meet ah! (Seeking collection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!)
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