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September 28 [Sat], 2013, 15:49
"It seems that shadow is not the bell indefinite opponent, overwhelmed pour regarded escaped unharmed!" Binger stay put fear to think that he is now the God five for the repair, the entire spirit world really nothing, if not the father of the sanctuary, but even zhōngyāng living in the city are difficult! Binger still secretly glad, while the clock is no period at this time there is no shadow, at this moment, an unexpected voice suddenly appeared in the Binger is the ears, then, Binger is felt a black eyes, his body seems to be a space in which an income class artifact, then, is no consciousness, is directly fainted. Wang Hao and Xiaohui two returned to the village after falling clouds, it touches Binger not know what happened to the two after some pleasantries, farewell Xiaohui Wang Hao is ready to go back to practice, I did not expect Xiaohui suddenly smiled and said: "King ho, I see Binger seems quite like your sister? do not know if you like Binger sister? "Hao moment, then blushed and said:" Binger king's daughter of God, so high above identity, and How can it be that I can climb to starting! "In fact, Wang Hao is just overwhelmed by rhetoric to absolve itself from nothing, for Binger, Wang Hao actually has a somewhat favorable North Face Scy Outlet impression, but it is only good impression, far far from what love! "Oh ...... you guys really careless, you do not see it Binger sister's mind do? Now zhōngyāng City of God, prince Zhu Tao Zhu Tong Binger wanted to marry my sister, my sister is Binger has not promised It seems likely that in order How about you? "Xiaohui said here, suddenly sighed road," and you say what they use it, you just magic six for the repair, I am afraid that if the entanglement to the inside xìng will take your life, or not that good! "Xiaohui said, is melancholy to go alone. Wang Hao froze in place, underground passage: God, prince, if this person really think of myself as a rival, but there are terribly afraid that they eat! Thought here, Wang Hao can not help but be a wry smile and shook his head, walked toward his residence. Today, Wang Hao greatest wish is to practice to the level of God, and then enter zhōngyāng of the city, looking for the mother's message! Is half the time past, this rì, Wang Hao in residence in practice to the critical moment, suddenly was felt a strong coercion, the weight of its own seems breathless, then, the king Hao hurried over practice, kick is taken the door. At this time, many of the village falling clouds monks are from the house came out, looked toward the mid-air, mid-air, the emergence of a robed, bearded, middle-aged face with streaks of scribes, This is one kind of middle-aged scribes to Wang Hao unfathomable feeling, who comes out of its amazing coercion, so that was actually midair clouds are far away, not close to its body. At this time, middle-aged scribes, brow furrowed, mouth slowly said: "Lord of the village came to answer falling clouds!" Is already out at this time is hurried beneath the scribe came to the middle-aged, respectfully said: "Ming is See Zhongli God King, I wonder if God King overwhelmed visit my Luoxia village, what can be commanded? "" Ming is, I ask you, my daughter bell ice in half before falling clouds are coming over the village? "It turned out that middle-aged scribes Binger is the father, Zhongli Gods! "Huibing God King, Miss Binger really came Luoxia village!" Ming is respectfully replied. "Then I ask you, when she was leaving, the village is in the falling clouds and who have had contact with?" Zhongli God King would go on. "Huibing God King, Binger Miss Luoxia village and my daughter just had some contact with Keiji, yes, there is the village monk Wang Hao, also Binger lady friend!" "Well, you call them two people came to answer! "Zhongli God king sè mismanagement, has made it clear Mens North Face Bionic positive mind is constantly drum roll! When Xiaohui and Wang Hao in Zhongli God before the king, when the king's face sè Zhongli God suddenly changed, but soon is Canada Goose Hybridge Toronto back to normal. "I ask you, what time to leave Luoxia Binger village?" "Half before falling clouds Binger is leaving the village, I Miss WY hands all the way around to send nearly a hundred miles away, followed by Binger is left alone Sword! "replied Wang Hao reasonable manner, just Zhongli across his eyes when his face sè has slightly changed, so that was Wang Hao touches the hearts of illegal channels: It seems that their secret really is to retain his job, which is obviously aware of God King of the Sky ring my hands, otherwise it will not suddenly become sè. In fact, Wang Hao may not know, the reason why God King Zhongli slightly changed sè, as long as the Protoss is because Wang Hao who has the most noble blood, even the blood of these hi Zhongli god king also never have, never thought that appeared in a small magic six monks of the body. God King looked Zhongli furrowed brow, Xiaohui Qieqie asked: "God, the king, do not know Binger sister is not out of any accident?" Staring Xiaohui Wang Zhongli God, slightly Yi Tan said: "You is Xiaohui, Binger'd always mention you, since you are Binger friend, I do not mind telling you, Binger missing! "" What! "Hao heart was shocked," Binger missing? This how possible? dares hijacked a senior God King's daughter, is it not court death! "However, these ideas only Wang Hao such a monk does not understand the spirit world will think about it, all the monks to understand the spirit world are known , into the spirit world, jungle, even if you are a god king, it is impossible to fully protect all the people around them. As the saying goes, the Tigers have nap time! "Binger sister disappeared ......" Xiaohui murmured, his face was a look of anxiety. Then asked: "God, the king has no clue!" Xiaohui desperate, also refused to identify themselves with Zhongli God King has much disparity! Zhongli God King did not blame Xiaohui, shook said: "not the slightest clue! Even my men, no period is followed by a bell missing! Matter was very strange, so I will ask the village came Luoxia what happens! "Hao suddenly spoke and said:" Binger and clock had struck down an indefinite Mingmingjiaoge wing of the monks, if there was any correlation? "" You're talking about the Lord of the West Guan Cun son? "Zhongli shook his head and said, "Even a few bolder by the West Guan Cun, they never dared to touch Binger! Okay, this my own ideas!" Zhongli said, long-sleeved waved, then that is lost in the the Morohito eyes. Zhongli Gods left, all the monks of the village are falling clouds loosed, and Wang Hao and Xiaohui is stared stood. Xiaohui said: "Wang Hao, how to do?" Wang Hao smile: "Even the bell no period have disappeared, what can we have a way? Seems this should be the king of the enemies of God and Zhongli about other people and how may dared Binger! "Xiaohui nodded his head and said:" I hope we go Binger sister do something! Hey, Wang Hao, you actually ...... actually ....... "look of amazement watching Xiaohui, Wang Hao laugh said: "Yes, these days practicing sympathetically, accidentally break through to the level of God! '" call ....... "Xiaohui long sigh of relief, exclaimed:" accidentally, you know, I have been trapped in the magic eight failed to qualify for a long time, you did not expect just a few months time, actually the fulfillment of God will, it is ...... it is ...... "Xiaohui already stunned and did not know at this time what to say! (Seeking collection!!))
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