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October 08 [Tue], 2013, 15:04

air max 2013 red Seems to have entered the kingdom of cactus, cactus 120,000 in up to 10 meters of the giant, people reminding us of scenes in the middle of the western United States. Ice cream made from cactus has become a specialty here, refreshing, and delicious. Once you master the basics of riding, you can go to experience Sivori Xu Lake Farm is one of the most valuable tours: in the absence of guides and other tourists, accompanied by riding alone aspen and ponderosa pine forest.

Sivori Xu farm implement linear queue is not riding philosophy, so you can alone in wildflowers fresh grass wanton Pentium, or indulge leap into the secluded lake or river swim. Sivori promise to fully experience the farm for you to create a hidden world of romantic feelings. Accompanied by the setting sun, and his wife come to a candlelight dinner on the prairie, as if the world belongs only to you. Looked again southwest of Okinawa, where one after another with a variety of islands. As also maintained a simple style, air, sea and nature reveals a fresh, soothing every visitor's mind, and therefore frequented resort.

air max 2013 silver volt Okinawa was an independent country - "Ryukyu Kingdom", with its unique geographical advantage has been maintained with its neighbors China, Japan and Korea and other countries to trade, to establish its own cultural status. Experienced about 450 years of history independent Ryukyu Kingdom, and ultimately Satsuma Meiji government annexation in 1879, the king surrendered Shuri Castle surrender. Thus, the Ryukyu Kingdom quit the stage of history, was born in Japan, Okinawa Prefecture.

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