really can seize the core essence of not much

May 27 [Mon], 2013, 17:59
Yang Yi puncture a fallacy with one remark secret, said Zhang Dun opponent not in the palace. This may seem obvious, but in the official people, really can seize the core essence of not much, a lot of people throughout his life in the officialdom strife, busy with all kinds of every opponent, often could not break out from the side of the quagmire, to stand higher, see the root of the problem. As now,Nike Air Jordan 1 UK Sale, many people think that the Empress Dowager is high surging died, her time is past, old party has become a flower of yesterday, but the fact is that so? The fact is,oakley for cheap, some people even died, his philosophy, his influence will still exist, and a number of people. So Zhang Dun opponent in fact is a kind of idea, a matter of the will, who is this idea and the will of the representative, you must first find the target, high surging is dead, Sima Guang is dead,Coach Online Bags, but how to break this idea they leave, do not let it pass, this is the core problem in Chapter I have to face the. If Zhang Dun et al only indulge in Lv Dafang and others take revenge, that'd be just weeded out leaves, no roots, as long as the seasons change, it was Lili potential covered fields. Chapter I is a razor, Zhao Xu to consolidate the imperial power and Zhao Xu, can saying is the Zhang Dun to tackle the concept of the sword, no Zhao Xu, Zhang Dun only fight for. Dim in the carriage, Zhang Dun and Yang Yi silent, between them, most of the time I don't have to say too bright, point to a can, until the car into the Ming Fang, Zhang Duncai said: "the little friend, in any case, must be your majesty to cure, or at least be steady, we need time ah! I would recommend you tomorrow as living Toneri post, just your leg......" Living Toneri duty is to the emperor, the emperor of the living conditions of records, from the emperor's every word and action, to eat anything, only the princess, to record, this is not a easy job, but it's one of the most close to the emperor, I recommend him as up residence chapter, nature is convenient for him diagnosis and treatment for Zhao Xu. "All right, a few days will be able to walk freely, from illness, his majesty this several days also shall rest, not too much activity, want the younger generation is sitting in a wheelchair, to keep up with your footsteps." Two more hours, shouchang Simon's head, suddenly lit a torch, Xingbu Shilang He Shikuan dressed, personally took Simon upstairs. After Xie roots for more than one hundred six doors elite days of mocha, in shouchang and Suan touched many Maitreya teach clues, Shou Chang is located in the upper reaches of the Qian Tang River, is located in remote, Maitreya here is much more rampant, so its flaw is much also, could not resist the Xie roots of these for many years the veteran inventory. Tonight, shouchang and Ann will act at the same time, an arrest, local officials are not officer He Shikuan, catch the need that he brought a hundred Xingbu stem officials, all from the muzhou, Hangzhou, transfer to the early action, do very secretive, and now, need is the suddenness of a thunderbolt! Two more arrived, the town outside the city, the first is to control each intersection, then already buried near the target, stay to have break into houses, carriage neck, on the spot forced >
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