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May 11 [Sat], 2013, 10:07
> 265 Liu son named Fuk Wing without the interference of the United States staff, "Enter the Dragon" shooting schedule but faster, just a morning contest will be John and Yuen Wah (original Tien) The gambling plot of shooting is completed. Www QunabEN com lunch hour the sea shooting team, led by Yuen Woo-ping returns Lantau Island Studios, in general, progress is not fast shooting at sea after watching the screen, Xiaohu sighed softly Yuen Woo-ping said: "brother , afternoon this, this, there are several places to re-shoot, remember to put those fishing, children see the difference of a foreigner for the first time and curiosity perfect record. "" We are not shooting in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong foreign a few people fishing Curious about how it is not some unreasonable? "Yuen Woo-ping and some are not convinced. Xiaohu rolled his eyes, the heart that ah, Yuen Woo-ping script problems are beginning to pick up, there is progress, but is not the place to pick, so pointing to the script, said: "Who says the script, the story is in Hong Kong? Brother, use your mind, I will let you how to shoot you how to shoot the parts of Yuen Woo-ping only nod to admit. "Hey, if I had not seasick not alone on the boat for a long time, these screens with a morning, I will be able to get." Xiaohu said, shaking his head. His seasickness airsick wrong or not cured, or fail to get Yuen Woo-ping shoot several groups of classic screen. Afternoon do not go shooting at sea, Uncle Kin first shot in the interior appearance of the plot, written, do not let the of those martial eating props, It was a real roast suckling pig, a few hundred pieces. "Dragon with the gigantic hand is not clean this sort of thing often occurs when shooting this morning, a guy take advantage of people do not pay attention stole a grape, the plate of grapes pitiful victims Rock Hard filming. "Today after shooting, you circle on the list of these severance back, look at their performance, if 手脚不干净 removal in the guild." More than one person on the poor management, not to mention the quality of not what kind of dragon with the gigantic, as president, Xiaohu must use strict management to run this hard-earned dynasty,Nike Air Jordan 12 Shoes. Have dragon with the gigantic force of one thousand is not a small glimpse to know,coach wallets outlet, you see Shaw had cattle X, it is because he started to feed a bunch of martial artists, or light Societies protection fee is enough Sir Run Run Shaw headache. Golden Harvest also for a group of martial artists, Golden Harvest debut, no less fight with Shaw martial artists, every time bloody. This is also the Shaw Brothers and Golden Harvest can be all-powerful in the Hong Kong film community foundation. Now they regarded as the foundation of what is a pot of ports, said to count on luck, the recent Lights tide move, this luck how long is not known. In short, to raise the management men martial artists, that is why a number of armed forces. Arrangements these trivia, the send Qinshu lunch vessels to those props Xiaohu, in addition to the routine lunch, everything gets here, Wang Jiaxin one by one to the designated place after inspection and acceptance. "Director Wang, a cup of ice water." Qinshu Xiaohe came, followed behind a teenage child, the child in her arms a few bottles of ice water, the eyeball looked around, to be seen behind Xiaohu rest Bruce Lee, his eyes stare round and smooth, was actually trotting ran. "Hey, Fuk Wing, you forget to go and how to explain to your father." Qinshu seeing shouted: "Be careful the next time I do not take you out" that children go back grinned, very white teeth. "Qinshu will not do" Then do not care, holding ice water ran in front of Bruce Lee, is very gracious and said: Xiaolong Ge drink a bottle of ice water, Liu Himuro do absolute good taste. "Bruce Lee smiled and took the ice water, the child juggler from the body to work out a shabby little book, "Xiaolong Ge, give me sign it, I adore you." "Oh." Bruce Lee signing his name handed him: "Thank you for the ice water." child treasured little book ends up in the palm of the hand, eyes went back Xiaohu, the look does not matter, than we have even ferocious fury, almost ice water throw a roll Montreal. Lanzi, I let you have not come Starchaser If your dad know, go home not you hanging upside down and beaten "Qinshu bulging eyes beads Xiong Baba said, the children were scared standing there, holding the hands of The looked pitiful Xiaohu ice water upon her shabby little book in his hand. "Director Wang, this child is my friend's house, a young naive, do not be angry." Qinshu smile to Xiaohu explained, respectfully handed over the sudden snatch from the hands of the children grabbed a bottle of ice water. The Xiaohu instinctively raising his hand took the ice water, her eyes back and forth in him round and round, always feel that the child some familiar, so a sip of ice water and asked: "Qinshu, the child What is your name." "Oh, Liu Furong, his father and I are friendly, opened a Himuro do takeout at Diamond Yamashita, occasionally some ice water business. "Qinshu accompanied smile said. "Liu Furong, uh, Liu Furong Wang Xiaohu narrowed his eyes and looked at Liu Furong, some things are always afraid to confirm that when he hesitated, Liu Furong speak:" Qinshu, I do not call Liu Furong, Recently I just renamed now, I called Andy Lau (renamed in fourth grade, at least the information is displayed.) "pop" of Xiaohu heard suddenly the mouth of ice water exhaustively spray, spray directly on Liu Furong, oh no, Andy's face. Poor Andy did not react to spray all over his face. Xiaohu Yipaidatui, said: "You say your name is Andy?" "Oh Little Huge, I am your fan, I sign it." Andy Lau, raising his hand wiping away the face of ice water to the shabby The little book, handing me. Lanzi nonsense you're still here, and quickly went to Uncle Kin send ice water. "Qinshu fierce face, raising his hand for a potential fight, Andy wronged should cry, outstretched hand still stubbornly parked in front of Xiaohu . "Qinshu, not at all." Xiaohu looked up to see that little book, that is a covered accounts book, a few blank vaguely says "von baby", "Cao Dahua" David Chiang "person's name , it seems that this stage Andy is full of groupies, then discuss food delivery and timing of the ice water to the studio to signature. Xiaohu smiled and gladly took the little book, turned a few pages to find a piece of the space brush brush to write his name, also painted at the end of the tongues cute little tiger avatar, Andy Lau is happy to take over, more and more hi , Xiaohu make a face with a smile, said: "Thank Huge, I went to Uncle Kin send ice water." Hey, Andy, is not interested in filming "Xiaohu, how can we let Andy Lau left the future of the uncle But superstar, he ranks among the best of a number of film in the front row, twice elected the winner of the "Golden Statue, par superstar Jackie Chan,coach outlet store, Chow Yun-fat, Jet Li, Tony Leung, Stephen Chow; same time, he sing halfway decent, but the dish, award-winning , ranked first in the "four kings"; Taiwan, his singing Rounds, won the "Golden Horse" trophy, topped the "Top Ten Idol" champion, a stir wherever he went, even the President Xiaohu smiling look are humbled ...... "want" Andy just steps from step abruptly stopped, turned and blinked and stared at Xiaohu said: "But, but I was a little." "I know Stephen?" like a small fox, Bruce Lee are curious. Andy Lau hard nodded, said: "understanding, star Aberdeen Well, we all like him." "What do you want to do next star Aberdeen?" "I can do?" Andy bit his lip, eyes full of very strong expectations, but soon to be replaced sense of self-confidence. Xiaohu this look alternately too familiar with, the former Stephen Chow is such a pattern, seems to need a good tuning tuning Andy Lau job. "I say you can, you on the line, now you send ice water, a few days I'll get to talk to you." "Oh." Andy could not conceal his joy in my heart, bouncing around to go to the Rock Hard send ice water, indispensable to have to put on some autograph little trick, it seems that this child really longing for the entertainment. You dug a piece of jade. "Bruce Lee's voice from the ears, he smiled and said:" I really do not understand you clearly are humble newcomer, you can always split them single-handedly made a star, you how to do? "Xiaohu cocky pointed to his Naogua Zi said:" by the dream, the Duke his old dream showed me the fans, reveal to me the mysteries of the future. "" I see you now in daydreaming "Bruce Lee with a wry smile shook his head, Xiaohu there is no way to explain, anyway, the rebirth of this kind of thing say no one believed, had to accompany Bruce Lee smile. After a long time, Bruce Lee suddenly open asked: "Have you ever dreamed about my future?" Xiaohu hesitated, "You do not do not believe it?" Bruce Lee pick eyebrows, said: "Ask no relationship? "Well, Well, your future is very ..." Xiaohu was going to say to you in the future are slim, because after 10 months you will die from the historical trajectory, but he did not want to say the truth , abruptly changed his tone. How a complex method? "Bruce Lee seems to interest asked. "A few months later you will encounter a disaster, if you are able to listen to the advice of family and friends, you may be able to get over it, if you are bent, you may ..." Xiaohu said here could not go on . "Are you going to say is not it?" Bruce Lee learn to stand up Maoshan Taoist tone: "donor if you want to avoid this mass annihilation, Fuer over ..." "Ha ha ha, Xiaolong Ge you still do not believe it, "Wang Xiaohu very bitter laugh. [..] <
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