the things I whether to participating in

May 10 [Fri], 2013, 15:46
At the battle of sword dust, standing not far away the evil king eyes flashing not shilly-shally, face,Air Jordan 8. {htt upload update} "but this Jiao Temple messenger and the elders ah, ah, how do they provoke a Jiao temple, I really do, because of this, the things I whether to participating in, want to help them." The evil king mind andao, some difficult decisions. For a moment, the evil king teeth, dark way: "just, I only a hundred years time to live, to heaven and earth and water, in order to successfully enter the fifteen star ranks, spell." Dynamic so far, evil king finally resolved, immediately rushed toward the four Temple Messenger, for the sword dust blocking two messenger. "Evil king, you dare, dare to offend me Jiao temple, is it right? Live impatient." A temple messenger snapped. "This with big, give against Jiao temple, later Jiao Temple people will go after me, from now on, I'm never set foot in Jiao temple, I help you so much, that God you must give me in fifty years, otherwise, I the evil king swear and you die endlessly." The evil king and cope with the two temple messenger of the siege, the side opposite the sword and said. "Rest assured, I will never let go, in fifty years, will give you the world of god." Sword dust responded, the evil king who bear the two angel attack, which makes him pressure is reduced, the best shot, the hands of the dragon sword with the destruction of X ì ng breath continuously stabbed two temple messenger. Sword dust although injured not light, but with two strength in his eight days state messenger is be nothing difficult, dragon sword into the sky and shadow two temple messenger shrouded, many-tiered Jianying completely obscured the emptiness. Two the temple messenger s è become very dignified face, hands waving to resist sword sharp weapon, dust attack. Dense weapon collision sound can be heard without end, dragon sword and two temple messenger weapon in mid-air fierce confrontation, issued a series of iron and steel making song, loud y ù deafness. Sword sword of the dust is too fast, and the soldiers of the power of the king and very powerful, each one contains a powerful force, two temple messenger lasted a mere few breath of time, the body covered with wounds,Coach Bags Outlet, one of them is the Sword Pierced heart dust, arm the whole right of another person are the sword cut out dust, and screams, lost the battle force. Repel the two temple Messenger, sword dust immediately to assist the evil king, and the evil king would last two temple messenger up badly, then pull the evil king rushed out of here, soon disappeared from sight.. * Nubisi has been injured, covered in blood, but this did not make him any power weakened, but aroused blood vessels in the fierce x ì ng, Yuezhanyueyong, the force with one person two Kuhuang stall, and their toxic applied in two king emperor is in the body, so they don't have to don't tell part of the power to suppress the highly toxic, strength greatly. "Shit elders, strength is just so so,Coach Outlet Multicolor, I later strength breakthrough to kill you easy, now do not accompany you to play." Nubisi mouth out a >
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