it is suddenly fun but on the heart dictates

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Chapter 486 uppity "do not know, the other book club watching: consolidated diffuse Regulus latest chapter." Do not know is not angry Lin Yu, still do not really know, Zhao Wuji heard and replied. Lin Yu Yi Zheng slightly, frown Canada Goose Men Langford. "Heroes, loudly say the truth." Shou secretly observed color see Lin Yu hear Zhao Wuji's answer Women's Canada Goose Camp Down Hooded, that the brow microfold the manners to let a sudden was his heart, and quickly took the words said: " new magic field. Wan Ming-sheng has always whereabouts no fixed, mysterious misty, the sun seems to be no one knows his whereabouts so he is loudly uncle, but loudly but also can not determine where he is. " Oh! "Lin Yu heard Shen speculate a bit, and asked:" How do you help him? "Well, we do not know but think Wan Ming-sheng, known as the knowledge of the world of things, maybe he should know that we are looking for his, so our intention is to hope that he can come to us or send someone to take us to see him, "Shou said. "Ah?" Lin Yu could not help a bitter smile, disappointed. Originally thought Wan Ming-sheng, Zhao Wuji's relationship, their own this time there is hope to find Wan Ming-sheng. But I did not expect, the Shou and Zhao Wuji few also do not know, they only pilots are flying blind, aimless find Wan Ming-sheng, in fact, that is looking for, as it is through the streets of Wan Ming-sheng come to them. This is also no wonder, Shou-savvy and without any disguise, only to let Zhao Lanxin disguised as a man. Shou also took a lot of men to escort Zhao Wuji and Zhaolan Xin, no wonder just left the Royal three or four days in Blue have to drop - the original is no way, if secretly posing, they are afraid of Wan Ming-sheng, could not find them. Figured this point, Lin Yu smile, Ancun Shou regarded s wisdom missed! Both in Wan Ming-sheng, known as Jack of all trades, and the world no matter what secret he knew that even if Shou they hide the identity, disguise, and how can deceive Wan Ming-sheng? If this can be fraudulently obtained over the WAN Ming students known as familiar with the world everything is on the fabled, boasting only. May see Lin Yu eyes flash of disappointment have not said a word throughout the hunchback suddenly speak at this time, and was quite surprised and asked: "It appears that Linda Xia yourself is very anxious to imagine Wan Ming-sheng, What's the point going on? "..." The Hunchback of words Shou and Zhao Wuji are startled, the other as the one Shou gently shook his head, motioning Zhao Wuji Freeze speak, all he to deal with, the night charm Allure latest chapter. At the same time, his heart deeper Lin Yu quit Italy. Lin Yu felt Shou and Zhao Wuji change hearts Wei Tan know this trip is not harvested! Because he is sensitive to both his wariness, so bitter smile, he can not own the real reason why looking Wan Ming-sheng said, but casually said: "I just want to ask, Now the world who's the strongest, I am looking for the strongest man contest. "Humph!" Shou Zhao Wuji heard Lin Yu this reason, and hesitated, but the hunchback face sank directly is heard who first Lengheng then simply stand up side to pick up the chimney, while the tone is not good, slightly ironic cold voice said: "A little older, bragging that winning the Blue YORK thought invincible? without WAN Ming-sheng told you, I can tell you, if you really have a skill, you find the Cambrian Jianpai them old monster like. ", so much of Lin Yu rolled his supercilious, and then To return to the room, seems to think Lin Yu too arrogant and unwilling to see Lin Yu. Lin Yu smiled, knowing deep these misunderstood their own to stay any longer boring, then stood up, Cleveland, smiled and said: "said Luo predecessors, today's world is probably the most powerful cold old Wu Jianpai monster., that I went to the city of Cambrian looking for him to say good-bye! ", saying, Lin Yu ranging Shou few people are going to react directly volley flew, and instantly turned into streamer, not into the clouds night dies instantly, the speed is amazing. This flight speed ...... incredible! Shou, Zhao Wuji, and The Hunchback looked up in shock at the three were not into the cloud the night dies Lin Yu widened his eyes, his mouth wide open boss, a half-day slow but God! Even Zhao Lanxin Pazaichuangkou the hit look staggering, almost fall. In fact, Lin Yu did not go far volley flew in the air to display their stature must shadow Gang faded only then they quietly landed a see Shou few people look Air Max 2010 Mens Sale, especially The Hunchback of shocked look , mouth hint of a smile now onwards. The reason why he suddenly full speed to fly, it is suddenly fun but on the heart dictates he needs is to this effect, the other book club watching: read the full side of the story of World War II soldier. Looked the hunchback look shocked, and my heart straight lottery. The old guy, dare underestimate the brother I? Let you know who is bragging! However, the music is over, was a little bitter, Do not really want to Cambrian City to ask that lived 500 years old monster? "Code uncle, ...... this ...... keep Uncle, you can do that?" At this point, Zhao Wuji woke up from the shock of God, stuttering Road. Shou with a wry smile and shook his head, said: "Flight, uncle, so I was not a big problem, but like his speed flight, uncle ourselves is in any case impossible!" It seems I'm also makes mistakes! Original that his strength was only with me about the same or slightly higher than I do, but it now appears, alone, at this rate, is the presence of the holy class, just maybe, he really is with the Cambrian Jianpai old monsters have assessed the strength of "The Hunchback eyes with disbelief, shook his head and sighed. "I did not expect, even his strength will be high to the point of so hey, I think we missed a great opportunity, should not have his heart quit Italy. Consider his strength, if we really What poor attempt, he loudly force Wan Ming born and think about it, just now the Orchid out, his eyes has strange, but back to the thought, their eyes are clear, and there is no meaning of any frivolous Maybe he said Orchid let him feel familiar words is not as general frivolity said, and he said the big truth. "Shou listen to The Hunchback of slightly startled, then his face now since the remorse of color. "Yeah! May we suspicious to his strength, and he is also looking to Wan Ming-sheng, he can be with you so afraid of anyone kill?" Hunchback bitter smile, then said: and his strength, and if Ken pointing under loudly and Orchid ..... hey, now says it is already useless. now you think about how the place is! "You want to catch the we go? "Shou listening Luo pot, first sigh, followed by a positive face, asked.
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