Blade And Soul Fake-Bidding and leaving the dungeon

February 01 [Mon], 2016, 10:40
I've read it before but now I experienced it myself. I bid on an item and suddenly someone raised it 2 gold. I won the item for 2 gold without the intent for bidding 2 gold; we all know how fast you click in the lower copper area.
This person tried it again and put in 4 gold for the next item. Upon the danger of winning it for 4 gold, the person just left the dungeon. Everything as the devs of BnS gold designed, the person did not betray or trick me, even when there could be bad intentions stated. The mechanics of the bidding system does allow bidding and leaving the party to prevent buying an overpriced item.

But here's my conclusion. Losing 2 gold dealt a heavy damage to my assets. I'm not gonna farm 2 more gold to upgrade my lvl 36 weapon despite being lvl 45. It took me a whole week to get 2 gold. The relation (losing gold in a bid):(farming gold to compensate) is far too high. As other MMO players, I've been playing an old MMO where I've accumulated enough gold to buy costumes once a month for 2 more years, including subscription for 2 years. I'm just not used to be poor. And I'm not gonna pour real money into BnS just to lose it in another bid.
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This is your fault then really. If you're bidding, pay attention, don't just mindlessly hit y to keep bidding. If I'm bidding, I stop, stand still and proceed to bid so i can watch the auction. If I'm not.. well hit n and move on. That's the key to fake bidders, its a way to make money sure. But you have to pay attention, there is a time limit between bids that resets on every bid.

Actually the solution is to make people unable to leave an <リンク:
>Blade And Soul Power leveling instance while a bid is taking place when they have the highest bid. This will keep these little asshats from spiking bids if people watch what was bid last. I would love to see one of them get their just desserts by bump bidding 5+ gold for a 5 silver item and then get locked into it. I find it so sad that Eastern regions do not have this problem but us in the West have to deal with such behavior.