Revelation Online: Solo Player Vs Casual Player

February 22 [Wed], 2017, 10:50
I think you are maybe mixing up "solo player" and "casual player" to often in your discussion.

Most of the game content is indeed very group orientated, this is a an mmo after all and not a single player game, so that is to be expected. If you where hoping to solo throughout the whole game you can expect to find it somewhat challenging.

As for casual player, I think the game is actually very casual friendly, there is no need to do every single daily each time and you even get exp multipliers for skipping some of them. Dungeons have several tiers of difficulty to make things easier for you to get use to at your own pace.

Yes, the game does require you to group up, but I had no problems forming and finding groups for these runs during cbt, sometimes it took a bit of patient waiting but I always managed to do the run in the end. You can also join a casual guild or form a casual party to do runs with if you want to avoid that. Obviously as a casual player your progress will be a lot slower but is is very possible to enjoy the game playing it casually.

As for world bosses, those are meant for groups as well, so if you got no rewards then it was either broken, or perhaps the timer ran out before you could complete it? Also make sure not to leave the "bubble" shown on the minimap until the even is complete.

I agree that the game can be quite complex in some ways but most are explained through the little side quests in the game (Curiosity quests) and there are also plenty of tutorials and guides available and not all of them will take you all day to work through either. And if you feel difficult in the game, you can get help from, the profeesional mmo game currency store.

If you are stuck or confused then a few minutes watching a tutorial will save you a lot of trouble in the long run.
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