he informed us there is a tire repair place not far away

December 25 [Tue], 2012, 12:54
Before Fan Jinzhe sudden so way out, the Yang Ming some doubts so will be able to use different tackling explore the road ahead, with nails on the road, you want Wang Wait a minute, but it was too late ...... so this thing No wonder Wang, Wang abilities to see less than the road on the nails and Fan Jinzhe has been suppressed, there is a chance of course, immediately overtaking the past, Yang Ming also wonder he was! Yang Ming was turning around, and happens roadside break Tiepai, says a few words: five hundred meters in front of the vehicle repair shop specialized trailer tire repair, Tel XXOOO ......... ... this strange repair license plate, the more confirmed speculation of Yang Ming, iron nails on the road is not accidentally placed here, but for a reason, and this reason, on the usual may be for the unscrupulous The repair shop income generation, into now, likely on Fan Jinzhe relationship! Wang more than he, beyond the very far before a flat tire, behind Fan Jinzhe no reason to not see it all, he saw Canada Goose Hybridge Jackets Outlet, and there's no parking, and have actually overwhelm the nails, burst tires, this does not seem strange to begin? If this thing and Fan Jinzhe does not matter, not premeditated, he Fan Jinzhe residual brain! Only brain damage to dry out so residual brain thing. However, Yang Ming has not said what Wang went over like Fan Jinzhe side, presumably on the road before Bie angry, and then in the car there is no way to vent, and now finally Fan Jinzhe parking, small Wang is shameful, go to avenge go. "That kid, you have given me to get off!" Amy walked over after Quche to the Fan Jinzhe door, now that Fan Jinzhe the car Mou puncture, he is not afraid of Fan Jinzhe will escape. "Dude ... to say ......" Fan Jinzhe is really a bit afraid of Wang, this guy practiced playing liberal and very skillful fight you in pain, but also no major injuries! Fan Jinzhe also dare to get off? Get off not find beat it.? "Say what say? I asked you before what birds mean? What are you hanging around in front of? You just beat did not suffer enough?" Wang a stare, watching Fan Jinzhe asked. "Dude ... this thing is I was wrong" because I was beating up my heart unhappy, and want revenge look, you do not refer ah ...... "Fan Jinzhe hurry clothes soft Heroes do not eat the immediate loss, while plenty of opportunities learned this Amy, why argue with him temporary gas? "one wrong thing on the end? Do you know that, but because you, my car flat tire it? "Amy can not so good to speak:" Do not ink, get off quickly, or smashed your car! "Ah, buddy" my car flat tire "look at us the envy of the world people, you do not embarrass me! , "Fan Jinzhe said:" It is imperative that will quickly tire mended, we need to go to the East China Sea Canada Goose Lodge Jackets Sale, delayed on the road for too long, you miss the positive thing is how do? You say it? "Wang Fan Jinzhe's words was a bit hesitant, Fan Jinzhe said right now the priority is to quickly make up a good tire, but not here and he manufactured gas, Yang brother wanted to go to the East China Sea it, not because this little small thing delay quarter of children! However, so let Wang Fan Jinzhe, some can not be reconciled, all "How could so easily bypassed this person? "Dude, either way, while trailer, tire repair money" all-out "okay?" Fan Jinzhe hesitated a moment and said: "If you is not enough, then, to the place where I let you beat my meal? Anyway live in a resort, run the temple monks stand my car parked in there! "Fan Jinzhe words are said, to the point where" Wang is also true on the poor say what that line, Pre car, to see if your performance! "" No problem, buddy, I'll call! ", Fan Jinzhe Hsin Tao, wait a little longer to the repair shop, do not know who beat who, let you proud moment, we'll see, you idiot! Fanjin Zhe took out his phone, called the roadside iron brand above number, and then said: "We are on the road out of the city to be bar puncture, you have no trailer to come here? Come on, I'll be in your advertising brand, not very far away! "Hung up the phone, Fanjin Zhe Wang said:" Well, buttoned up, waiting on the line here! "Wang nodded, did not say what the direct back the Yang Ming side of the car:" Young brother, that kid called trailer came, we had to wait a while. "Then wait a little longer." Yang Ming would also like look at Fan Jinzhe in the end to be hell, how he became so positive. Also help to call a tow truck? "Young brother, if you worry, I'll give a call, they send a car over, take two spare tires put on?", Xiao Wang proposed Road. "No, wait a minute." Yang Ming waved. This thing is obvious the Fan Jinzhe engage, so Yang Ming also Xiangnong to see this guy in the end is to play what huā like. Fan Jinzhe sooner or later have to solve, or this guy always go harassment Zhao Ying, this does not give him the opportunity, he will definitely look for opportunities,, so Yang Ming would be better to wait and looked, anyway, Yang Ming also not afraid of him any more, take a look at he to play What huā kind, then the shock and awe of this guy north face cheap. "All right!", Wang naturally listen to Yang Ming, nodded his head, standing on the edge of the car, smoking a cigarette, waiting for the tow truck came. Zhao Ying did not think things will encounter bad luck on the road, she naturally does not think these Fan Jinzhe do, but she thought the part: "Yang Ming, the way Caesar was full of nails, which nails there is a garage next to the billboard, he informed us there is a tire repair place not far away, and I think this is a little too coincidental, right? I see possible is the garage where people deliberately get " Want to go to them to fill tires! "Zhao Ying so suspect also normal, similar things have been reported in the newspapers and on the network, a lot of people dedicated to rely on this income generation, or high-speed roadside repair shop, I really rely on decent business to make money, estimated to have closed drink northwest wind just to do this kind of thing is very secretive, even if it is difficult to find evidence of the nail is, people sprinkle away from home and gas wealth, ran most of the highway are a hurry to go to the field, so it too lazy to go to contests, encountered this thing when avert disaster, huā nothing with the money to buy a lesson. "Oh, is not possible, but certainly! Think about it, in addition to them, who will throw nails at high speed on the road is so wicked? This is not a dog in the manger it? "Yang Ming laughed and said:" For them, it is selfish out! ".!