vehicles to hunt command center

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> Chapter 51 amulets on their own sites, and two battalions of soldiers and hundreds of hundreds of police, uā a day and did not find the two pilots bailed out, so Chungcheongnam garrison commander, Major General Ahn is not face. WWw. qUanBen. COm then chief of staff of the phone, Ahn unequivocal undertaking, must catch it before dark two pilots. Days è already dark, the search operation is still no harvest. Are those two pilots grow wings and fly away? Early supper, Ahn took a guard classes, personally supervise raids into the mountains. Pilots Ridge Mountains in the southern end of the car certainly somewhere, because the communication unit mén intercepted a satellite phone signal, but the signal is very weak, every time the emergence of less than two seconds, only roughly determine the direction of the source can not be determine the distance and the exact location. That is certainly a distress signal. Just Ahn think pilots vain. Chungcheongnam surface in southern Seoul, the location of the pilot parachuted over 100 kilometers away from the military demarcation line. ROK forces already played in the past, the People's Army retreat, volunteers entry into yet. ** Team then powerful, did not dare to come here to rescue the pilot. From the air through? Obviously impossible. As for the car over, the more impossible. Distress signal storm lù the pilot's position, but also let pilots beginning to feel desperate. Ahn believes that job done, to get chief of staff, and even appreciated by the coalition commander in chief, access to front-line troops serving opportunities. If able to lead the Army entered Pyongyang, is certainly best for the future. Promoted to the rank mention, maybe after retirement can become president. Of course, the premise is that two pilots caught. Into the mountains, the road is more narrow, and more bumps, Ahn did not re Huth lun think. If let the two pilots ran, not to mention when the president is not even good for him to be dismissed. For more than forty years old Ahn, he did not want to take off early and uniform. "General, there is news." Ahn surprised a moment, sitting in front of the guards immediately looked toward. "Raid troops discovered the bodies of a pilot, pilots are fully tracked another one." "Corpse!?" "Seems to be suicide at the scene to find a 5.8 mm pistol bullet casings, and did not find a pistol something else. "" seize search, do not put the enemy to run. "guards just go back, the driver stepped on the foot brake and old, military off-road vehicles screaming stopped. "How is it?" No driver replied, Ahn Wang Qianmian to see that what happened. One looks like the wind knocked down trees across the road, blocked the entire road. Recently shaved winds do? Major positive thinking, security has pushed car mén, followed by off-road vehicle that military officers are also under the car. "Do not go, quickly reversing!" Ahn reaction over that tree blown down by the wind is certainly not to be. Although the Korean peninsula is now the rainy season, rainfall is very abundant, but the typhoon will come after two months, the earliest next month. Pine tree at least thirty centimeters in diameter, generally mountain simply do nothing, certainly, after being cut to cross the road! But now come to understand, it was too late. Successive four guards shot fell to the ground, Ahn was heard gunshots. When he drew the front row of a crooked neck guard, fell on the seat. Drivers have put the gear lever into reverse gear position, depress the oil has not had time mén, a bullet through his head. Ahn gall broken down,Oakley Fast Jacket Cheap, and quickly lying on the seat, the pistol out the window, Hu lun fired several shots. Waiting for him to polish bullets, road quiet. Enemy ran? Ahn hesitated on whether or not to get up when the car mén been opened, a big hand he pulled out and thrown on the ground. "Do not kill him." Is Chinese! Ahn was surprised to see the muzzle aligned forehead, and immediately lost pistol. "Turned out to be a major general, was a major general fear of death." A young man came over and picked up the pistol Ahn. "Not bad, American goods, what you want?" Ahn stared, watching the young man wearing a pistol jiā HanJun field service to a soldier. "You are right Ahn generals?" The young man crouched down, "I was Maming Tao, we did not know before, but now know." "You ......" "I will not kill you, or will not tell you crap." Maming Tao put Ahn help them, "I know, Chief of Staff gave the order to you before dark to find that the two pilots and now it seems that you can not complete this task, so you have a new choice." Ahn does not That big jump suit Maming Tao discourse. "How, adhere to the original path, or choose a new path?" "You ...... What do you want?" Maming Tao surprised a moment, smiled and said: "General, we are here with you to say a few words jiā heart You think we want to do? "" I ...... I will not surrender ...... I was Han **, I ...... I absolutely ...... "" General, here in Korea, but not North Korea, whoever you gave up? "" That ...... then you ...... "" Help me to find that the two pilots, I'll let you go, and give you point out a Sunshine Boulevard. "" They ...... they are already dead. "" Dead!? " Maming Tao brow jump a few times, then pulled out a pistol, "General, you do not have a choice, I would not in your body lng time consuming." see Maming Tao raised his pistol, Ahn dare hesitate, immediately said: "Not all dead, as well as a living." "Really?" "raid forces found a pilot's body." "Found!?" "He committed suicide, not to kill our people." "General They have the courage to challenge the U.S. military, have the guts to skydiving over in Korea, but also insist on a day, do you think I will believe your story do? "" I was telling the truth, believe me, I ...... "" Let me how I believe you? "" radio on board, you can contact search units. "Maming Tao pistol away, so hold on animal husbandry, Hao Yang Ahn, and then opened the car mén. "General, you only get one chance, so please do cherish, not to iǎ life not lost." "This ......" "how, scared yet?" "No, no." Ahn hesitated a moment and said, " Under normal circumstances, I would not personally contact search units, so ...... "" What is his name? "Maming Tao glanced down on the seat of the guards. "Chen Jinhuan." Maming Tao looked Ahn one, pick up the radio microphone. "He is from Busan, attention accent." Ahn really afraid of death, but also to remind the Maming Tao. How much effort did uā, Maming Tao Ahn believe it, does have a pilot died, but a suicide, because when the parachute broke uǐ. Obviously, he did not want to drag his comrades before they chose to sacrifice. Let a special forces live to see Ahn, Maming Tao Hao Yang, animal husbandry and Pangyue Long put aside and explained the situation. "In other words, there is a pilot alive." Maming Tao nodded and said: "He certainly did not go long, HAN have surrounded the side of the hill, or how long will be able to find him." "Now how to do? "Pangyue Long asked one. "I just wizard by you decide." Maming Tao Hao Yang looked in the past towards animal husbandry. "We have come, there is no going back alone." Hao Yang Mu imagined, said,Oakley Sunglasses, "Even if there is only one, they have to go back to his rescue." "How to save?" Pangyue Long sighed, "It's near Hundreds of Han Jun, a few people ...... we "," Lao Pang, if I was the pilot, you'll abandon me? "Pangyue Long stunned for a moment, then shook his head. "Then put him as my." Mu Hao Yang put it very firmly, "we have done to ensure, even sacrifice their own, they should also bring back." "But ......" "You two can not fail to spend time uā in these useless things? "Maming Tao shook his head and said," have come, then long to be good, but now I decided to retreat, and you have too much time, right? Lao Pang, I'm not saying you, now can not help you call the shots. "," how do you say? "" There is this amulet, afraid of what? "Maming Tao glanced toward Ahn, said," We dressed as Ahn bodyguard, go looking for the command center to help find that Han Jun pilots. "Hao Yang Mu Yi Leng, obviously do not agree with Maming Tao's proposal. "Of course, Ahn was so ordered, must catch alive, and not hurt the pilot." "May issue such an order?" "Of course, saying that coalition forces commander under the command, that pilot is very important, the United States did not want to lord He was injured, but do not want to let him die. "Pangyue Long gritted his teeth, turned to animal husbandry, Hao Yang. "Can only do so, I hope to go smoothly when the little mess up trouble." "Trouble certainly missed, so you have to be prepared." Mu Hao Yang nodded that he understands Maming Tao meaning. Ten minutes later, several special forces soldiers buried the bodies of guards,Oakleys Juliet Sunglasses, weapons and equipment to take on Jun Han, take two military off-road vehicles to hunt command center. For insurance purposes, Maming Tao Ahn on the road to the name, the command must grasp forces raid alive. Yan Ying stroke indeed in the vicinity, and the troops from Han Jun manhunt very close. Not the greatest threat to his heavily armed soldiers, daytime encounter has proven that he is searching for Han Jun reserve forces soldiers uneven quality. The biggest threat is that a few dogs, dog nose is much more sensitive than a human nose, but the dog is much more reliable than people. Survival training, the dogs did not escape this one. Fortunately, Yan Eagle risk from rural areas, is well aware of the dog, usually also like to see some military magazines, I learned a lot. After experiencing first iǎ Creek, he took off his coat, soaked with water, dragging on the ground along the riverbank walk a hundred meters down, and then thrown into the streams inside the jacket, and then walk up nearly two wading one hundred meters, to find a relatively steep banks, hidden in an edge of the water in the bushes. This trick works, it will take dogs hunt troops to downstream. How to do next, Yan Eagle risk not ready yet, anyway, can not fall into enemy hands. If there is no other choice, he can go back on foot. (To be continued, reading the latest chapter please visit:.)! ~! . . <
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