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> Chapter 57 murderers fell to the sound coming out one after another come to an end, and sometimes sudden silence inside the cave, people have looked at each other, secretly mention gas, inspect the in vivo situation. When listening to the words clearly Shang Juncheng after more than half of people looking pale. Nine sent here to teach everyone exclaimed Hema Xuanyi ignoble, apparently spared, and the scene was chaotic. Su dance strange death, how she feel nothing at all, ah, more normal. "Summer students, how are you?" Su dance quietly asked. Natsumi strenuous spit out the words, and said: "Little Dance Sister, I ...... feel the body is not their own, and How about you?" Su dance surprised, this is not exactly what she's symptoms do last night? Gathered to teach Xuanyi looked in that direction and found that, without exception, there is soft to the ground, only the leaves from and Xiaoyi Jiang insisted straightened. "Uh, I think so sad ...... how is it? Says head of God ice is still very deep then what?" Su dance sitting on the ground quickly on the potential, low-key low-key, she can not forget the truth of this life insurance . "It's like a poison." Compared to summer students, know the words of neat winter a lot, probably more force than Xiasheng Jiang reason, "I heard Master mentioned it once, but have not heard carefully." Known winter sitting Su the other side of a small dance,Oakley Compulsive Squared, frowning. Su also noted that at this time a small dance holding crutches jasper elders look of panic soil sits where, evidently unlike false, is this God of very deep ice as he did not put the poison? Sight and water culvert light touch on the instant they stagger. Su dance hung his head, she chose to believe him. He should not be doing it, but to see him sit up straight appearance, does not look like symptoms of poisoning, does he is vulnerable to the attack? But that does not mean Su dance others to believe. "Water culvert light! You actually mean to poison! ......% \% \ # \% \%!" Tarzan sat on the head of one of Fu Song marble floor, did not forget loud Hema water culvert light, the use of vocabulary was wonderful scene, Su dance unheard of. Look no trace of water culvert light fluctuations, pale eyelashes flickered a few times, calmly said: "If the poison is my next, I went over to the government Xianyan Wang let you come down to earth to see if you can curse in front of his mouth What words come out. "Fu Song's voice came to an end,Oakley Lifestyle Clearance, the surface look unpredictable. Shang Juncheng face and then changed, in order to save energy, slowly sitting cross-legged on the ground, along with eleven other people to sit down. The leaves are also saved from physical and fast learning curve and sit down, this time inside the cave on the left sitting on a stone bench light water culvert above. Cave moment to restore the suffocating silence, like most of the death penalty before the silence. Only hear the sound of the lamp occasional burst of sparks, such as straw-like "flap" ringing. Su dance nervous sip Minchun,Oakley Sunglasses Active Cheap, this is how the case? Cave among these people, is certainly someone had poisoned, and has always been two camps, respectively, each looked at each other with suspicion. "Who is the poison?" Yat Siu could not snapped, echo rumbling inside the empty cave. "Do not stop thief!" Ching Lin Shi Tai warble retorted. Both your eyes to my eyes, mutual suspicion, the situation is bizarre extreme. "I know who." Wood, Mr. Yu suddenly broke the silence, hoarse voice. All their attention to him, waiting for him below. At this point, many young disciples are unable to support even sitting on the ground, lying on the ground have been awkward, but fortunately, summer students and knowledge against the cliff in winter, barely allowing the body sitting. "Poison the people, is the master of the people to kill me! His order not to let the water culvert light give your name, so just poison!" Wood almost hoarse strenuous, Mr. Yu said. Half of them face appeared dismissive look, "wood pigeons, how do you think that when it comes to cliches ah? Kill Chen Song that guy might not here, how poison ah? We study how the solution of the poison, After you how to ask the water culvert with light! "Fu Song of laughter, apparently despised wood pigeons President. "No matter who is under the poison, water son, I can inform the murderer? Let I understand to be a ghost?" Wood pigeons sitting on the ground, Mr. slumped on which beach drinks, but for now can not move, Su dance believe He absolutely must water culvert light knees. Water culvert light bowed in silence for a long while before slowly said: "Kill Your Master The man, now indeed present." Zhongjie outcry, but not a moment to lose ability to act to attract their attention up. Now there, what does this mean? "Do you really Xuanyi Institution is not?" Ching Lin Shi Tai angrily. Because water culvert light Sanfanliangci hesitant attitude gave her illusion. Cold water culvert light contempt and said: "Songshan pie and the relationship between religion Xuanyi? And seven years ago, the mysterious leader Joseph movers and shakers in the lakes, and one did not need to come down hard on the martial art." "Then you hesitant doing? Fast said! "Fu Song of curiosity has also been lifted, loudly urged. Su dance understated sit on the cold marble floor, his eyes unable to aim at the nine human faction. By the attitude of the light water culvert, Daughter Songshan faction Xuanyi murderer is certainly not taught, then exclusion, the presence of only the rest of this half. Who is it? Water culvert light sneer: "Need I say personally do? This cave, the poison is that you put it? Should not be so stupid that you even poisoned, stand up, right?" Everyone knows that water culvert light remarks that the murderer is to say, both held his breath and looked around. "Ha ha! Water culvert light, it seems that I underestimated you, actually a very deep ice god no role for you!" Arrogant laughter came, a figure slowly stood up, surprised that the head of Mountain Pine stream summer sun . Shangjun Cheng et al stunned, how could not believe that the murderer turned out to be his, wood, Mr. Yu is canthus splitting. But to see him move freely, without obvious signs of intoxication, and stand up and admit their own, they should not be too skeptical. Su dance Pieliaopiezui, it really was this guy. Son is not a good thing, did not think I is not good. Water culvert light still quietly sitting on a stone bench, red head bowed, his face cue expression, shallow smiling. 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