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December 13 [Thu], 2012, 18:23

but still it was Wong eight product mana, you are just a mere kid into the three immortal environment, I kill you like to kill a chicken! furnace witch Wong ban law used to suppress two places at once, I'd like to see, how do you resist me! the forbidden treasure treasure hun sector, emptiness stable than the outside world a thousand times, East Huangpu Song of momentum this piece of vanity to jitter, indeed extremely terrible bombardment. Overhead historical novel ranking, he did not boast, although he leaves Asahi with a total outlay of half of the repair, but Wong eight products repair person still ringing in is still irresistible overlord! It can be said, even Singhalese, and shall provide, with Bao Yin and whooping-day dog ​​on siege in his and even brings fengshenbang Gods playing Kamimuchi, Yiyin mysterious coffin Youth Canada Goose, and 18-layer days prison also him in an instant all beat all kill! The pinnacle of the Emperor's combat power, is no trivial matter, even if the loss of half of the repair is also far more than ordinary people imperial. like a spider web, and the center of the spider web, it is East Huangpu Song and this imperial treasure! He modeled the sun Shrine of the Holy treasure forging imitation, Jingu is getting smaller and smaller in the blink of an eye, only the radius of Shiyu Zhang, narrowing countless times, force cohesion countless times! But goes on vanity rift composed the cobweb but still exists, shocking, to be able to produce this void rift in Ban Po Po the hun sector in, East Huangpu Song of strength, even not as good as the Lord, but also not far! Around him, filled with all sorts of strange forces distorting space, gives one of his real body is not in here a strange feeling, as if seemingly this, in fact, his real body was shrouded in the depths of space protected Even if he attacks will not fall on him! wonderful to have such Vaillant, people can not attack his body real sun Jingu, I am afraid that may be hidden among numerous space, any attack would not be able to fall above the tall Jingu! Of this witch Bao Ye Xu was the first time to see. The the urban rebirth novel Top the five fingers sudden decomposition, each finger turned into a gold sè, three gold Ukraine, brutal tsunami somersault to roar sprang to YE. Top donghuang odd style witch Law overhead historical novel, the three gold Uzbekistan can easily tear the flesh Po wise respect, the Emperor opened his skull, spray a real fire, put Po Yin Wong flesh burned clean. East Huangpu Song for the repair strength, higher than donghuang odd but also I do not know how many fingers of Ukraine five three gold, more powerful, tearing pinnacle Wong flesh mention! Close call five three gold Uzbekistan All of a sudden, flew about YE around he whipped up and down, the endless sun real fire patch of space-time in which he burnt and melting, the sky is like a roll of no sè the Silk, burning a holes! Three gold birds exploration to claw, to the leaf Asahi arrested. from five three gold Ukrainian grasping his claws as if an invisible force distort begins to fracture, the rapid spread of this force, a moment put five gold Ukrainian exhaustively minced! Moment, East Huangpu Song Tao Wu method, it will be easily broken to go. Urban rebirth novel ranking in behind him, emerged out of a giant six reincarnation, dilapidated, Rune symbol flashes in reincarnation, distort space-time, a buzzing sound. East Huangpu Song eat was surprised, Ningmu and looked, I saw Ye Xu void around six reincarnation twist behind him, his real body is still standing in this piece of treasure hun sector, but his body was, there is a Netherworld, unless to break the heavy Netherworld force formed by six cycle of reincarnation in order to attack the body to YE. East Huangpu Song sun Jingu sun Jingu East Huangpu Song Mami hidden in heavily emptiness, people can not pondering his real position, unable to attack his body. YE behind six reincarnation, but the body was heavy space-time distortions, forming a channel space barrier, the barrier is full of of a Unit tyrannical forces, into which will be minced! Six cycle commenced, than vanity India but also marvelous void India just to integrate themselves into the void, the emptiness shuttle easily slips out of the void, but six of reincarnation is to create layers of vanity distort time and space, smashing everything, natural quite different! Transmigration through recorded six reincarnation, not witch law, nor is forging Wu Po but worth a witch Law, is worth witch Po! ear the hang Jinjiao, an emperor gas wells up, like the rule of the Emperor of heaven! He opened his mouth to spit, a people imperial ban law rushing out, turned into exactly the same with his Haotian the Great Emperor avatar the two pinnacle of human Wong attack from YE! His combat power suddenly doubled, suddenly break the six cycle many time and space, and will void crushing attack YE body! East Huangpu Song, but others dedicated to mud carved fills the only Yilaomailao, to hiding Titan palace enjoying mouth all witch Law UGG Jimmy Choo Starlit Sale, all forbidden Law, teach sun Jingu, practicing Spirit clock Reiki, also provide sun Jingu even forging Wu Po's material, but also the sun Jingu provided to you, you do not need to Ben livelihoods bo! the momentum suddenly bloom completely cohesion Pan Wang Mami immortal footer, handheld wood construction Scepter, behind seven merit the Kingland rotate endlessly pavilions with six reincarnation. Novel Ranking YE body repair is poured into the rod body, suddenly these pieces of semi-forbidden treasure ji hair, a Road Qingxia flow the countless hot sun, Wu Qingxia being flying, one people shuddering the forbidden treasure atmosphere dissemination . Sound playing collapsed, this piece of treasure hun sector space into the forbidden treasure, but his combat power than East Huangpu Song did not weak! He does not care about the East Huangpu Song attacks, a shot is to attack exchange, to go about overbearing extremely hearty! Heavily void the sun the Jingu formation of my life, after killing other people fighting, the number of times of battle, you a thousand times, how can you be than with me? a heavy space shattered a relative latecomer, directed at his body! This is a real duel, the two extremely expert YE but the younger generation the most out of the class of the strong pull Ping, East Huangpu Song is the the Magic first house is too big elders, the pinnacle of human Wong, two men shot are not tempted, directly resorted to their most powerful means, not to give you any chance! Boom! YE many space formed six cycle thoroughly East Huangpu Song compromised The North Face Denali Fleece Hoodie Clearance, the two Emperor look like the pinnacle of human Wong, close at the same time, four large hand-whipped and opt to cover YE fall. At the same time, YE Scepter of wood construction also break the Jingu many space by the sun, offensive to the East Huangpu Song body turned big stick, like a blue sè giant tree Qingxia all roads, hung a few pieces green leaves, each leaf has hundreds of miles in size, texture like the blue sky and white clouds, yet also seemed to many roads, crashing east Huangpu Song and his head sun Jingu pressure! How dare clamor in front of the Big Mac ancestors, just the kiss of death! turned into a golden bird claw seize YE skull, forced off, a big hand like the palm of Heaven, shrouded heavens, went straight to the the YE disk king immortal Mami, the other hand over the pages, there will be the countless flying out of the hot sun, bang bang broken, burned all financial Ye Xu surrounding void, like the end of the world, burning of all residual hun flesh, a large hand turned into a furnace of God, Ye Xu trapped in, beware the true spirit of his eternal escape! Medley witch, sealed the YE side way out! armpit an arm drilled a total of as many as sixty-four arms, one only big hands like a lotus bloom, to condense a strange Indian Act, and suddenly the body as a permanent ancient immortal God King YE The eternal sits vanity, fixed broken! Central not empty, not move God King! fifth floor, a Dogen Huang gas spewing out, cover his whole body. These mysterious yellow gas is so rich, and even started to gather, there are faint signs of turned Hung méng the Purple, strong defense, is staggering! East Huangpu Song, I also know their own strength, I am afraid your ladyship Hudson sè two chips, one chip, you think I would really recklessly and you? Yuk House, let his defense enough to be able to contend temporarily East Huangpu Song of the attack, he won just a moment, this moment is extremely important enough to make him the first step, the East Huangpu Song serious injury, won the battle! ! .

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