hugged Liu Yu would not

September 26 [Thu], 2013, 10:26
; (Things tricky, estimated that at least have to spend four or five days this time can only be guaranteed one more day! Sorry!!) Duman Ni Leng Heng, Meimou naked flash, cold channel: Huang Bo, you really when I do not know if you had come? What helped wear tall justice? ! Well, I'm afraid your true purpose and wear high-rise, as are want to get my dad to borrow my hands Nabing Ruyi, to curry favor with a knife will it? Party ringleader bloody hands Huang Bo's eyes flickered, chuckled and said: three Miss Huang does not understand what to say, Hwang hands the blood of the party and the knife will be no connection, no need to really do anything to please ...... do? Du Manni disdain smile, said: Huang Bo, you too Du Tai Xiaoqiao our intelligence network in Shanghai up! Do you think we really know nothing about your identity you? Three Miss, you ...... While verbal sophistry to Huang Bo, he embarked on a man behind Men's Timberland Boat him, attached to his ear that one. His face immediately a positive, sneered: three lady, do not say that these delays and some did not come, and you miss the Green Gang is the reinforcements. You obediently go with us, Hwang guaranteed not to hurt you. Otherwise, a bloody conflict down, I'm afraid that you would even do Rye Bar dozens funeral of ...... Du Canada Goose Women's Livigno Parka Manni proudly smile, cold face and said: I want to be good, it depends on if you have the ability to the. Green Gang reinforcements seem worried, Huang Bo did not mind a delay, Yinhen and said: bone dragon, please three lady over. A young ruffian should be a cry, footwork, face with a quick rushed Duman Ni **. Close exploration in his claws, grasping at the Du Manni plump breasts, a coldness like lightning across, which called bone dragon suddenly turn over a small riffraff dumped neck implicit see a red blood, blood flow, and His life already exist. Live three hundred people and most of them did not see the knife is how Du Manni emergence, but also how across the bone dragon neck. And the few able to see, but it also lamented at Du Manni's ruthless, Chushoubufan audience silent for a time. Only minutes Xiaoman comparison of alternative responses in bone dragon fall to the ground, she would one will relish being seen Liu Yu hugged her arms, with slightly trembling voice whispered read: Yu Yu Do Look, too bloody, you do not look ...... trembling from the bell Xiaoman Jiaoqu, Liu Yu can feel her heart apprehension and anxiety, fear, she saw that there are thoughts to comfort myself, can not help but Liu Yu moved, not only let her bridle, and more hand gently slapping her pink back, give her the silent comfort. Filled for a few seconds, yellow eyes, a stern wave, waving: Kill me! Group of party followers to drink bloody hands loudly, waving to the Duman Ni steel machete tide away. Du Manni from prosperous laughter, footsteps rotary side sliding under, is evaded putting the two knives, while the touch of her hands knife thrown icy coldness, blurred between the human eye, already cut into a person's Among chest. But listen to shrill screams, seeing that person is dead. Du Manni without the slightest hesitation, the use of the power of homeopathy has Choudao Canada Goose Snowsuit Sale scratched two bloody hands partisans throat. At Du Manni in solving three enemy, Dude Yi already bald guy in unison Heliaoyisheng kill elite Green Gang led straight without cowardice welcome and on. Over ten Rye looked at each other a security bar, and finally prison his job parade, ventured, was feeding the subsequent pounced. Bald guy punches the doors wide open, and he looks the same, with a son indomitable bravery, as long as he hit is definitely off their feet. Chubby, looks very kindly Dude Yi there is a sharp aggressive leg, in all those who push the prices down, wounded or dead, complete loss of mobility, no one can climb up. The absolute beauty, gorgeous unparalleled Duman Ni than the two big men Genghen! Her ethereal strange knife, touch the majority of the dead were unclear. She is too fast because the shot, approaching the human eye simply inferior blade speed. I saw to that Hanmang flitting to and fro, is powerless to resist. However, Du Manni three of them did not make the tough bar party advantage, after all, one of the party are too many bloody hands, but any decent master also has two. In the bald guy and Dude Yi Huang Bo and the track are, respectively Dangxia after Du Manni is even more difficult to support alone the! Bar screams screams sounded consecutive terms, has been hugged Liu Yu would not let him see the bloody scene bell Xiaoman finally sit still, in spite of the resistance of Liu Yu to press him under the table and whispered exhort said: Yu Yu, you hiding in here somewhere else. Here is the corner, it is unlikely someone will deliberately over, you better hide, my sister went out about the next, will be back soon! Liu Yu frowned slightly: Outside full field scrimmage, to you that Sanjiaomao effort ...... bell Xiaoman unceremoniously in Liu Yu's forehead gently struck a note, Yang Chen said: are you talking about? ! Sister, do not know how much effort, just a few riffraff what of ...... more urgent situation and let Liu Yu Zhong Xiao-Man no longer passing, possession of a good cry again exhort, be careful to protect themselves after the bell with a Xiaoman Facial expression of suicide martyrdom washed out. Liu Yu brow Weicu drilled out from under the table, looked up just to see the bell Xiaoman kick flew two ruffian, disarray rushed Du Manni's side. Liu Yu far to see Du Manni had become frantic calm look up and see her that way, if the situation is not critical, she mostly to heavy criticism of a bell Xiaoman's! A bell to the hearts of some concern Xiaoman personal safety, and secondly also track their curious guy, Liu Yu determination shot, then everyone will want to come up. Taking advantage of the bell Xiaoman did not pay attention here, he got up and walked around to the bald guy. Although chaotic scene, but, with the mystery of Fairy steps, Liu Yu's performance just like strolling general chic. The way, he does not know whom he took a dig a machete left behind, inadvertently swing smoothly, trails, bloody hands have dead party followers, its wind Fan Yuansheng Li Bai in the "knight-line" in the description of that kinds of ten steps to kill a man chic! At the moment, bald guy and who fought trackers are comparable, they are not aware of pitched battle in the near Liu Yu. Liu Yu did not say hello to them, only to walk in their battle circle, the partisans in dodge Xisha bloody hands, but also keep an eye out with those who follow Buddhism flaws. Liu Yu lost the force of the upper-class master is very tough, even relying on the mystery of Fairy step can be invincible, but in order to win, but also thousands of hard to extremely difficult. However, his eyesight is still, at the appropriate time when a straw breaks the camel's back still more than enough! Finally, a note on the bald guy dodge crit, showing a hint of stalkers who flaws, while Liu Yuli moment to seize this opportunity, dodge radical, a knife inserted into each other on the chest. Opposing sides are looking to intervene between them staring at this sudden fair duel scumbag, a good look at that Liu Yu, the bald guy in the eyes of the coldness faded, then shocked the color is difficult to conceal, apparently do not understand The mischief Master why are so precise blade. The stalker who looks after a good look at Liu Yu, a pair of orbital eyeball out almost off, and there are all unbelievable, He He He opened his mouth twice, but what sounds are unable to pay.
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