Ohhhhh I'm learning :)

January 08 [Tue], 2013, 23:07
Recently I change my corse of my school
Before I change, I took general English which is not hard. On the class of general English, I do many games and it's so active class. I had really fun time in there.
But now it's completely different.
I take academic class which is for students who wants to go to university in Canada. So it's really serious class.
I have to do 2 presentation and 2 writings on 1 month.
I had to do 2 writings on 1month on general English too but it's totally different.
When I was in general English, I didn't have to care how do i creat the essay, I just write it up.
However, in academic class, I have to care about how to organize the essay.
For example, in the first paragraph I have to write topic sentence, main idea, and position.
Even if I write in Japanese, it's really difficult.
In those ways, I have to work hard and study hard. From when i start academic corse, I go to the library after school every day, even on weekend i try to go to the library or study at home.
I can not believe it.
I've never study like this.
But it's really good for my English !!!
And I don't feel it's too hard :)
some time I feed that it's hard especially before the presentation day but I can take it in :)
I feel good :)
And I start having a little confident !!!!
It's really goooood :D

By the way....
Should I solve the problem or I can just leave it ...????
Until now I don't feel bad about this situation but I know it will be big problem end of this month.
But I don't know what to do ...
And I don't know what do I want to do for this.

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