vowed in his heart: as long

September 21 [Sat], 2013, 18:45
Silvery moonlight spilled on the ground, in the air filled with the aroma of the night, woven into a soft mesh, all the scenes are on the inside cover. Eyes are cast into contact with the soft mesh of things, either that plants and trees, are not like that in the daytime to reality, and they have a vague, dreamy sè color, everything is hidden It's a delicate point, are conservative with its secrets, people have a dreamlike feeling. DIGESTOLOGY is definitely a strong-willed person, I, on his own motto: tears, does not mean weakness, tearing of the family is sometimes nostalgic, sometimes the truth is appreciated. Laughing, does not mean arrogant, sometimes laughter is confident of victory, sometimes the enemy disdain. Silence does not mean inaction, silence is sometimes the summary of failure, sometimes planning for victory. Alas, does not mean weak, sometimes is unfair sigh of frustration, sometimes the error repentance. Frustration does not mean failure, frustration and sometimes the will of tempering, some hint of success. DIGESTOLOGY last lifetime as an orphan, all their step by step to come out, we can say that he is entirely self-reliant person, not a last resort will never lower noble head. No family to appreciate just how tormented thing. Today, ordinary table home cooked meal, so DIGESTOLOGY really into this family, not just out of duty, and for family enjoyment. DIGESTOLOGY vowed in his heart: as long as they live in this world, we must give parents, sister greatest joy, not only material, as well as jīng God, let them enjoy their grandchildren. DIGESTOLOGY looked soft moonlight, was a quiet, in the I, DIGESTOLOGY has never been so easy, no intrigues, no false promise, and some just touched the heart, DIGESTOLOGY after a month of observation, the full understanding of the Hong Kong entertainment industry now situation, we can say undone, everywhere implies vitality, just grab the opportunity, will soar, travel sky, crowned with entertainment. On I, DIGESTOLOGY it abruptly broke into the entertainment business, knocked nose broken blood summed up the brutal experience. DIGESTOLOGY know in the entertainment mix, must have an extensive network of money but of secondary importance. Money is only a symbol in the circle, but the friendship, human no matter what time, it will not deteriorate, and this is the unspoken rules of this circle, just want to mix it in the circle must follow this rule. This is DIGESTOLOGY mixed in the entertainment experience gained over ten years, is the result of blood and sweat of education. DIGESTOLOGY think about their own situation now, there is no first family background, no circles to seniors help, all have their own struggle, which is North Face Down Outlet equivalent to Yiqingerbai thought of this, DIGESTOLOGY know that to go in circles, only on their own, to create his own fame, wide access contacts. Recall that I, in 1983, launched a wireless Fab Five will be wireless, with Liu about wireless DS China refused, and was put on ice; week leap hair found in the small screen has left moved to the big screen, his head "box office poison" title, to continue the struggle for the transformation; Week Star now "430 shuttle" do over, walk-in wireless, as everywhere to find a corner sè and ask for the; Wu Qimonda also because of huge gambling debts owed, without the drama can shoot .. ...., understand that the entertainment business, the future of the biggest names are not red up their struggle for their own future, now is not a good time to get to know them do? Icing on the cake rather than a temporary relief for DIGESTOLOGY now say such a huge gap between reality and the ideal, in order to timely unlikely yourself a no money, and two did not honor. DIGESTOLOGY feel is most important now is to make your own pot of gold, shoot his first film, as long as the movie Hot chances a lot, how to earn his pot of gold it? I, on its own is not great invention nor outstanding business acumen, I, on the biggest hobby is watching movies and reading. With a good memory, DIGESTOLOGY to obtain the drama directing, perhaps next point effort in this area earn his pot Kid's Timberland of gold, DIGESTOLOGY grew more and more likely. DIGESTOLOGY know most of the later movies, writing jīng color script is easy, Hong Kong not later now, the script simply not taken seriously in the 1980s and 1990s, fairness, in Hong Kong, wanted screenwriter is not difficult. However, because of the threshold is not high, only Hong Kong's long-neglected writer. Low pay also fills (screenwriter fee is usually divided into four "Payroll", and saw unscrupulous film companies often also get the "tail period"), whatever the outcome is bread with a pen literati, but why twenty or thirty years ago, martial arts popular, then powerful but also to those action star screenwriter, director Takeo work. The show business in the Hong Kong Special sè system, there are basically two types of writers, a kind of "service xìng" mainly, but also the majority of Hong Kong screenwriter go through the "apprentice" stage. To some extent, they are more like the director's think tank, made by the director or film-makers, ideas, they are responsible for providing information and plot, the collective stories save the script. Another type is known as the "open play master." They can provide complete concept and the story of a movie with the "Guiding xìng" contribution to enjoy Canada Goose Women's Chilliwack Bomber Parka the same authority as the director, subject to the respect of the entire crew. In contrast with the screenwriter, writer's position in Hong Kong is very high, with the text promoted to wealthy people not uncommon, most notably to the number of Jin Yong, if there is water there must be Chinese, then the place where there are Chinese, there must be Jin Yong martial arts. The broad range of its popular, its influence great, amazing. Jinda Xia creating in effect after this period of time is totally blank period, although there are good works, but far from sufficient to lead one of cháo stream, play a connecting role. Jinda Xia has been the pinnacle of a Warrior in the end, I believe that no one can surpass him. DIGESTOLOGY think it should be innovative, future network culture is well developed, new ideas, innovative, quick update, enrich and develop all types of fiction, just click on a web writer rates are break 10 million, creating one miracle after another, leading the various themes cháo stream. Network literature biggest drawback is bad writing, articles margins too long, there is no concise text. DIGESTOLOGY underground passage: When a writer can accumulate fame, when screenwriter entertainment can make contacts, do both looks like a good choice.
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