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One hundred and seventieth chapters Navy, the enemy August 12rì, Wang Yuze a pedestrian arrived at the seaside. Originally, Guangxi is no coastline, but now belongs to the original Sichuan Guangdong Leizhou inexpensive to usurp state and down, allocated to Guangxi. Preliminary planning, these areas will build four large ports, Fangchenggang, Qinzhou, Beihai and Zhanjiang. The four ports are rare in the South China region natural deep-water harbor, whether as a naval or civilian ports are excellent harbor. According to the Ministry of Planning and the Department of the Navy, Fangchenggang and Qinzhou Port, will serve as the channel material to the sea in western Sichuan. Beihai Port and Zhanjiang Port, it is the Navy's Fleet naval base in western Sichuan, freight transport is secondary. Wang Yuze in the Navy, accompanied by officials of the Ministry, standing Beihai Port beach, overlooking the endless blue sea. Sea, thousands of engineers have been in western Sichuan tense for construction of the. They will build a good first pier, and then build the shipyard, awaiting a shipyard equipment imported from Germany. "Young Marshal, North Harbour is a rare harbor, where we plan to build dozens of berths, of which more than one-ton berths in ten or more. Zhanjiang Port side, too, enough to meet our fleet docked . shipyard construction is also tight construction and expected to be completed by the end of it. shipyard plans to build three million tons of docks, dock several tons or more. techniques accumulate enough, we will be able to build up their own battleship . "Department of the Navy shipyard director Wei Han, Wang Yuze excited to introduce road. They rushed over Wang Yuze some time ago, and now has begun construction of a comprehensive command. Army Engineer Battalion arrived, plus a lot of hiring local porters, making progress very fast shipyard. This allows these have been waiting for years naval personnel were very excited. We basically room and board are at the beach, seeing the naval base and shipyard in western Sichuan rì a rì of a build up, the heart of everybody excited. Wang Yuze nodded, then said: "This is good, but the number of dock or less. Beihai Shipyard, will be our first shipyard in western Sichuan, is also the largest shipyard in the near future our main warships, mainly to be from built here. tons or more of the dock, expanded to five, in addition, it is best to build more than twenty thousand tons of the dock, if you can, build thirty thousand tons is also OK, "" ah Marshal. thirty thousand tons more than the dock ? This is not too wasteful? "Wei Han somewhat shocked said. Now the West's most powerful battleship, that is, the British-built "monarchical class" battleships and Germany's "Brandenburg class" class warships, even if the subsequent design of more powerful warships, but also just over ten thousand tons . Construction of thirty thousand tons of the dock, it is not a waste it? The Marshal, although the war the line, but in the Navy, is obviously a layman it. "Wei Director, listen to me right now in less than and not less than the future. Navy battleship, will only grow. Ton now, but ten years later, I am afraid that twenty thousand tons even thirty thousand tons of the "Wang Yuze said. A war in which the powerful battleship, especially dreadnoughts, almost more than twenty thousand tons of big guys. Or a small rì the level of Japan, it is 60,000 tons of monster. Kawanishi pre-build a large shipyard dock tonnage, but also be prepared to be free when need to build a large ship, but did not dock, it may be unfavorable. "Yes, Marshal shipyard here will modify the plan" Wei Han a, that Wang Yuze also makes sense to say, so he adopted. Now, however, the shipyard's technical reserves in western Sichuan, most will be able to build twenty-three tons of cruisers only, to manufacture tons of warships, probably have to wait a few years later went to the bar, "Young Marshal. Simply the North Sea Shipyard Not yet. Fangchenggang, Qinzhou Port and Zhanjiang Port also had to have a job. Department of the Navy's plan is to Fangchenggang and Qinzhou Port shipyards, mainly the construction of civilian vessels. Beihai Port and Zhanjiang Port shipyards, mainly the construction of warships in Warships case of insufficient orders, to accept the construction of civilian vessels' equipment at the Director Wu Zhang said. "I'll contact Chengdu and the German side, allowing them to order three shipyards all the required equipment," Wang Yuze said. Once Kawanishi the sea smooth, then you can foresee the rise of a large number of sea. Now Kawanishi's vessels are mainly anchored in the USA's West Group. When coupled with the influx of private capital to them, to the vessel needs Kawanishi, I am afraid, was an outbreak xìng growth. Several multi-building shipyard, completely is very necessary. "Young Marshal for the construction of warships, our accumulated technology seemed to be somewhat weak. Zhèngfǔ can come forward to recruit from abroad experts in this field? We can give them to people along the way, apprenticed to them, and then develop our Design your own battleship "Wu Zhang said. In shipbuilding design, Chinese and Western powers, it has been behind a lot, relying solely on their own words, expected to be difficult to catch up. This time, the introduction of foreign technology becomes very important. "Ah we are behind, we must learn advanced technology and experience of others, help in the field, which is very good. I will contact the German side, ask them to support our shipbuilding talents batch addition, western institutions in foreign countries, will best efforts to recruit foreign ship designers, but foreigners never our own people to use. etc. These foreign experts came, we must do our utmost to put their skill Xue Daoshou then excel and win I am also counting on our blue Shipyard for the construction of a real battleship Kawanishi, we Chinese people themselves designed and built battleship "Wang Yuze said. Shipbuilding, industrial society is the most important industry, but also reflects a national scientific and technological level of an important industry. China If you want to enter the ranks of the great powers, it must be able to build out their own rude sè battleship in the West, which is very necessary. To achieve this goal, the introduction of foreign advanced technology and experience, it is very important. Britain's shipbuilding industry, is undoubtedly the most developed, but not bad in Germany, the German battleship, with particular emphasis on survivability and protection xìng, no less than focus on speed and firepower of HMS poor, and even to some extent, they have advantage. As of now Kawanishi-German relations, so much to them to buy a device that supports several shipbuilding experts, not a difficult thing to. "Young Marshal, we already have a planned shipyard. Designs there is designing a three thousand-ton cruiser, as the experience of the shipyard fumble. Success, step by step we will build bigger and more powerful warships .. We Timberland 2 Eye are confident that after a few years, the construction of China's own battleship "Wei Han excited, said. Both he and Wu Zhang, in Fujian navy when do is shipbuilding. Now, western undoubtedly gave them bigger platform, which makes them feel their value has been achieved. "Well into the water when the ship, I must personally come to the ceremony," Wang Yuze assure you that road. Kawanishi shipyard launched the first warships, how he could not absent. After visiting the port and shipyard being started after Wang Yuze to the North Sea in the county. Now, the Department of the Navy on temporary office space located here. After returning fleet, etc., where the fleet will become Kawanishi office space. The Department of the Navy's main person in charge, or back to Chengdu. "Ladies and gentlemen, the Navy's you, to please give you" Wang Yuze everyone said. Now in the West, has not overthrow the Qing Dynasty, the main jīng force, had placed the army above. Navy embryonic, Sichuan will give enough support, but in other aspects, I am afraid you have the Department of the Navy's first leaders of more hard work. "Young Marshal assured that we will not let Marshal disappointed" Navy Minister Zhang Cheng said. Although, as a naval minister, he did not command the fleet after the estimated chance. This allows warships pipe band was born he was a bit disappointed, but can become the first naval minister Kawanishi, what else he does not meet it? "After returning to the fleet, the Navy must expand strenuous training is not peaceful situation in the Men's Timberland Leisure Far East, our navy must be early rì into the military and I tell you the truth, up to two years time, we need to fight a naval . to time, I hope that the Navy can give me a surprise, "Wang Yuze solemnly said. Zhang Cheng's, who have some serious face sè. Fleet next year to be able to return home Men's North Face Gore Tex Sale after two years in combat, it means that, with only a year of training time. In just one year, let the Navy initially with fighting, not very difficult. However, if you want to contend with other naval powers, then it may not easy. "Young Marshal, our opponent? Northern Fleet do?" Zhang Cheng asked. If it is, then the Northern Fleet, Zhang still somewhat grasp. Manchu has rotted, the Northern Fleet is not much better. By the time the fleet can rely warships Kawanishi advantage easily beat them. Wang Yuze shook his head, then said: "No, the Northern Fleet is not our main enemy, our main enemy, will be rì the Navy" "rì this?" Everyone's shocked again. Everyone thinks, Marshal is not too high to see those little man island east of it though, rì the Navy is in rapid development, but they are also from the Northern Fleet, a large portion of the world's most wanted and equipment advanced warships in the West than it is more impossible. Wang Yuze a look at everyone's face, you know you did not put rì the eye. In fact, in rì defeated Manchu before the world, and indeed no one will be placed in the eyes of the rì. Beat until rì the Manchu, defeating Russia in a decade later, this became a world power. PS: four more complete, seeking subscriptions, monthly (To be continued.
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