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September 21 [Sat], 2013, 11:22
(New upload, book faithful first possessor, fat scrapping) "Master, master let you in. {. Averroes, you'll stay outside and other master, lord have something to explain master" from Wang Xiao Wang Quan steward The study came out of the Wang Yuze and Wang Wei said. "All right, all Uncle" Wang Yuze nodded, secretly took a deep two, pushing the door into the Xiao Wang's office. This is his rebirth, the first time I saw Dad cheaper, or reputed Chinese Sichuan Xunyue Shi, holding hundreds of thousands of troops jīng sharp Kawanishi male who, how could he not excited. After entering the office, greeted by a big bookcase filled with all kinds of information above. Inside the office furnishings is very simple, in addition to a mahogany desk, a coffee table and two sofas, you only a few green sè plant it. Hard to imagine that this China is one of the most powerful in the West Xunyue Shi's office, turned out to be so simple. "Father" came WANG Xiao Wang Yuze front desk, softly cried. This time, Wang Xiao looked up. Suddenly, just think Wang Xiao Wang Yuze pair of deep insight into people's eyes to the general, as if all the secrets of his heart are all exposed to the front of Xiao Wang. Fortunately, Wang Yuze can be considered two of the world and man, this question not stopped him. His calm in the face of Wang Xiao those sharp eyes, the performance is very natural, not a trace of affectation. He knew that the king Xiao Xiong's front cover any possible will play the opposite effect, not as common as the son of his father as king treated Xiao. See Wang Xiao seems Timberland Fur Lined Sale kind of sickly pale face sè, and wrinkled like old bark that same face, Wang Yuze felt very emotion. .. This is his father, only 60 years old in the West Xunyue Shi Why? How would be so old? Is it, because all these years for the construction of Sichuan provinces and all the effort it cost? "Yu Ze, you hurt all right, right? Head hurts now what?" Wang Xiao recover their sharp eyes, loving asked. "Father, I have completely healed. Schmitt doctor gave me thoroughly checked, the physical indicators are completely normal," Wang Yuze replied. "Ah so much the better you sit down, today I find you to be something to discuss with you," Wang Xiao pointed to the desk next to the sofa. "Yes, Father," Wang Yuze sitting on the sofa, spine straight, eyes straight ahead. "You're the assassination, who has investigated ONI out, is rì I dry the net yesterday ONI has received a total of a hundred people arrested these people are rì the spy agency all these years arranged in western Sichuan province, the vast majority of three spies in addition to those who are particularly useful for people aside, I have ordered them all executed, "Wang Xiao said slowly, as if like to kill a hundred pigs, like, look no fluctuations. "Those rì I too furious, we should put them out of western Sichuan provinces" Wang Yuze said bitterly. He has a previous life experiences, for small rì this nature is not the slightest impression of it. Anti rì war among compatriots killed 30 million, so that China can not be resolved and rì the blood feud with. Wang Yuze suddenly thought, now in 1890, anti-rì war has not yet begun, but there are four on the Sino-Japanese War broke out. [If he tried, then perhaps this time to allow the Chinese people to avoid catastrophe. rì After the Meiji Restoration, the entire country has developed rapidly up the same time, their ambitions are constantly surging and every moment without thinking about the decadent Qing state who bit off a fat. Suddenly, his heart is a fiery, will defeat the devils rì make China from aggression as his prime targets. However, to achieve this goal, he still has a long way to go. Sichuan provinces alone, is not rì my opponent, you must first defeat the Qing court, unified the country down. "Yes rì I have got to Yu Ze, you remember, if one day you have the ability, then, must take all kill those animals," Wang Xiao's eyes are covered with Murder. "Yes, Father, I know," Wang Yuze nodded. "Yu Ze, I know you were born xìng cowardly, the Sichuan provinces bear the burden on your shoulders, is really difficult for you, if God could give me two years time, even years, and can would not be so difficult. "Wang Xiao sigh. Wang Yuze heart of a tight, he listened to words how so it does not taste ah, Wang Xiao been dying it? However, if anything should happen to have a king Xiao, then, how he persuaded those military chiefs, the entire western Sichuan provinces inevitable disintegration ah "Father, your body does not matter, right?" Wang Yuze nervous asked. "Old trouble, but should also be able to drag on for years now Yu Ze, your time can be short. If during this time you can not control the situation in the three provinces, then Canada Goose Accessories you go abroad it my overseas industries, You have enough to live comfortably enough life lifetime "Xiao Wang waved, and then said. Wang Yuze could not help but nose acid, poor parental love, knowing his xìng grid Wang Xiao, already gave him the posterior arranged. However, he has not before him. Since came into this world, how can we not make a career. "Father, do not worry, I will not let you down," Wang Yuze firm said. "Well, well you can have this heart, I would meet." Hear Wang Yuze say the old Huai Wang Xiao Dawei, pale face filled with a smile, seemed very happy. "Yes, Father, just Xiongshu Shu and Cai Shushu leave. Xiongshu Shu seems to me some dissatisfaction ah" Wang Yuze said. "Nothing, which stay he was the temper, you did not see when it wants to. Laoxiong only so a baby daughter, so he put his daughter to marry you, he would certainly not happy about it, but since I pulled down this old head, how can he refuse ah? "Wang Xiao said, laughing. "Ah father, I really want to get married so soon what? I was 18 years old this year just ah" Wang Yuze stunned, although world and man, but he did not even have a girlfriend, let alone what married. Plus they are combined and unfamiliar people, which makes him a kind of feeling of surprise. "Yu Ze, 18-year-old is no longer young, you look at those civilians, many eighteen-year-old children who are able to take to the streets soy sauce. Besides, I've seen that girl dream Han, notice of the ceremony, gentle, pleasant, and you are very match. Laoxiong is my old brother, so many years we have been supporting each other, this situation today with Sichuan provinces. Unfortunately Laoxiong no son, to be otherwise, you'd be able to become a good helper, "Wang Xiao said. Wang Yuze nodded his head, he knew Wang Xiao potentially mean. He was too young, there is nothing in the military prestige. If the bears arms support, then it would be able to get the support of the military, which he controlled the western Sichuan provinces of great help. Moreover, Xiong Wu had no sons, only one daughter, Wang Yuze married his daughter, then he shall serve with the help of Wang Yuze do? Have to say, Wang Xiao of this move is very high, it will easily bear arms tied to the chariot of their home. Although arranged marriages, some resentment, but Wang Yuze also know that this is no way to do. Moreover, it is also very beneficial for him, but Xiongmeng Han is a rare beauty, what he do not know enough of it? "In addition, your daughter, Yang Yang Shushu Northland, Zhou Shushu's daughter Zhou Rui also good, so this time I give you a thick old head pro, this time you'll be married to it," Wang Xiao went on. "Ah" Wang Yuze shocked, mouth boss, he was completely mine to. He had no idea, actually once married to three, which makes him the students in the new China, under the red flag of the boy how to accept this. Yang Lan and Zhou Rui Shi two girls he knew where Young Northland was a year younger than him, Zhou Rui two years younger than him, is a rare beauty, but did not expect this time Canada Goose Sale they should also be married. Later, however, know why Wang Xiao Wang Yuze do it. Young Northland's father Yang Hua, the incumbent Governor of Sichuan Province, Sichuan and Sichuan provinces are also among the most important identity, with the support of Yang Hua, he will undoubtedly be able to zhèngfǔ gained sufficient support. And Zhou Rui's father, named Zhourong Xuan, perennial in foreign countries, the competent royal overseas huge industry. Although the ownership of those industries are royal, but was Zhourong Xuan Management ten years, married Zhou Rui, he is in the economic future will be very helpful.
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