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October 15 [Tue], 2013, 12:27
Forty years ago, the Grand Canal has been out a peerless genius, it only took two years of the time they reach eighth order Lu Xian, unprecedented, and twenty-four to nine bands is no latecomers! This person is twenty years ago by Chu consistency shattered sword of the Spirit of the blue pass! Since twenty years ago, Chu coincide with Blue Link is broken cents cone piercing sword of the Spirit after they silencer Trailbreaker, no one would have thought twenty years later it turned out to be a black gown restorer blue pass to attract such a ruthless man out! Blue through but Lu Xian, sword of the Spirit destroyed, blue-strength remaining five into it, but he appeared here can not think of anyone, you know, Miss cents sword of the Spirit can not be repaired repair division is not, but you want to Fix the sword of the Spirit fairy land unless it is repaired master, use their power to help Lu Xian again reshape the sword of the Spirit, otherwise there is no way one o'clock. Open the door! Blue Spirit into a sword through the condensate, despite being broken sword of the Spirit, but the blue-but nine-order peak, even without the sword of the Spirit and his strength is absolutely Zheng Xiaotian that level. Blue Link predecessors ...... it is just a black gown restorer repair guru, I'm afraid ...... Zheng fame he had done speaking, a blue pass from the hands of Jian Qi has been flying out of that extremely violent Zheng Jian Qi did not intend to fame life, but this is a nine-order peak Lu cents a hit! I saw that Women's North Face Hyvent Sale the wall had also been formed through this sword directly flattened blue half! While Zheng fame thanks to dodge fast, or to his order six demon warriors not even resist the repair is not qualified will be blue-spike! Blue through sword flatten the wall after the palms waved in the chest, a black and white gossip suddenly forming, then gossip rapid rotation, with a powerful aura toward the gate boom of the past! Bang! Bang, Golden City that enough to have four fifty meters high walls even directly hit by the blue pass abruptly from both blew open a full ten meters of the entrance! Blue Link glanced back at him that look of worship of seven order demon soldiers, he turned to the wall above rationale did not bother Baotoushucuan guards and the Zheng family practitioners, it so blatantly direct flights into the room! Although only 50% of blue-strength, but through the world will say Wensheng Blue is probably less than five people, and if so blue-remodeling sword of the Spirit, then even dare to face Chu consistency Blue through a war! Black gown restorer! I hope you are the world's only repair guru! If you can fix my spiritual sword ...... but a blue-pass Xingaoqiao of the people, he had already expressed his despair sword of the Spirit, in his opinion, he was even able to enter the true spirit world can not be reused and a nine-order Lu Sin, in a small man of the world, to the Women's North Face Denali Sale true spirit world he will soon be forgotten, it is impossible there willing to spend great efforts to repair the master for his restoration sword of the Spirit. At a time when the emergence of Ouyang gave him a hint of hope! Able to be judged completely destroyed countless masters of nine bands demon soldiers Serpentine gun perfect repair, blue pass feel that this division has a small black robe repair may be repaired guru! But although this may be small, blue-pass should give it a go! If he is really able to find a guru to help him fix a restored sword of the Spirit, so blue pass into the true spirit world into the sea after the equal dragon, blue pass that to your talent will certainly countless years later became the dominant party level characters! Blue Link blew open the gates, the whole city of gold nobody dared to stop, while the blue pass disappeared again after twenty years the news like a stone thrown into the lake as calm moments caused great waves. What! Even blue-have emerged? Zheng Xiaotian Throne sits on top of his head he felt a sting! If we say that only seven of the strong order appear here, then he may also be able to leverage the prestige killed nine bands to come, but the blue-even if only 50% related to him Timberland Slippers the power of a level, this is simply not the genius level evildoer he to confrontation. Brother, Blue Link blew open the gates into the city to put all the demon warrior, then these people have gathered in front of Lee waiting! Zheng fame until now trembling! Blue Link is horrible, a move to level the walls, and then a move blew open the wall! This is the ninth order of Granville, Zheng fame know, then terrible power even if he Huangxiong might not do it, this is probably the ninth order with nine primary order peak gap. Forget it! Blue Link is not our Rede Qi characters, but blue-pass but Lu cents, even though repair guru can never expect to fix Blue through the sword of the Spirit. Zheng Xiaotian rubbing his temples, he recently told the old these days feel like, since the emergence of this black robe repair division, the entire Xiqi even the whole world crazy! This guy in the end want to do? Lee mansion, the case has been around for almost forty to fifty people, and these people and there are countless dignitaries Xiqi and other countries in the wait and see, these people are all seven bands even stronger than seven bands , although one demon spirits are broken, but they also untouchables ah. Lee mansion, the head of the station a man was blue-pass, no one dared to compete with the blue pass this first position, and came here through the face of the arrogant blue disappear, he now is like a Like an ordinary young man standing there! Although blue-according to age is already a middle-aged man, in fact he was twenty-eight-year-old breakthrough bands, his face still remained at twenty-two, as long as he continues to practice it, this life is going to change appearance The. Aojian Blue Tone! Lee mansion gates open, Lee himself from out of the wind, stood silently watching seems preoccupied blue pass, Li Fung also very surprised that he had just heard people say, blue-strike bombers appeared and two broken the wall let people come in, but when really see this with him a superstar era when he was somewhat excited. Twenty years ago, when Lee was a sixth-order breeze demon warrior when the blue pass is already renowned the world over nine bands Lu cents! When the blue-handedly back to the Grand Canal, Yuezhan Chu consistency, the two battle two days and nights, the last blue-forced Chu Consistency will last a life broken cents cone bombers have come to finally broken through the sword of the Spirit Blue beat the Blue Link. According to legend, if you do not break the consistency of Chu Xian cone, finally defeated could be his! But this, after all, can only be a rumor, blue sword of the Spirit through the destruction of the power remaining five percent of the message is known, then blue-pass muffler off track, I did not expect this time to help the world Ouyang release all go demon soldiers destroyed man repairing a demon soldiers message, even through such a peerless blue Valiant have surfaced, imagine how much of Ouyang this mine. You are Li breeze? Although it looks blue-twenties, even destroyed sword of the Spirit, he still had the courage to fight the pinnacle of the world's people, the face of Li breeze, clear speaking Li breeze predecessors had dubbed him cry before they can! It is the next master of the house is Li Li breeze! Blue through seniors in please ...... Li breeze and not equipped Daweibalang, or in the face of blue through his juniors itself. What seniors juniors, you Because I'm pretty, peer commensurate wants! Blue through and do not care about this, he is now all thoughts entirely on that black robe repair division of the body, his fate at this moment almost with this person linked to together, if we can repair the sword of the Spirit, he would still Aojian blue pass, otherwise no chance to succeed him in this life, even into the true spirit world can only ever do a little obscure never be able to come out ahead!
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