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September 18 [Wed], 2013, 11:36
; New Year , too sensitive a topic even more inappropriate discussion , we immediately changed the subject , and talk to Hu Fenqiang work . Hu Fenjiang now has the vice ministerial level in charge of state-owned enterprises , wearing expensive wool suit , tingxiong oriel , bearing different with the past . When it comes to their own company , from time to time play a wave, seems confident . Liu Cheng Mei to the side, is also a smiling mouth , it seems that all of the current , very satisfied . Liu Weihong then smiled. In fact, according to his understanding of the situation , Hu Fenjiang alone is a very good business leaders , just pass it up . This kind of thing , there are talented , can not be forced . Hu Fenqiang do now number one , high-spirited , but among his conversation , but also hear it , he is quite conservative, and showed no ambition seems to have been met . It is also good, and not necessarily to bits ministers considered extremely successful career . Hu Fenjiang to the existing position, Enron until retirement , Liu Weihong think it ting good . Everything does not have to be forced. Hu Tian Hu Fenqiang touches son looks calm a lot of thick , neatly sitting beside him , smiling listening to elders talk , no lu out to be halfway bugger meaning. Wang Yu International Group invested , with Gong Bao Yuan , Hu Tian thick cooperation , the establishment of an investment company in the Pearl City Jiangdong Zone injection of funds , began to engage in the project . Gong Bao Yuan Hu Tian-Hou is a specific person in charge . Company size is not small , Gong Bao Yuan Hu Tian thick as if the big boss , and since the decency to have the big boss , not like before flying escape , worthless . INVENTORY AND they smile, encouraged Hu Fenjiang few . It seems INVENTORY AND and Liu Weihong is the same mind, will direct Hu Fenjiang positioned above the current position did not intend to do any major changes. Want peace mingled retirement , does not aim at but they try too is a good idea . Chatted for a while in the living room phone suddenly rang up and Valence was sitting next to the phone , they readily pick up, answering a few words, God se suddenly became very solemn, put down the phone , right SOCIETY FOR said: Dad, Sui Andong comrades , we must come to the elderly Happy New Year ! His remark in the living room The noise suddenly much smaller . In fact, since the Sui Andong comrades White Autumn Park after the annual Spring Festival will come to the elderly Conifer New Year 's . Father was alive before , so, Father , after riding a crane to the West , this habit is still not changed . Of course , also living in the other veterans out there Ouchi , Sui Andong comrades will still door New Year. But this year the situation seems not the same as the previous years . Sui Andong comrades at the highest level prestige gradually built up , status is also more and more stable. For his personal door , naturally more worthy of attention. INVENTORY AND then got up and said: Let's go out with everyone . Then, look at Liu married, Hu Fenjiang Ma Guoping , Valence , Liu Weihong 's face over , meaning well aware , to go along with him that several comrades greeted Sui Andong . As for lesbians , it is free. Too many people crowded at the door , is not so good . These few , is the old Liu is currently a member of the core . Autumn park with pine groves , far away , walk over, which is the scene a few minutes . Win comrades into the New Year good ! Soon, the door rang the Sui Andong comrades hearty laughter . Total 〖 〗 record book , Happy New Year ! INVENTORY AND immediately went down the steps , step greeted Liu married line side by side with his brother , others slightly rearward , orderly , did not chaotic. Such occasions , can not be completely in accordance with the si occasion to treat people , and the stresses of the rules , we must talk about . Sui Andong comrades did not come alone , and with him the door , as well as the Office of the Director of the Central 〗 〖 directly under the Organs 〗 〖 note book Dear Comrade Ren autumn . Dear Comrade Qiu Ren received his current position in the previous year . Married Commander, Happy New Year ! INVENTORY AND met with Abraham , Sui Andong smiling Comrade married to Liu said. Canada Goose Men's Mountaineer Although the Spring Festival , Liu still married military uniform neat, shoulder Admiral star shine , the moment trip to Sui Andong hands of a military salute comrade , broke and said: Lord 〗 〖 Chairman Happy New Year ! Outdoor weather is cold, Sui Andong comrades insisted Liu children are with each one handshake exchanged New Year greetings . Turn Valence , when Sui Andong comrades gently patted his shoulder , smiled and said: Liu mayor , young, ha ha ! Thank total 〗 〖 book mark recognition , humility ! Valence quickly said modestly . Good, good ! Sui Andong Dear comrades immediately turned to accompany the Moxi 's Liu Weihong , his eyes Canada Goose Palliser Coat Sale sparkling , slightly looked up and down a bit, it seems to rediscover the old Liu 's younger juniors . Total 〖 〗 record book , Happy New Year ! Liu Weihong busy being neatly bowed respectful said. North Face 2013 Weihong comrades , you simple ! Slightly hectares , with a total book 〗 〖 remember only nodded slightly , with a trace of deep feeling of Italy, said quietly . 〗 〖 Demerit total book prize , not when ! Liu Weihong still neatly answered in no way arbitrary . Ah , young people, make persistent efforts ! Then, the total book 〗 〖 hand patted Liu Weihong Zhong also remember the shoulder , said with appreciation . Yes, I will always remember the teachings in mind 〗 〖 book , strive to do the work . Well, well ...... Sui Andong comrades and gently nodded , her eyes streaming lu out encouraging look. In such situations , to get the total book 〗 〖 remember that praise can be really simple, seems to be true in the Sui Andong Liu Weihong comrades there left a very deep impression. Dear Comrade Ren autumn with the total 〖 〗 mind behind the book with you eleven Jian Li and Liu Weihong shake hands , it is hard, eyes with obvious appreciation of Italy, and Sui Andong comrade 's face is the same. Jian Li is completed, INVENTORY AND kind Xiangyao : Total 〖 〗 record book , autumn benevolence comrades inside inside please please ! Yes, please ! Sui Andong comrade very kindly , smiling , and in everyone's surrounded under the living room door. Old Liu 's other family members , have long been in the living room stood up , smiled and welcomed Suian Dong Jing Qiu Ren comrades and comrades come, except the old lady sitting in the armchair , towering fixed . Du Yu Xin and Liu Cheng Mei companionship so. See the old lady , Sui Andong comrades Lianrong an Gansu , slightly faster pace, stepped forward, slightly bowed , respectful , said: Sister, Happy New Year ! I wish you a Happy New Year , good health and good luck ! For older women older fathers or fathers life 〗 〖 leather wife 〗 〖 in central leading comrades are generally known as Sister . That old lady in her daughter 's arm stood up and tried to shake hands with the Sui Andong comrades , smile and said: Anton comrades , Happy New Year. I wish you a Happy New Year , good health and smooth work . Sui Andong two comrades polite , smiling . Director Ren Jing also followed the fall bow and say hello to the old lady , nephew ceremony performed very Christine . Speaking, Director Ren Jing autumn is the most authentic red se children, his father and Liu Zhongyuan respecting 〗 〖 main long-term official seats , two between the roots. Father and the old lady in front of Liu , Jing Qiu Ren director have been very respectful . Anton comrades fall benevolence director , sit down ! Jian Li is completed, the old lady seated on the back armchair , smiling said. Thank you, Sister . Suian Dong Jing Qiu Ren comrades and director of the left-hand side of the old lady seated position , leaning slightly sideways woman , smiled and asked: Sister, good health , right ? Xiexie An East comrades miss , the body is also good . INVENTORY AND they smile at the side and said: years ago to accompany the elderly to go ** to do a comprehensive inspection, the situation is quite good . The data are relatively normal. Sui Andong comrades immediately nodded and said: This is good . 〗 〖 Leather older fathers of our party ordered the most precious wealth of our country , to ensure that they are healthy , very important . We then nodded . Next, Sui Andong Comrade asked in detail about the lives of the elderly living situation , most of the time , by the SOCIETY FOR Pickup and Du Yu Xin , the atmosphere was very harmonious . Mayor Liu , Spring City's economic development, the situation how ah ? Asked the elderly living situation , the Sui Andong comrade 's eyes fell on Valence 's face, kindly asked. More like an elder care juniors at work . New Year's Day , in this case, Sui Andong naturally not ask SOCIETY FOR gay married Ma Guoping Liu et al 's work, these few Jujie high position , a high level of work involved . But three generations of children to Valence Liu Weihong other questions , it touches anyway. As a result their work is not too high , the work involved has some limitations , not to mention secret are not confidential ; secondly Valence Liu Weihong but younger , during the Spring Festival , elder care about the work of the younger generation living conditions , reasonable , mainly is indicates a caring attitude. The comrades of Valence from Sui Andong 's call also can see that. Thank total 〗 〖 book concern in mind , Chinese New Year is 〗 〖 leather life old , weak foundation and development more difficult. But in the party 〗 〖 under the wise leadership of the central , provincial government and the municipal with the correct guidance , cadres and the masses together , these two years has achieved some progress . Valence is also in accordance with the standard official rhetoric , very graciously responded with a total book 〗 〖 care to remember . Ah, leather 〗 〖 old life before our leather 〗 〖 life cause, the cause of liberation has made a great contribution , we must do everything possible to use our brains , more ways to boost the economy , so that the people have a happy lives. Yes, I certainly will in the party 〖 〗 central concern conveyed to the New Year's cadres and the masses will never live up to the total book 〗 〖 remember the ardent expectations. Of course, vigorously developing the economy , but also should pay more attention to people's livelihood. Livelihood areas work closely with the masses , related to the image of our party and the government , must be especially careful. Sui Andong stressed Comrade said , her eyes stayed in Liu Weihong 's face it, it seems very meaningful. ! .
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