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July 30 [Tue], 2013, 12:43
> "Yes" judge should be said, and walked out again. "Magistrate adults so." I stopped suddenly silent judge. Magistrate himself a stiff, he turned to reveal a laugh than cry also ugly smile and said, "Flame, what happened to you?" Glimpses Yanluo Tang strands on the murderous, I puzzled frown and said, "Magistrate adults , the ability to take me to go with him and I think personally plead Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva to help. "" This ... "judge looked uneasily Yama. "Oh, ghost flame clever little guy getting it. Okay, Laoguan, you take the flame along past. Remember seeing Ksitigarbha greeting me on to him." Yama reveal a big smile, said. "Thank adult permission!" I am pleased to thank the road, all doubts will be just thrown behind. After bidding farewell to Yama, the judge and I go way no words to ferry Lingtai walk. Crossing LINGTAI suggests that it is the soul of the place of extradition, and is not the same athletic, crossing Lingtai extradition are those evil spirits. No. chilly wind whistling roaring forward, stop along the way to countless murderous Wraith claws around me was, if it was fear of the judge, already came up to me to shreds. Is the case, those evil spirits or scrambling `far behind me, looking for opportunities to a good meal. "Du Ling-tai chi is the deepest parts of the nether world, before the nether world chaos, who struggled here ** into a fine` atrocious Ghosts a faction fight with ten house of hell, or even want to replace the 10 Temple Yanluo Cheng as the masters of the nether world. The war lasted for hundreds of years, and later Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva bear the nether world into endless chaos, but also saddened by those ghosts helpless, unable to accept reincarnation. ** so with supreme magical, Those evil ** Lingtai in crossing the bottom, and finally to the Merciful Heart Chaodu those souls. "judge suddenly said aloud. "Earth Store Bodhisattva human world rumors have sworn, if it does not extradite After all the ghosts, so there is no longer any confusion nether world, and never returned Buddhist community." I said. "Ah, walk on to the moment, but beware of evil, do not let them hurt Come on, put his hand on my shoulder, let me protect you about magic." The judge said, in my hand on his shoulders of the moment, a white ball of paper into my hands. Intentionally or unintentionally, in the judge's eyes prompt, I said, "Oh, thank Magistrate adults. Then there is much hard labor while the adults." "Oh, you are, after following the bell Xu, set a credit for the nether world's largest one. This Trivia it should be. "Magistrate also Hehedexiao road. The more go inside, the more evil encountered. Such as wave-like noise kept into my ears, the effect is how to allocate me. Some goblins have even shot a fight with each other, which has a maximum block, face the most vicious hemophagocytic evil seems to have prevailed, winning most of my flesh and blood. "Do not care for those evil spirits, calmly walked." Magistrate whispered. "Oh, I know." Finally came to crossing LINGTAI periphery, from the beginning just to those evil crowded space around, it seems like so I will let go of my cut off. Magistrate looked around quietly waiting for evil, frowning, said "This is the King of Hell, adult franchise came to Earth Store Bodhisattva, and you do not hurry to give way." Hey Hey ... those evil motionless, hey sneer looking judge, if the judge seems no effect. "Do not you want to rebel against the command of adults Yama?" Judge suddenly raised his voice and said. "Hey, judge in the nether world you be Hades men first number two, we should have been listening to your mission, but you should also remember that the previous convention it, in the shade border crossing LINGTAI this place any Yama commands are is invalid, so you want us to give up this world delicious. Hey hey hey, I am afraid we are difficult to separate from life ah! "big evil most urgent, green horrible smell of saliva have been streaming down. Hey Hey is! We will not give up this beautiful meat. At least three hundred years ago, after eating human flesh once, but I never got to him ah. Looking at the public brawl evil spirits, the judge finally exposed anxious face, said to me, "flame temporarily as you go out with me, I'll wait for the next trip, please come Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva." "Oh, no. Purpose How to exit to the truth. "I said, laughing. "But these evil spirits ..." the judge said anxiously. "Do not worry, I do not ... these little goblins Louis Vuitton Fashion Show Collections Outlet looked roar Nebula Storm." Filled the air crossing the Green LINGTAI instantly gathered around me, and burst violently rotating diffuse out to four weeks. I saw the evil surrounding screams caught turmoil, fragmented into numerous fragments, wits and died, more evil destruction of days my hands were attracted to. "This is ... this is ..." the judge looked at me in the hands of terrorist destruction of days, their eyes filled with disbelief, stammered. "Hey, solved." Waving around a bit ruined my day, said. After my one hit, with all those who stay away evil spirits, fear, looking at me, no longer afraid to swagger up. "You ... flame, your hands can ... but ruined day." Magistrate wordy ground pointing ruined day, asked. "Ah! Was ruined day, North Face Gloves what?" Curious, I looked at the judge's response, said. "Destroying the day ... Do not you have fallen Sale Louis Vuitton in Magic you ... you really like Underworld adults feared ..." the judge said excitedly. "Magistrate adults, you always what I've got something wrong?" "Do not come, do not touch me, I ... I was wrong about you, you kill partial kill. Well, Rumo although can greatly enhance the strength, but in the end there will not be a good end. "judge stopped me stretched hand, said excitedly. I can not understand is, I do not know what to do when. A long, kindly voice over Road to Road, Road also know. If you feel righteous, then pursue what does it matter what kind of morality. If you feel evil, even if he is orthodox Road Law School, and finally they will inevitably fall. "Earth Store Bodhisattva" I judge voice rang simultaneously. "Buddha, but he holds in his hand is the destruction of days. Most evil weapon destroy God" out loud in front of me to grab judge, said. "Oh, even the destruction of days, for the strong-willed man is useless. Magistrate, you are not the most concerned about children's stories flame do? Have you ever seen a hint of Rumo he signs." "This is ... everything he did things are for the benefit of the human world, countless people. "" Oh, "" But the Buddha, with a mortal footer is not above the ancient magic that existed contend that one day evil will destroy Sword Spirit will invade his the will of. "Magistrate anxious authentic. "This requires us to boot. Judge, I have something to talk to the children want to flame, you go back. Careful Yama, reminding him different magic has quietly erosion of his ideas, and in no frivolous evil. Alas, ** soon re coming soon ... ** "Ksitigarbha words echoed in a long painful transition LINGTAI in turns to spread around with. <
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