initiative to join the Dumou real

July 31 [Wed], 2013, 12:41
> That Shidori has said: "If in peacetime, and you hurt someone, I should not pester you, but I came here Entrusted by the people, do not achieve the goal, I was not good to leave ye China people have a saying is this: we North Face Fleece Sale all have for their main ... "spot Miao Chinese idiom saw that Shidori speechless, then kerf reminded him:" That is their own master. "That Shidori binocular micro Lu shame, said: "I'm sorry, my English is not good, most of our fellow poor one, a laughing stock." spots Miaohua hear hesitated, thinking: "These Shidori so attentively learn our lessons for what? definitely ill! "So the other He also said:" I heard what the Japanese state flow in the martial art of knife, you're the martial art of it? "That Shidori see sublime China has reported a His martial, the hearts of the sublime Hua Guang see UBM also very impressed, and said: "You are right, but this genre is large, we are just one of a just, I do not say nonsense, today we all for the Lord, how the results should have a job, but please forgive you! "Then He also sublime Chinese bowed. Sublime Chinese see this Japanese man quite honest child, they also unto Japanese child back ceremony. That Shidori Libi would again draw Wo Dao, established a portal, is on the sublime China. The sublime China also clenched iron claw, watch intently that Shidori. That would narrow Wo Dao Shidori drew an arc to the sublime China slanting cut to the waist. Sublime China then perform Tiezhua Jia Zhu Wo Dao, palm flashed unto Shidori chest photographed. That Shidori slight stature back for a refund, so Womens North Face Gore Tex Outlet sublime China Open this beat, withdraw Wo Dao back. They would like bucket up, Shushi Zhao down, both sides regardless of heights, are secretly admire each other's powers, in fact, their own little case of his life rival. By this time they actually give birth to another sympathetic meaning to. N this case, the ears hear the crowd chuckle, then just listen to a cool and bright voice in the crowd ears: "I never thought tonight 'Weiguo Gong Fu' in good fun ah." This is, indeed, not loud, but Biography as ears are like being stabbed needle save in general, everyone's eardrums were burst stinging. While sitting cross-legged on the roof of the Chamber of Commerce were exercise our powers to heal this sentence is to be disturbed mind, curtain a blood begins mouth Kuangpen out. Miao spot with that Shidori hear this voice, did not dare to fight it, the closing Weaponry, jump out of the loop. Sublime China looked around, surprised to find four weeks when I do not know much more than fifty white people, clothing and first of four masked men basically the same, both in the chest Haiwan embroidered with a large lotus. And these people with the previous four only difference is that they have not yet masked. The sublime Chinese child with just that Japanese struggle, has been to the real state of ecstasy, for the things happening around us ignorant. He now think of it, if a group of white people if they attack them up, I'm afraid he is not good to stand here. Spot Miaohua see each other this battle, this pomp, no prizes for guessing what this gang is the real "White Lotus" master. And then a look to him that the "White Lotus" sent exactly what character when he blinds suck down a cold lump. He saw this congregation, "White Lotus" could there be a master of one "temple" high uplift within the family expert, is a Hengrou Waijia hero. And these people who he knew there were only ten to twenty people, such as "wind and thunder hand" Huhan Sheng, "clouds Sword" Wuyue Nan and the like, are the rivers and lakes on the ruthless role, others surely worse than where to go. Confucian headed he did not know that middle-aged, but followed behind in that Confucian "Fairy Scattering Flowers" Xie Wu Niang and the "Sword" clear feather he was understanding. The two men was not easy, that's were moving Men's North Face Apex Bionic Clearance Sale Sichuan master, nor any of the powers of a person worse than their own to go. "White Lotus" look actually came so many masters, than one's own, "Sirius would" stay here only twenty to come out really strong too. Miao, solemn eyes spot in the "White Lotus" public master's face eleven sweep, but the hearts secretly crying: "I and Troop imprudent, did not expect 'White Lotus' massive dare to Beijing, pushed' Weiguo Gong Fu 'to now Troop mortally wounded, I am the only one person, how could overpower so many masters? I am a man's life and death are nothing, but once Weiguo Gong's three son anything happen, it makes me go back to how will be accountable to the Lord? "thought here, sublime China secretly made up his mind, that is not a life of their own, but also to keep the peace son Alex three. So he headed to the Confucian Baoquan who said: "I am afraid of a spot Yanzhuo not know Jing, ask your high name name." That is just the sublime Chinese Confucian faint smile, said: "The next DU Shou-zhen, coming either 'White Lotus Teach'' Huoyun altar 'list administrator. "sublime China to hear" Du Shou-zhen, "the words, my heart burst of racing, can not help but speechless:" Twenty years ago, is the sword you pick' River Luoqi Xiong 'of the' yin and yang Les' DU Shou-zhen? "Twenty years ago, the" river Luoqi Xiong "reputed down the Yellow River in Henan area with no one dared contender. But they did not know why it offended "yin and yang Les" DU Shou-zhen, DU Shou-zhen alone at her door to go on its own single-handedly destroy the "river Luoqi Xiong" became a sensation on the rivers and lakes of koan. Sublime China said Du Shouzhen thought twenty years ago would have been more than thirty years old, but now there should also be counted more than fifty years old, in front of this man may seem but it is less than four-year-old look, which Laoer maintained really good. DU Shou-zhen heard it said: "Imagine Dumou twenty years ago the Pifuzhiyong boast high heroes can remember, so that high heroes laughed." He said, as he looked down the hall with the top two masked men "wolves big fuss," the fight, then the ED also that masked Shidori laughed: "We can not think of 'White Lotus' so popular, even the master of Japan took the initiative to join the Dumou real surprise. simply DU a time to remember is when the master of Japan joined the teaching? "That Shidori first hesitated, followed by shame in showing the color of his eyes, they did not know how to answer. The front of the hall and the "wolves big fuss" battle of the two masked men did not expect a real "White Lotus" master actually come, and to this many people knew their situation today, but much of the unfavorable . Urgent nature is to break this "wolves big fuss" and then find ways to escape. But this "wolves big fuss" happens very cleverly designed, although the design matrix Morohito martial arts are far less than the two of them, but two of them suddenly left and right for a long time, it simply can not get rid of "wolves big fuss" entanglement. The "wolves large array" in the Morohito also want to pack out as soon as possible array of these two "White Lotus" counterfeit. But these two martial arts high counterfeit and inferior to the real "White Lotus" master. They came close several times to hurt these two masked men, all in the hairbreadth occasion, be it two masked men with extremely odd shenfa out of the way. They do not want to give up, but the "big fuss wolves" Once launched, if not Qinzhu array of people, there is only endless running down, until they die. <
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