but also most central position walk past .

November 27 [Tue], 2012, 17:45
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultNine monarch ,for mainland people, is definitely the most dramatic peak ,after all three holy presence, not who are eligible to know .
But on the move in and out with wizardly elusiveness between the nine monarch ,in today to four ,almost half of the .Blood Sword monarch HEDGECOE enough ,surprising ,but as HEDGECOE ,fighting mad king Dorio ,it is shocking .
Originally, everyone thinks so ,but the fact of the development ,but was again challenged all nerve could bear .With Jike and Gregorio ,miracle monarch Gabriel and broken bow monarch Karura even together ,let all people all sluggish .
Eh? Gabriel ?Karua ? Had to talk together in Lin Chen three, hearing the word ,see was Gabriel and Garuda appears, HEDGECOE and Ruiao two people being at a loss what to do ,then look at Lin Chen, apparently, just Gabriel said ,apparently at the ghost to the people .
Eh? The two of you come ? Hear the words ,Lin Chen is stood up from his seat ,heart secretly suspect Hu ò .Last in the Mystic Valley to meet, they are looking for the three great holy man, and while he is alone one person enter the cave ,all end ,this also nothing ?Why the two person deliberately catch up ? the cave ,are you alone brought down ? In front of everyone, said .
Speak Gabriel and Garuda two people ,respectively, reached the fifth position and the sixth seats, four sacred monarch ,still have a reputation in outside . This time is naturally attracted everyone .
Hear the words ,Lin Chen looked around people are staring at the side and only slightly hesitated Lin Chen is serious nodded ,frankly admitted: good !The last time I told you ?I a person have a look inside ,finally will the mazoku killed, I will leave .
.. ... . Even the sacred eight goods mozu !You can also execute !? Heard was Lin Chen a single-handed pick the Moku, Gabriel face s è avariable ,in a low voice exclaimed .Although early in Lucifer Town ,see Lin Chen day of such state ,know the ghost powerful ,but heard Lin Chen said was really alone pick the Morgul added Liu or some believe that den ,sacred monarchy above the family absolute minority .
Of course. In the devil !No one escaped after all, you should know that my sword million flying skills ... ... Hear the words ,Lin Chen nodded and said .Thought of Lin Chen initially in Lucifer city demonstrated the strength ,considering that tens of thousands of sword from the air mercilessly down scene ,Gabriel nodded ,indeed, to the ghost people the skills, the more quantity is not murder .
Four great emperors appear, they are let everyone pay attention to here and hear Lin Chen and the conversation ,all the people around us are called up UGG Women's Ultimate Tall Boots,there were many discussions .They have not got it wrong ?Ghost was one end off a den ?But also to the sacred eight goods Mozu kill ?Please ah ,that is the sacred eight products UGG Greenfield,which belongs to the legendary exist .
Although there is a sanctuary ,this everybody knows ,but do not know the three holy existence they ,in their opinion the strongest but is also known as the sacred seven top nine monarch first rector .
But do not think ,ghost people could make sacred eight goods Mozu kill ,the strength ,have first Baidu Post Bar above the nine monarch of first Rick above . The amount of ... .
.. Originally, also for ghost people robbed his seat was very dissatisfied with the king ,hear the others dumbfounded .Can get rid of sacred eight product character ,though he is an empire king ,but the ghost is almost completely continent the strongest strength ,in front of him ,he can have a seat is very good ,he has ambition and he grabbed the seat ?Originally, because Ji Department and others appear in succession, already Baidu Post Bar first surprised the king ,this time, was a total panic ,thanks to her just to ghost face so dissatisfied with the society of apothecaries ,wonder man originally belongs to own seating arrangement to the ghost ,is because the original .
This time the king ,the heart is a very fear ,no wonder the Pharmacists Association person so that the seating arrangements, wonder before the society of apothecaries the sacred sword ,would not leave all spare station in the ghost man there, even at and their antagonism .
This time the king ,finally is fully understood ,but it is precisely because of this, only more fear .Whether before the personal sh ì defend,or behind the sacred three frost mage, although he did not explicitly ordered ,but these were obviously and their related ,it seems ,he must do something to compensate it, though not necessarily useful ,but efforts UGG Australia Classic Argyle Knit,is always possible ?Seeing a ghost and some of them talking ,the king knew ,some of them sanctuary of the existence of the monarchy are chatting ,he is not in the room ,let the king very tragic .
Yourself as the continent was four empire one king ,had no qualifications in time .This time, the king stood there ,some at a loss ,while the other is high ,there were many discussions.
,one is talking about Pharmacists Association powerful ability, actually invited five sanctuary of the existence of the monarchy appeared in the judicial conference .Another aspect is about ghost dough strength, he is able to kill the sacred eight goods Mozu ,his strength ,is also at least the sacred eight products were on the .
Watching the game on five sanctuary of the existence of the monarchy ,Pharmacists Association and was astounded ,also feel a face-saving times ,even the backs are t ng ì Ji straight ,see the other guild of envy .
But there is no way, who call themselves have the ability to give sanctuary of the existence of the monarchy appearance ?This time Tung Lung Empire Pharmacists Association ,believe that will shake the world ,after all to please five sacred monarch strength ,this already Baidu Post Bar first quite enough to illustrate the problem .
On Lin Chen beheaded a sacred eight race record ,is so shocked ,if others, no one would believe ,but say the word people ,was the nine monarch second miracles a Gabriel, and next to several other sacred monarchy, nor never surprised .
From this also can see ghosts of people power ,killing sacred eight strong, at least some of them without the slightest surprised HEDGECOE . !Something such as Pharmacists Association through business .
.. ... Although know Gabriel and Garuda two people to find their own ,it is absolutely important things ,but Lin Chen is opening ,wait for Pharmacists Association put is done again, after all the Pharmacists Association is the main character ,these people beside his chatter without stop ,a what thing? ,well .
.. ... For the society of apothecaries ,these persons are not placed on the heart ,but ,no way ,this sentence is Lin Chen said that out, those people who dare not to face, therefore ,is a bit longer to speak, at the society of apothecaries people ,they presided over the general assembly .
In fact, this time ,Lin Chen is deliberately to Pharmacists Association a chance at fame ,after all Pharmacists Association is known, the more famous ,so can obtain more medicine ,refining more agents ,in this way, their own access to the system is more gold ,finally benefit or themselves .
After all ,Lin Chen he had first Baidu Post Bar is and the dragon imperial society of apothecaries tightly bound together .Originally Lin Chen still think ,is it right UGG Bailey Bow On Sale? Take advantage of this assembly ,do something to show their strength ,thus declaring himself and society of apothecaries friendly relations ,so as to improve the visibility of the society of apothecaries ,did not think of, there are auspicious Kelai back .
But did not think of is ,and HEDGECOE appointment to Gregorio also in today ,even to here ,but did not think of is Gabriel and Garuda two has also come ... ... What is my kind ?This time, Lin Chen to sigh a sentence ,since it forms an excellent, so Lin Chen naturally do it class more beautiful .
So in Lin Chen including Lin Chen himself ,Five Sovereigns are shut one ,a careful look at the society of apothecaries who chaired the meeting ,looking at them ,is sufficient to indicate the position of the society of apothecaries ,respect their master identity .
Even the Lin Chen, see these sacred monarchy there appear one by one ,also froze ,not to mention the Pharmacists Association of person, by the five monarch and were watching ,this several Pharmacists Association of people one time is very nervous ,but do not know where to put the .
But this time, Lin Chenzhao Mocha hit a s è,motioned him to have any feeling of tension .Mocha see Lin Chen eyes ,this is the only nod silently ,take a deep breath ,pulled Pharmaceutical Association President sleeve ,a few people towards the strict field is the most important, but also most central position walk past .
In all the attention of the people UGG Classic Argyle Knit,including the five sacred of the existence of the monarchy ,toward the most central position walk past ,Pharmacists Association President, there is a feeling of be in high and vigorous spirits .
Although the Dragon Empire Pharmacists Association President, this identity to make a lot of people look up to ,but today ,he knew that this was their most glorious moments in your life ,Pharmacists Association Convention ,five sacred monarch strong in ,it is society of apothecaries throughout history, the most brilliant one .
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