And produced in different

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Yes, if you want loui vuitton to own one to tie the shoelaces, everyone will be tired out, really is too much shoelacesTrue LV car line is curved elastic very good fiber to do, so careful friends can send south line obviously Liu bar, and is that kind of coarse grain; and false LV car line is an ordinary car line, so there will be no rough stripedInternal LV really is made of canvas, and grain coarse, has obvious texture, but false LV texture is very fuzzy, see not too out of cloth structure He said it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen in his life, so in the bust before stay don't know is an hour or more In 1881, people in the Manche Strait Tunnel Excavation under, and the British Association prospect is considerable, so Louis said to his son: "we strive to be the first in the UK to visit enterprises

This is made of "Trianongrey" canvas suitcase soon became the first item of Paris society like travel aristocrats travel LV VERNIS series allegedly because bright face cortex did not "seal" live, is easily absorbed into the other will rub off of leather dyeing Vuitton), inherited the family tradition have clever hands and good sense, demonstrated in small inventions It is important to note, some genuine wrapped loui vuitton bags in 1987 before produce of handbags no such number

To know the cortex, even if not only put the long, color also can be changed Louis Weedon as a pioneer in China, has made remarkable achievements and become the market leader During this period, process design, production to focus more on solving practical problems of travelers, in order to design practical basis, Louis Vuitton in fashion and professional aspects of deepening Because the skin soft, and can secrete a grease, can throw out the most natural luster

And produced in different years res This type of cortical pore is open, so easy to absorb the oil and water, these are the reasons for color more and more deepLV bag will represent the production number and year of manufacture factory in some obscure location printed, usually by two English words and four numbers

Later he went to Paris, after many setbacks, and finally found a job in a famous carpentry workshopYes, if you want to own one to tie the shoelaces, everyone will be tired out, really is too much shoelaces And produced in different yearsIn 1852, Louis Vuitton Leather revolutionary to create a flat top box, and opened its first shop in Paris
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