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November 06 [Tue], 2012, 11:48

Cattle bb novel Read recommended equally good-looking novel and warlords Magic Princess too difficult to chase entropy Princess inferior beauty concubine gold medal Princess Chapter 425, we are just ordinary friends ()! Li Chengming the face with a genial smile, very warm hand holding Qin Luo like close friend Kumi meet. () His words posturing let people around more surprised canada goose clearance sale, do not know Which Martial Law let Li Jiagong sub so impressive. The scene of a lot of people began whispering to each other, have to inquire about the identity of Qin Luo. Li Chengming body stickers and the Qin Luo's body, a body position just meters Zi'an staggered, so, the nearby rice Zi'an no way to listen to two say. However, to see the expression on their faces are normal. And canada goose jacket on sale, not angry or anger Do they both saw the cordial had a good talk? How is this possible? The Qin Luo has long been on the road heard some rumors of this Botchan, know that he is arrogant and domineering, Korea is the most difficult to provoke one of the characters. However, after personally seen, this perception is even more clear and strong. Played rough? He firmly holding the hands of Qin Luo said: Qin Luo smiled and nodded his head, said. See the two phase, as laughing, standing on the corner peek at the side of the crystal sister long breathed. Fortunately, fortunately, the staged fisticuffs finally did not spot Tasmina UGGs Slippers. The meters Zi'an turned to see Qin Luo, waiting for his affirmation. Violet Ann, so from time to Ay you how can you doubt me? back. Meters Zi'an pretended not to understand the meaning of his words, but to divert people's attention, said: out of it. At that moment, standing on the Li Chengming behind a middle-aged man stepped forward and whispered something in his ear. Li Chengming nodded, the Qin Luo meters purple Ann said: welcome. Violet Ann, you do not understand love, you know for a loved one when you know how to pay the thing is actually a very very happy. interrupted meters Zi'an if attendant walked over to the banquet hall of the podium with his group. Real society, if a man superimpose woman from time to time to a luxury car, a mansion, a value of expensive jewelry woman soon fall. They would say, let the storm to the more violent it. Instead of hate each other's like rice Zi'an so strong. Qin Luo smile. Yes ah. Their bones lie to compensation not like a quiet, simple life. However, the way to go now is full of thorns and battle. And those big star, why should subordinated relaxed a star got? When the two chat, Li Chengming already standing on the podium, facing the audience, many guests audience, is full drain * point of saying something. Those guests face with a smile, from time to time to give a warm round of applause. Pilgrimage, ritual alone the young man on the platform. imagine, the family in the end of them hide how much ability you look around, and Li Chengming hosted a charity dinner, the number of government officials rushed to the scene to join in. Luo said. Later there will be an auction it as the scene of artists, I need photographed donate a small gift like Li Chengming said as my mind how to think UGG Nightfall, but as a public figure, I have to be so do. wait until the end of today's work, you eat Chinese dishes I know very authentic North China dishes have a Chinese restaurant to do it. pork stew vermicelli and life safety compared too trivial but people always like to do some picking sesame discarded watermelon things Then again, a kindly face of the old man came to power speech. Qin Luo do not understand Korean the meters Zi'an know, they pointed at him and said: more than three times the charity dinner, you'll find all the lines and procedures are the same. You just have to do a thing like write a check. The significantly meters Zi'an asked. know the hardships of the poor, because I also had poor I am willing to own a part of the money donated to those in need, but this should be my personal things I do not like being photographed donated, I do not like and those donors handshake I believe the other more like this world, no more embarrassing than to accept donations of others things I do not like their own donation amount being brought comparisons with each other, and even more do not like because I do not have to stand on the stage donations, there will be countless unknown audience jump out of to scold poor my character The the meters Zi'an is quite interesting. Li Chengming shining eyes looked meters Zi'an, said: is a living person, rather than a beautiful shell. The Auction To start it? Also preparing to shoot a small gift. Waste this guy's confession the meters Zi'an change the subject UGG Oliviya On Sale. Standing on the sidelines, watching the other man to pursue a woman, or a very interesting thing. Is about to begin. Waves Ming finished his speech Dauphine UGG, and then the evening charity auction officially began. The so-called charity auction will probably auction are less valuable items, but we will buy more than a hundred thousand times down, which is an indirect way of a donation. Qin Luo did not expect an auction is a old style phonograph, above a copper big horn, the following is a shining piece of the small box. Numerous eighties Gangju, appeared just now already is a high-tech sound equipment eliminated. This is what good auction? Qin Luo chuckle. However, standing next to Qin Luo the meters Zi'an eyes was lit up with interest stared at the Gramophone, a very like appearance. said. The starting price is how much? He suddenly put the price to a promotion tenfold. And he was such a cry, and the other person know that his high aspirations, have got the message, there is no competition. Qin Luo snapping fingers calculated that a China currency equal to one hundred seventy-six won, this is the case, Unfortunately they do not understand Korean. Otherwise, call up the digital multi-faction ah. Ready to rest? President only joy does not love looking door lady concubine strongest Queen's scared of China first-class lady wealthy mistress ace Diao Fei Shu difficult to obey first pulled the little Princess devil darling Merry Missy sake of the child with husband

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