the hotel sheets every day

September 18 [Wed], 2013, 9:50
; First sixth more ) Although Hawyang hotel single room, but the room is relatively bi Chek, not much space for two people tightly hugged , kissed , unwittingly fell on a Simmons bed. Don Akiba 's t-shirt has lift up bra untied , a pair of gigantic towering in front of Liu Weihong twitching and trembling , with a bit shy , but also with a bit of pride. Don Akiba towering , really is the perfect hemispherical, but a little larger than the hemisphere , must use the ball to describe it , is two-thirds of the ball in the middle part of the larger circle than the roots . But very strong, as bright as the full moon , shining white stunning eyes . Liu Weihong helplessly looked at the two peerless peak , a sudden chug heart raced , his lips dry waves . Don Akiba eyes Weibi , cheeks red, like fire , heart, head and a blank , and wrought expectantly waiting for that moment to arrive , shortness of breath so that was the same pair of towering hasty endless ups and downs , more dazzling glare . Liu Weihong for a cold , just like a real mo head lad , like , suddenly lying up, mouth to bite the towering swinging on the trembling little cherries. Don Akiba shivers, heavy breath. Bite while, Liu Weihong will deeply buried his face into a huge dome , his tongue slowly tin forward , swinging it around from time to time . A hands from both sides of the Long Zhu , let hemispheric and his face to get seamless . Akiba , I love you ! Liu Weihong suddenly looked up, yelled one . At this moment, Liu Weihong eyes a little mad 1un. Don Akiba smiled, she is actually quite imagine Liu Weihong clamored so , but I do not know why, could not get a sound, it seems to be something throats blocked, just stretched out his hands and hugged Liu Weihong head, again in their full incomparable breasts on top . Liu Weihong start down . Don Akiba silently with his movements, gently lift the waist and tun department. When Don Akiba finally disarm all armed , showing in front of Liu Weihong is a perfect ** . Liu Weihong suddenly stepped back and let his eyes , and Don Akiba body opened a little distance Liu Weihong now , at the moment Don Akiba indeed perfect because Don Akiba tall and sturdy, usually we just concerned about her plump , eyes always is not consciously stay in the top of her chest , Liu Weihong well. Only now aware , this is what a mistake ! In addition to the entire Great One, Don Akiba body proportions very coordinated , did not see too bloated place, flat stomach , slender legs , really is by one point is too fei, minus a sub- thin. Whole body exudes both dim luster. Liu Weihong can not think , God can put a man nv created was so wonderful . In particular, what matters is that when he miss this once- nv , when God actually give him a chance, once again this scary stuff , and sent before him. So love , why g when ? Liu Weihong no longer endure not start tearing their clothes . Wait a minute ...... Don Akiba been silent suddenly cried loudly. ...... Liu Weihong staring at her. Don Akiba not have to give him one back next time to say it ? That can really be a try any ! Don Akiba some apologetic towards Liu Weihong smiled , stood up and got out of bed , opened his bag , from the inside out a white towel mo , thick , than the average mo thick towel to much . Liu Weihong understood what she meant, she was afraid to hotel linens nong dirty. But Don Akiba did not know , she bowed down at the back , almost Liu Weihong nosebleed are stimulated out. The kind of extreme plump white, let Liu Weihong stunned, totally self-sustaining . Don Akiba had just stood up, Liu Weihong it suddenly hugged Canada Goose Men's Tremblant Full Zip hoody Parka her from behind , his hands firmly grasp the ground naturally . Yeah ...... Don Akiba unprepared, exclaimed loudly . Liu Weihong completely mad , from behind, clinging to such an abundance of whole pink extreme Jiaoqu , feeling really can kill ! Then , they rolled the bed Liu Weihong hurry abnormalities, Don Akiba lovingly with him, but also sneak in the mo towel pad to their body, this assured to sigh, and slowly closed his eyes and let Liu Weihong go busy for the next step is the most primitive madness. With more and more violent attack Liu Weihong , Don Akiba groan yin also growing rapidly, from the heart of the charming yin voice. I do not know how long gone , everything was finally still down , Liu Weihong like prostration in general, limp body in the Tang Akiba soft top , quietly tummy , enjoying wave after wave of finish. Is good while in the past , Liu Weihong move, kissing Don Akiba soft lips , thick and long eyelashes earlobe mo. Don Akiba also could not panting , her face flushed red tape and enjoy Liu Weihong light pity secret love, just feel all the exciting moment , to go from the inside out dng Yang Kai , limbs limp , without the slightest effort. Just when most insane , Don Akiba could not cried I'm dying , I'm dying ...... Now, it is really a not move up ! Those big agricultural school Shenzi small daughter , describing the wedding night , the pain was always said to death, scared to death , they will follow Don Akiba said , and my heart has been thought so . Now know, wrong. Death is death, but neither is the pain , but not afraid , but comfortable ! Comfortable to death ! Have it all there is love . Kiss for a while, Liu Weihong want down, Don Akiba hugging him, stubbornly let him stay in his own body . She enjoyed enough ah ! Liu Weihong it comfortably tummy, of course, do not forget to use elbows supporting his body , lest Don Akiba unbearable. Weihong ...... Don Akiba gently groan yin -like bark . Ah ...... Weihong ...... Don Johnson Akiba continue yin. Liu Weihong laughed , tin her face . True, right ? Are true ? Akiba seems like Don could not believe , could not mumble . Every day I would ...... I ...... Don Akiba hugged him, and like spoiled by something like a big grievances, tears from her eyes flowing down . Well, I accompany you every day . Liu Weihong nod swear. Really ? Really ! Don Akiba will meet unusually sighed . Then, after a long time, and finally from the Tang Liu Weihong Akiba body down , the two sideways hug , add meaning tenderness. Don Akiba looked Liu Weihong strong arm, will plump body tightly nestled in the arms of Liu Weihong wide within . Weihong , I am your nv people ...... is not it ? Liu Weihong kissed her face, smiled and said: silly girl ! I am not a silly girl ...... Don Akiba raised his head, looked at his eyes, and said very seriously : silly girl who can not do your nv . Liu Weihong laughed and said : That makes sense , Akiba most intelligent , and successful rein Liu Weihong ! Don Akiba on giggling laughter suddenly stopped short, gently a frown, broke Liu Weihong arms, sat up, look yourself in the groin area, face fly Yan Yan Hongxia . Liu Weihong also sat up and down her eyes to see the past , we saw a white towel on a bright red one mo . Incredibly, incredibly, the sheet nong dirty ...... Don Akiba exclaimed , very worried look. Liu Weihong smiled and said: It does not matter , nong nong dirty dirty on the good , the hotel sheets every day replacement . Bad ...... Don Akiba whispered softly . She is shy , like this way , everyone in this room knows she and Liu Weihong good. After all, they are not husband and wife, were correct words ring true . Don Akiba immediately got out of bed , bent over, very carefully folded the piece of mo towel . She stood so bowed , a pair of huge towering without friends even more conditions, dangling , and Liu Weihong very unsightly to swallow a mouthful of saliva . Chao Liu Tong brother than men , and experienced many wind 1ng, but the past lives of two life together, Liu Weihong is the first time I saw such and such a perfect plump baby pimple. This pair of towering just give him enjoyment , did as much as behind the whole process aftertaste. You take a break , I went to wash ...... Don Akiba see Liu Weihong staring at his chest , he smiled , softly . Good . Don Akiba into the bathroom , and soon came the sound of rushing water . Don Akiba very carefully cleaned his own body. From her sensible start , over the years , it has been cleaned with a **, but now , now it is the most beautiful and most with ** you people . Just after that time , Don Akiba was consciously become a complete nv people . To treat their body jio to his beloved man , what a happiness ? Unexpectedly Don Akiba before washing to half bathrooms men rang, Liu brother grinning drilled in. Originally bathroom is not large, Liu Weihong this squeeze , suddenly a little turn up body posture. Don Akiba Regardless , go visit him wipes hand soap bubble, laughing, and full of joy . Soon, the sound of water sounded Don Akiba Jiaoqiao groan yin, bathroom into a second battlefield ...... The next day, about noon, the two talents opened his sleepy eyes , even if in a dream , the two also tightly hug together , Liu Weihong hands, did not seem to have been left Don Akiba chest. They laugh, Don Akiba white face again flew two Hongxia . Are you hungry North Face Jackets 2013 Sale , right ? We went to dinner ...... Tang Liu Weihong Akiba gently caressing the body, whispered. Liu Weihong on nasty smile : busy to eat , I eat you ...... do not ...... too much to hurt the body ...... Don Akiba dodge , let him come . No, I must . Otherwise will be sad ...... Liu Weihong nonsense 1un language . Don Akiba Canada Goose Snow Bunting Puchi smile, had to give up struggling , obediently lying Well, from the get him to the yu .
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