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; Zhang Weiguo day to drive over to help, the way back to them with some fresh seafood. [ Storm fiction reading . Boliny. He lived next to the king until the house covered up, brother in law is not only an outsider to this praise , even Wang River, his heart is full of gratitude, people's children are smaller than his brother home , but also has been insisting in the end, Wang Zhenguo booing pull over brick can not seen to help, in addition to meal time will certainly be present , the rest of the Wang River are embarrassed to bring him the brother came . Today is the day of the Royal on the beam , Geng Lotus old married couple and son with my older daughter to drive over , and gave her a big red flower with a quilt cover, this is when the surface of the beam are to be hung on the rafters above , meaning that auspicious meaning , the more quilt hanging above the other , indicating that the more families face . But Wang River pair had actually care about them , to have a new place to live that they have been very satisfied, others did not dare to luxury. The upper beam , Ms Wong has not seen the couple also came aunt . Although Zhang and Zhang Lan are sisters , but this was completely different looks , Zhang Lan -long white, looks very soft , and the aunt some long blackish , taller than Zhang Lan Gao , the body is also very sturdy , cheeks cheekbones higher, the sisters' eyes 'd like, is the kind of phoenix eye . The body of this aunt 's memory is not very deep impression , do not know the reason is because few between , or aunt of these children do Canada Goose Men's Calgary not like this , this Anissa do not know. Zhang saw his sister's house from a new house , a look of envy young girl, this time you guys, and finally moved out , have their own nest, jealous of me , I'm still your sister stayed Oliver way to go. Zhang Lan said with a smile sister, your home is not very good, and her mother to give you children . Cooking and housework, work every day you eat ready-made multi- Well, I have no time to admire it . Zhang sighed and said previously very good, but my mother of the older dry not move, I had to wait on the day they do, hey . Do not mention it . Sister Zhang Lan although not clear what the situation out of the house recently , but estimates are a cupboard , will give up the intention to continue questioning . Today her daughter last night on the beam a few good face on the hair is Yumian and flour two mix , using a space where the flour but with not much. Because the family is Canada Goose Men's Manitoba Parka really no flour, have not heard of someone throwing popcorn on the beam surface Wotou anything , so Zhang Lan can only do so . Early in the morning she will be a good cake to steam , plus a large carpenter cake are used to hold up a red cloth . In order to cover this house their home be completely fight it as long as possible Zhang Lan will not omit any steps. One to say she did not want to be the home of Stingy Lane Road Erlian all relatives to come and help , and she is not willing to lose a family. Today on Liangzhang Lan 's maiden who arrived at the scene , in addition to great aunt did not come over as a representative uncle , aunt while her mother is a large head which did not come . But if they take along came the family busy tied up , the old lady Zhu Qi Wang Yu said the scene was not sick . Sister son is also home to wait on . Zhu Jianjun Jiugong a couple with her daughter on her second child over the past few days to build a house Jianjun heard also came to help a few days busy, so Zhang Lan uncle on this two good impression . Nor that she would work to help their family better impression , but the two looked just like the other two uncle one is not the same , so-called rotten tree produce good seeds might say is Zhu Jianjun it. Royal lady does not show up today such occasions , so come to congratulate the people feel strange vibration River, your mother does, how come ah did not see the old lady , and your family's sister does, does not attend such occasions can be a bit too much ah. Wang River can I say, only the name of rounders road that my mom is not okay this is not the body , the mind to the line. My sister home something tied up . Having these Wang River quickly find an excuse to slip out , and then go on to ask so he did not know how to answer it. Soon threw cake Tuen yard and over the people who had gathered to congratulate the real field , ready to grab the cake , there is an old saying in rural areas eat cake can live on the beam 99 can live to 99 people who does not know , but grab the cake is enduring passion . Carpenter standing on the roof of the relatives sent back are linked to the above , breeze blowing across the roof like a red flag will generally have shiny red . Anissa their four siblings looked a little excited watching this scene, after the house is their home. When the last one red cloth wrapped around the beam when the roof is raised , Ms Wong kind of want to cry feeling, working hard and making a few months is finally build a house , but they also carry a home for this debt , if the calculated in accordance with mud thatched cottage to paying the money they had to sell ginseng enough, but according to her request to change the brick house which greatly tender budget , but she still regrets even borrow money at his choice . Can slowly earn money . But the house is a lifetime event , who would not nothing to play every day to build a house . Carpenter on the roof after the beam well , his mouth began talking loudly on the beam , and grab his hand into his cake prepared in advance of the burden in red cloth , sponge cake and the exuberant crowd and the coins to the bottom start spilled , both men and women are herd, kids mouth also recited feet up on the beam, beam , twelve pastry twenty-two cake . We stretched the tall , expect to fall from the air received something , children caught in the crowd to go to point of view, there came down to pick it up into his pocket . Anyhow, this is the flour and rice , usually ordinary people simply miss a meal , only the New Year when I could eat a meal flour bread and dumplings . Some people grab a bite to eat into the stomach on , rely on, Wang River home how this cake so delicious ah. A man said that other people who try to grab the hand from a sponge cake or pastry , uh, is delicious , vibration after River home seems to be rich , you see it steamed sponge cake and pastry special incense. In fact, the morning when Ms Wong also tasted one , this flour is really fragrant , kind of the most primitive kind of Wheat , wheat after how many times are improved , the kind most original fragrance has begun to slowly light went. If nothing else, which is now the food she felt to be fragrant than later , these extraneous issues you hungry purely taste . Upper beam ceremony is over, they all follow Zhang Lan them back to a place to live now , today put tables on the outside of the open space , but fortunately the weather is warm , and today is sunny . God also particularly to face. To see the royal pendulum Ximian Today is sunshine, the wind seemed to stop blowing . In accordance with local custom pendulum seats eight bowl , a dish eight large tables arrayed four bowls , which stood dish. However, this bowl is larger than the later bowl a lot , or else not enough to pay for . Today, things are basically swing seats borrowed , every household to do another series seats are borrowed. Well marked , run out and then returned to the people . Today's royal meals are really hard to be a big strong dishes, a bowl of clam Rouchao onions, a bowl of wild chicken Dayton pasta, potatoes, stewed rabbit meat dry . A bowl of egg fried oysters , a bowl of stew tofu , a bowl of fish stew . A bowl of fried fish , a bowl of sour cabbage. Four cold dishes , a dish of kelp , a dish of fried prawn pieces, a dish of fried meatballs surface , a Diecai balls, staple sorghum rice. This meal can be said Wang resorted to all their strength , Geng Lotus there is a big help . Sorghum, rice is the home of points , sea cargo are their old neighborhood couple in the sea , so if you can give a girl save a lot of effort . The rabbit and pheasant are Anissa and went up the mountain with the arrest of Zhang Lan . The money is mainly Wang bought some oil back, oil ticket is her aging mother with people coming by train . Tuen yard over human people gathered to catch a favor go off , this time not much is generally a human . Multi- point is two , which is the largest five dollars , which is the largest human Zhang Lan on her family . Today open ten banquet tables , we see one of the Royal this Ximian are beaming , Hunxing not seen for a long time , and today it can not help but have meat and fish meals , they do not look very close from the sea , but also eat sea cargo , that is collective, not to people outside casually over to catch the sea , only the local people in order to catch the sea rush to play sumptuous meal , so very few people outside mountain to eat sea cargo . Today, this feast for everyone to be a radical improvement in the look of life , even if the money rush out two human , that is cost-effective, even if the hotel is also not such a good thing to eat . Today, whether it is come to help or catch human feelings , all of the Wang River, thumbs up , vibration river ah , we be served to you , it is quite stronger , let the village eight miles I did not see your home that can be compared too banquet . Wang River in the side arches hand , young and old man , and today many people , what a bad host , and everyone and tolerance point , you had better Chihaohehao ha. During the meeting, villagers have joked vibration river , what are you good enough to eat we are very satisfied with your busy hurry to it, we are the village folks greeted without you here . With each table lay greeted both young and old man , Wang River before returning a few elders dinner table, accompanied by several elders together with rice. Feast here in the countryside , the main house are generally served to accompany guests men and women and children are in the hutch inside help, even if it will not serve meals and other guests are basically gone they began to eat. Zhang Lan and several sister-in-law on the meals are finished , began to clean up the kitchen stuff , a few kids in the kitchen helping to clean up garbage to the outside . Several sister-in-law over for dinner greeted Zhang Lan , today they prepared a separate table is to give some help to eat. Think of the old lady and sister son is still at home , she was looking for something to give them some good equipment sent in the past . Brothers and sisters , what are you doing , hurried over to see her eat ah sister Juan looking for something on the ground called her loudly. Sister you eat it, I get something to our mother and sister sent in the past . While the old lady who did not come to them , but if she do not send in the past on some outsiders do not consider things , she did not care about this dish bowl things. Juan 's turn this time is not happy Do not you busy, on the beam when we came to our house and filled some of the Canada Goose PBI Chilliwack Bomber Toronto sister is gone, you do not see our sister sitting at dinner, eat it ? Hand pointing outside, Wang Zhi can not correct sitting at that dinner, eat two drink, sighed and shook his head too , I also intend to give people get past it, just have to save me the trouble . Han Cui heard two wives , then spit out the bones , said siblings ah, sister nothing if you do not even get past , she also hungry , and when you see her misfortune ah , you quickly come to eat it , are busy all morning , and took several children called over to dinner . " The joy of rebirth Qing " Author Yu Wan modern female body and anti- wear men between them princes circumstances . "Secret Empress " of the Soviet Union pour through the harem of the first modern women 's survival. Text starter, welcome readers to read more Login latest chapter .
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