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July 30 [Tue], 2013, 10:24
> They came after the city of workers, workers in the city of the most famous restaurants - Gong Gong restaurant (open systems, and now the player's reputation is basically still below standard.), Talking about their utter laughter a plan for the future. As I would like, in the law of God, the wind is ranked fifth in the world of the mysterious Chinese Master, and he is now the target is to increase the prestige value, and thus both to be held in China, was champion in the singular Tournament (China Internet companies and other three companies in each region are planning to hold a contest the General Assembly were divided into individuals and groups, individual winner will receive 1000 prestige, and group winner will receive a gang token. understand now?), Odd was the team title. Establishment of the first gang in China, and thus leaving the gang to become world-renowned first-class gangs. When it comes to become a world-renowned gang when he was two SG lasing see the whole person Flaming God, to provoke the presence of each of the men's lofty, Ms all enchanted. "Mother, two down, I believe you will be successful." I also infected his pride was secretly thinking. Money first is the standard main goal is to make money, he would like to practice life skills - pharmacists. Then in the city to open a Yanhuang largest drugstore, then put the store opened to the world, to give him a lot a lot of foreign currency earned back, do something for the state tax personal contribution (cold ~ ~ ~ ~), although he said so, But we all know he is to the law of God after the wind built to help accumulate funds when the two of them no better than my friendship and fat Fred them poor. Well, after the necessary opening credits and realistic game currency on the exchange business. With the occupation of sensitive awareness to A God I had a premonition of what they are. After listening to the supremacy of money fat plan greatly admire, and even said it must first practice life skills - identification technique, to the time the world's artifact identification, super artifact, made it a greatly. Khan ~ ~ ~ ~, I looked over what is now the two men are a Brief Encounter, Xing Xing Xiangxi look like? Fred you would like to improve my strength, for shortly after the contest the General Assembly on the fight for a good ranking. Well, good brothers, finally gave me fight a breath, not as fat as love of money. Wind in the law of God is strongly invited Fred and he went to the city to develop Glory (alas, a good pinch into the gentle fragrance of youth.) And hope in the future to help when he built to help him, while Fred is refreshing agreed. In my puzzled eyes, saw Fred positive and zero to do with his eyes indiscriminately verbal communication, the face of happiness. So, this kid down fast speed, zero indiscriminately not also Yanhuang city, but Lengtou Qing finally hang of it, let me do this brother was secretly happy for him. Finally, it comes to my future plans, I said first level training up in the wind declined the invitation of the law of God uttered their own reasons: too much experience of the game, know the celebrity troubles, now do not want to become famous, just want to be a master of the hidden world silently watching Among the world. (Want to be famous, plunged their glasses, huh, laughing in the ~ ~ ~ ~ In fact, through the unremitting efforts finally I was successful and name vibration Mowu world.) oakley outlet store However, in the Linger expectant eyes, I He promised to help build the future when to join his gang and gang encounter special circumstances or danger come back to help, while others gang activity as the case may be, or not to participate. After everyone in-depth conversation, we are also open, and the wind in the law of God, the original real name is called Ouyang God. As far as I know, the city just to have a large family is surnamed Ouyang, which Ouyang family can be incredible, everyone is practicing family home, also saw in the newspaper the other day Ouyang Ouyang eldest son of the country without days reelection Sanda champion, a five-time winner. Ouyang know what is the relationship between God and him, and look carefully for a moment, is not he muttered hearts fight master. Money money first real name is Zen, and Ouyang God has power over life constantly split friendship, they can be said to wear an open file pants with growing up. With everyone's introduction, we have also voiced their own name, I said that their apartment on the S side not far from the University, while a few women who angered bells smiles tenderly, that expression would think, with his knee on times in the 'good again' dinner and I Linger happen. Obviously they also recognize I came. Finally everyone decided, let Linger leveling with me, is euphemistically called me with Linger upgrade (Khan ~ ~ ~, Dragon sword but in her hand, do not know Christian Louboutin Peep Toe Sale who is with who do.), In fact, we tacit, is to allow both of us to cultivate their feelings more, to be more understanding of each other. After the law of God in the wind with a public beauty holding my skull to the incomparable scenery of the wizard to set foot on the journey to the city of Glory, is the envy of many male players self-righteous, and I and Linger is ready to fog forest west of a player just discovered near the abandoned temples go upgrade, according to Linger argument, where the strange suit our current upgrade requirements. Holding hands, we have embarked on a new beginning ... For now the common goal of - to strengthen Oakley Juliet Online their own strength, so to protect their own (he does not become a burden) she (he) ... <
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