Hurried conversation ended

June 25 [Tue], 2013, 11:29
> From the World came out, a group of adolescents to become extremely excited. wWW. QUanbeN. Com Wu Pu pay money Xiwen checkout gang face sè simply Qindie also ugly than death, which is often ridiculed for a bunch of ordinary people born teenager is undoubtedly extremely vent to. At the same time, they see Wu Pu eyes but also has a little change, no longer seems to be as casual previously. Everyone's eyes are a bit cautious flicker, even to speak up and have become cautious. Visual changes before and after a group of young, Wu Pu secretly shook his head, premature contact with boys gap between rich and poor is not a bad thing. Can suddenly leapt to his point of view is looking up, my heart shall not taste somewhat. "You hurry to go home?" To see some young yù made another stop, Wu Pu asked. "Puge, as well as show you?" In contrast, Wan Xiao slightly normal reaction some Wu Pu took only a few thousand pieces in that moment surprised a moment, and then it slowly returned to normal. Wu Pu said: "there is no program, there are a few words to say to you listen, go to the bridge pavilion Wending it." "Well!" Group of adolescents not from just the shock awoke, have answered. Touches Hao Xiaoying enthusiasm somewhat dull, nice facial children under the night sè shrouded in a thick cloud of smoke. A pedestrian on like all know Wan Xiao Hao Xiaoying friendship, we have a tacit agreement to write the two men in the back, Wu Wending general led the crowd on the bridge pavilion. Summer night, people will always be a time delay for a long time to fall asleep. Night wind blowing, the house became cool the outside world, most people would choose to push the door down the stairs, then put together in twos and threes homely, feel the cool night. Wending bridge a class such as a spacious place where people gather many exceptions to the late, even the difficult steps docked settled grab. Boys on the pavilion, where the already overcrowded, they had to choose one of the fence Looking Wending river stopped. Night wind from the river too broad brush, even if standing, the same people relaxed and happy. Much time in Wan Xiao Hao Xiaoying accompanied also came up. Still some pretty girls look unhappy. "Wu Pu, thank you." Do not know this for a long time, Wan Xiao said something related to a beautiful girl, on the pavilion, Wu Pu walked straight in front of her, biting lip biting said quietly climbed up the touch of crimson face . Wu Pu shallow Nuele Nue sideways smile, said: "As a boy my grandfather always told as children we say a word, our family's children do not stir up trouble, but do not be afraid. My grandfather was a very kindly old man, xì ng the child calm, rarely quarrel with people anything, but that place in his hometown, everyone respected him, and I never dared to pick his thorn. "listen to this passage puzzling people, but nobody hurry asked teenagers only stood quietly waiting for the night wind Wu Pu next words. Wu Pu said but did not go further down, he is still not harbor the world, on the contrary, have gone through ups and downs in the past used to see secular ugly, then every life, a lot of things in his eyes became tired light up. If it were not listening before meals mentioned Wan Xiang Hao Xiaoying name, said he would not be the end of the dinner one left. Wait a while, see Wu Pu no longer speak, a little unhappy boys, and soon their conversation. The Wan Xiao Wu Pu aside and said: "You live in the suburbs Yongbyon Township, are you?" "Yes ah." "That is correct -" a closer look, from Wan Xiao's face can really see the point of Wan Xiang outline, identified Wan Xiang Wan Xiao brotherly relations, Wu Pu said: "You and me brother Wan Xiang know." "ah?" Wan Xiao stunned and said: "My brother never told me about it." Wu Pu smiled, did not explain too much, Wan Xiang will work if the relationship is really random show off with his brother, he is not worthy of its own waste effort to win over. "I do not know he had a brother, but now since we know, there are a few words I want you to help him provide some guidance." If these words said before dinner over, Wan Xiao will Chibi smile, but now listen to, but feel more comfortable in his mind. Of course, this is not because Wu Pu was his brother's friend, Wu Pu has the ability to deter money Xiwen. Boy this age there is always twelve more realistic idol, no doubt, Wu Pu in Wan Xiao heart has risen to the height of idols. "Puge, you say, I'm listening blanket." "You have to understand that night I did not mean for you to succeed.'re Right that pretty girl who bullied you, you go to bully back, which called ability Of course, I did not teach you to do a vindictive villain. Figuratively speaking, we walk in the street, suddenly sprang to cross land in our lap dog bite, but we can not reverse the past also it thigh bite when it is evened out, you understand me? "Wan Xiao nodded, and looked somewhat sadly," My brother gave these reasons I've said many times, I was very young will understand, I really do not Imagine also directed at them like a mad dog biting mad ass, so he had been avoiding them. "" Since your brother also said these words, it is much easier and I want to say is that you still can not understand these words Nobody Who let you go fight,Oakley Probation Sunglasses, you know? you need to do is spine straight, no matter what you are now, or nothing, you just need to live a dignified life on the line. was scolded two does not matter, being nor is it a slap fight not endure, but dignity was trampled, and if you still Renxia Qu, then what is left of you, you think so? "Wan HUO Di Xiao's eyes light up, long after a deep nod, said: "This time I really got it." Wu Pu shook his head, patted him on the shoulder, smiled and said: "I hope you really can understand it. Another thing to protect a loved one is important, but also very necessary. But men, less than life and death, a woman must remember not to get involved, even if this woman no matter how heinous, you take a knife to chop his men are OK, that is not easy on her hands and we are men, men born protection of women, women do not need us to protect others,Oakley Jupiter Squared Sunglasses, but we can not go easily hurt. "thought before meals slap that slap in the face of Huang Jie, Wan Xiao embarrassed and lowered his head. Somehow, by this criticism of their age almost juvenile, he can not afford a trace of resentment mind actually born, but rather, listen to these words in the ears even more than their parents but also good enough to say brother. "Well, you go and they continued to play, I still have things go first." Hurried conversation ended with Wan Xiao, and adolescents who takes leave, Wu Pu in the street shop and bought some snacks just go home walk. Home Bong a deity, since doomed not to send out, always seeking to curry favor with some law about children, lest God huff not woo people, worthy of the consequences of the crisis. Down the door when the door is not related fleet tight, bursts of sound of laughter from the piece reveals a light under the door squeezed out, almost did the Wu Pu gas crooked nose. "This girl really put here when their home, only to come the next day with a friend -" Wu Pu angry, turned his mind to float yet another problem, Liu Ziwei yesterday arrived in the city, but where friend? Are wondering, the door was suddenly opened,Oakley Sunglasses Penny, a smiling pretty face exposed. See the doorway stood Wu Pu, goes on pretty face smile stopped short, small cherry mouth sheets can be stuffed under a small fist, water Lingling big eyes straight Leng Leng, but conceal the eye deep joy. Wu Pu also surprised a moment, he naturally did not expect to come out from the house would be cattle Lily. <
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