Yin world two elders have smiled

August 23 [Fri], 2013, 10:05
; detonation -- figure, countless rays have collision together, a huge whirlpool toward around was raging. Welcome to read blasting huge.. the deafening Yu deaf, colorful dazzling light scattered around, like explode fireworks, let a person feel fresh. Both sides burst back out, respective to their camp. No sword se face big change, only five personal strength, can withstand eleven master to blow, it seems Nangong if there must be got what adventures. If Nangong? Yang said side of the community elders bite Outlet North Face lips, cold voice seemed to solidify Men's North Face Bionic Clearance air, eyes is full of resentment. If Nangong look no sword a faction took a glance, then lightly say: good, you have united together, just, it came to find you! Since dare to do it to us, that this RI, you will be all the life here! No sword does not know Nangong from a desperate three large Xian elder things, immediately sneer at a way: our feet have five sub Xian elder, Nangong from, even if you fix for again doughty again how? Both of us is merely to tied it, difficult don't become you sure will we all killed? In the face of no Sword Fairy sneer, Nangong if no expression at all, one gun is slowly emerge in the hands, a huge vehemence immediately diffuse away! Zhuge Tianyuan was laughing: if no Zhangjiao know if just alone killed two Huang Temple elders and a world of elders, do not know this sentence will not be yourself as a fart in general! Sorry? In the face of Zhuge Tianyuan abuse, no sword and had no feeling, because he was Zhuge Tianyuan before words shocked. The force with one person killed three large Xian elder? Eyes immediately fall in the Yin world two sub Xian elder body, eyes flashed a query. Yin world two elders have smiled and nodded, indeed they were less, cause so much damage, he was able Mens North Face Waterproof to explain what? No Sword Fairy gasped, a face immediately went liver se. He doesn't think sword door several sub way on Xian divided Presbyterian h Huang Temple, if Nangong one person can face three sub Xian elder. One side is only two sub Xian elder, while the other is still four can score Xian master of the strong, thus, no one spell power. No sword of fear, he did not dare to imagine, the opposite was in front of him like ants in general young angry, the consequences will be very serious. If Nangong didn't give him much opportunity, lance tip against the gun, Luo Qi in the continuous condensing, Jing Hong gun Jue first type which began brewing. Since you have said it, and that is your arrogance pay! If Nangong eyes narrowed slightly, he said, then, against the gun slowly Pierce, was a strange and terrifying waves surging out. The target was no sword, all people all over the, a gun threat, even with heaven surrounding the track also have broken away! Join hands! Fortunately, no!
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