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September 27 [Fri], 2013, 14:38
A full quarter of an hour later, Su Tiancheng was slowly opening. Called Su Jun came. Su Jun is already a stomach gas, has become somewhat yīn face sè Sen it. "Su Jun, the young master one thing, you want to find out." "Do not know what Master wants to know, try to answer it wants small." Su Jun speak some punch, it seems still not convinced, Su Tiancheng anger but also lamented before that Su Tiancheng, do not know into what looks like a coward. "The young master asked the things you certainly know, the lords and aunt, Erniang month later, the government went on to Taiyuan, and now it is October, the young master had thirty pieces of silver monthly overhead, are You governing, saying it is three hundred and twenty silver, and now think of the young master rì look books, these money are spending to what place. "so arrogant as Su Jun housekeeper, hand tube with silver, before that Su Tiancheng, so cowardly, the monthly cost to twelve to money that pierce the sky, and the rest of the silver, of course, clear whereabouts. Su Tiancheng doing two purposes, first, clean up the books, if there is surplus money, immediately take over, do not SU Jun tube, and for this reason very good looking, leaving so much money, SU Jun does not plan deductions host family, ill-intentioned. Through this step deter, slowly Su Jun slashing power. In the second important point is the home of children SU ​​Jun, flat rì silver lining seen much, in almost housekeeper, likes to take advantage of, if they found in the books of doubt, verify the implementation of, Su Tiancheng will no gentle hands, of course, a variety of hands-on approach, pinch Jun Su's handle, has a lot of benefits. "Master had asked was this thing ah, sir monthly expenses so much, little stickers are entered into the silver, and to this rì, twelve silver are not left ah." Su Tiancheng face a charming smile, thirty pieces of silver, for the large family, it did not matter, you can for him, is different, had originally servant life, where the need for spending versus how much ah. "So, ah, the young master also look books, and how to stick to your money, ah, that speak, books in any place." "Gossips books in small hands.", "Two children, pick up books on I mean to say, if the books do not want to take over, the young master a bad mood, loses his temper, Su Jun happen suffer a. "Su Tong immediately ran out, had enough gas Su Jun, this time, and finally can eyebrows up. "Master, this inappropriate, little wife is already asleep." "Oh, you mean, the young master to personally pick up, are not you?" Su Jun accounted for red face, trembling lips, say the words, Su Tiancheng's meaning is clear, and his wife is that servant, Su Tiancheng simply despise. Su Jun gossips Yuhuan, a former wife's big maidservants, the Soviet Union had been fortunate over natural affinity, but the Canada Goose Women's Kensington Parka CG55 Soviet Union has not yet natural wedding, seeing things that could not cover up, hurriedly married Su Jun. This thing is too awkward SU Jun, can no way temper. "Master, slaves brought to book, please look over the young master, slaves of Messire, each rì are thinking inside the palace thing, but a broken heart cāo.." Beside his wife, after all, big maidservants, Yuhuan articulate . "The Master told you to talk yet?" Yuhuan looked Su Tiancheng, face sè also changed, to be honest, she did not look the other way about this young master, although Su Tiancheng a talented, too cowardly to it. Books to Su Tiancheng hands. In ancient times bookkeeping, using the running account daily spending what are plainly written, once aggregated end to see how much spending, balance the number. Su Tiancheng is through people, checking inventory such books, for him, but a pediatrician. SU Jun originally thought, Su Tiancheng Health xìng timid, you know reading, may be able to understand how the books, so that, when doing the accounts, also cynical, and own all expenses are recorded in the the name of the Su Tiancheng, the excess silver, also making false expenses, in fact, all money into their own pockets. See Su Tiancheng serious look at books, Su Jun's face sè change it. "Pop." Su Tiancheng closed his books, his face still smiling, but may SU Jun made a shiver. "Su Jun, do you want the young master point out a sum, or their honest ah." Su Jun calf soft look, this time, he was never easy Renzhang, he does not believe, Su Tiancheng be able to read books, this is not a matter of concern to scholars. "Master, small does not do good conscience ah, there's nothing to say." "Well, two children, ready to domestic discipline." Sè Yuhuan's face has changed, and she did not know why, you can see the first Su Tiancheng one, felt something was wrong, this cowardly master, has undergone tremendous changes in a woman's mind is fine. "Master, my loyal Messire do and what not to do bad things ah." "Yeah, Yuhuan, ah, Su Jun Messire is your right." "Master Why do you say ah?" "The Master wonder, Su Jun is your Messire, can your monthly silver dressing, how is the young master of the silver ah, just this one, ten months, spending, 120 ounces of silver, could you North Face Gore Clearance and the young master has jiān love, the young master secretly give you the money. "Su Jun already limp down, Su Tiancheng really able to understand the books, it was all over. Yuhuan saw Su Jun spread on the ground, but also know that the situation was wrong, she quickly knelt down. "Master not to say that this may be special circumstances, ah, books and wrong when ah." "Ha ha ha." Su Tiancheng back laughing. "Interestingly, ah, Canada Goose Men's Mountaineer May is already summer season, the young master actually purchased two hundred pennyworth of white carbon, strange, do not know what these white charcoal there, ah, Two hundred pennyworth of white carbon, ah, a house can be stacked two June is the summer season, the young master actually want to buy brocade gown, a gown to spend two hundred denarii, could the young master does not know the replacement chūn summer autumn and winter, and even more surprising is that the first month, when the young master actually buy damask unlined, has spent two hundred pennyworth of these are already one hundred eighty-two silver, and SU Jun, you can explain it. "Su Jun's face has become ashes sè, Embezzlement host family's money , here is the great wife, but also can not hold him. "Master, a small mistake, a small damn, damn ...", "SU Jun, you talk about this thing, how to deal with the young master ah?" Su Jun kept the bowed forehead bleeding. Yuhuan seeing the wrong, also followed kowtow. "SU Jun, Yuhuan, this is your servant, do not know the rules, the young master wanted was to recover the silver Thereafter, you go directly to the Yamen..." "Master mercy ah, a small dare , really dare ah ... "SU Jun started crying, go to the official, what end, needless to say he is aware, own gossips, mostly to music Ji to go, they have been After rod responsibility, to survive, but also to exile it. "Well, the saying goes, not wash your dirty linen in public, so did also the lost Soviet government's face, but family law is indispensable, to pick up your own family laws." Having these, Su Tiancheng cold dense spoke. "From now rì start, the palace all the things that uncle Su Pingyang directly responsible, everyone must obey the arrangement, if anyone refuses to accept the Master directly open leather, not polite." Su Tiancheng was hit twenty large plate, lying in bed, get up, Yuhuan crying out the more than two hundred pieces of silver, handed Su Pingyang. It's something that immediately caused a sensation in the Soviet government, although only three dozen Soviet government servant, but no one knows, Su Tiancheng is a wimp, Su Jun are the real masters, now, Su Jun yourself picking up Disciplines even dare to innocence, to explain the situation has undergone tremendous changes. Successive days, all of the servants are met Su Tiancheng, they feel completely different, Su Tiancheng really changed, and that is a big change.
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