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September 03 [Tue], 2013, 11:14
Han Zhongling's total strength; make thousands of variable signing Yang Guozhu left, Li Miheng paste volume! War Fubing six hundred people, found in high total more than 300 people support the tiger has the right. Wen Fangliang thousand headquarters, the clock Yang battalion carry heavy brigade guarding the front. Next to Lu Xiangsheng. Wang Dou get his guard, and battalion night don't accept his Print-Rite army remnants stand together. Lu to had been doing the final preparation, his pro Chen An as he carefully set of armor, outside is still mourning sackcloth. To prevent a loss, Lu will also own the governor to seal tied Women's North Face Pink Ribbon Clearance Sale in elbows after. Wang Dou is making the final preparation, wearing his eight valve cap iron helmet, body steel armor, hands Dai Shangtie gloves, his left hand holding a thick leather shield. The right hand good fine iron pike himself, would obstruct the enemy cloak cloak aside. Since the Chongzhen seven years after the battle of Wang Dou, long time no fighting, no fear, feel whole body one's blood boils with indignation. Lu Xiangsheng holding his fine iron sword dozens of kilograms, listen to the three surface to shout to kill a voice more and more close, Wang Dou smiled: guoqin. Today you by my enemy, joint operations. Wang Doudao: with the governor's to kill the thief, Wang Douzhi is lucky. Lu to laugh, staring Wang Dou: guoqin. Lu Mou's lucky, is in Xuanhua town you know Wang Dou also deeply to Lu Xiangsheng: Wang Dou came to Daming, the most fortunate, also is met governor chen. Today is killed, I Wang Dou, no regrets. The two men put out their hands held together, are laughing. The surrounding people also laugh. Good brothers! They Mens North Face Tex hugged each other, Chen An and Wen Daxing hug, Xie Yike and Chen Heng hug, long er and more than a hug, this moment, let yourself go with them, no longer conceal their emotions. They laugh, shout to kill a voice over the surrounding. Exhaust system noise sound, dozens of wearing a blue and red edge armor with heavy armor rolled on the ground. At the same time, outside the wall a heavy arrow, a Shun Xiang arms dy hand muffled. Yang Guozhu's left wing defence, economic Erhalang large insert Lancia sergeant, as well as behind several banners Mongolia army, has Canada Goose UK Sale been concentrated into. Packed closely layer upon layer shield cart into each channel from the first wall. With both sides in each shield body, there are a large number of holding the flag of heavy shield heavy armor, bow and arrow each flag archer. Yang Guozhu's Xuanfu town is the barracks has been back into the second wall to defend, the wave of arrows to shoot. Yang Guozhu bird, three eyes hand in dysprosium Rao hand suffered heavy casualties. Yesterday Governor Mark arm support campfire is constantly fall. The two Battalion soldiers most iron mask. The body or armor, or leather, or with iron cotton armour, but in such a close distance. No use. Many of the heavy armor from a four channel onslaught, Yang Guozhu and Zhongjun Pro will Guo Yingxian rate of servants in channel and the enemy battle, second wall of every channel is full of people, the two sides have, gun has lost its effect. Yang Guozhu barracks all killer team queue in the channel, with his broadsword, hook gun, gun bore to stick, and the enemy of the fierce battle. To this. When the auxiliary soldiers barracks, is also a team of waving their arms forward. Yang Guozhu himself took little remaining servants everywhere support. Both sides fight is the blood, to see who is more energy consumption support it. Yang Guozhu has been do not know how many military casualties, maybe the army has one thousand hundred.
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