taking advantage of the dark

August 02 [Fri], 2013, 12:06
> "What? Let people freely into the faucet will Matsubara, still can not resist?" Violent eagle in front of a surprised face looked pitting man, very large very round eyes wide, as if suddenly see in broad daylight to ghosts in general, face full of doubts and do not believe, but more was surprised, because he understands that this person is not in front of a joke, and, even though he likes to joke, such a joke he is certainly not dare to open! The face pitting man has a name, he called Chen Qing, but he does not like the name, because he felt that the name is not domineering, so he changed his name to Chen broken, that is the meaning of a clean break! He is also a knife, and he quickly knife, but he did not martial arts, his sword, and can only be used against ordinary people! He shot does not mercy, has always been that clean break, as he uttered the words will never be recovered in general, so there is no reason to storm eagle doubt what he said. But this time seems to have so violent Eagle is not calm, because his son's hatred not reported, how can he calm down? "Impossible! Absolutely impossible!" Thought of his son, now a violent cold eagle face se, Chen Sheng said: "I never promised that I would be leading people to my son for life!" "You're doing , it will kill Kim! "Chen broken do not like to speak, but words he had to say, because Kim Jae if it dies, he now enjoyed everything gone. Money, status, and his favorite woman, they are gone! So, Kim Jae can not die, at least he thought so. So also, Kim Jae great confidence in him, like a greedy dog ​​trusted general, as long as you have enough meat, it is naturally not be afraid of the dog will leave, Chan Kim Jae-off for the purpose is So! "This is Matsubara, golden eagle family help is not affiliated, eagles help is something that only I say. Leader would tell people, Mr. Kim also ordered the eagle can not help!" Violent Eagle Chen Sheng replied. "Leading man will not fool!" Chen Chen Sheng pick off the road. Indeed, the faucet will not fool people, otherwise they would not back Kim Jae in his lair was held hostage inside. Since the faucet will not fool people, then they will naturally be able to see Kim Jae's influence on the eagle to help! Storm eagle heart also understand, but he still can not be reconciled, not willing to put people into the faucet will Matsubara, not willing to give up the child to kill the enemy. So, he thought for a long time, and looked up at the break Chan, Chen Sheng said: "Why do so, he said, to help counter the Golden Eagle family, and how?" "No!" Chen breaking sound extreme cold, while his eyes are very cold, just like two knives made with dazzling general coldness, cold storm eagle shone on him, see storm eagle could not help shuddering, out of a goose bumps, it seems to be eyeing death general. Suddenly, he aloud: "You is not because your son!" "What?" Violent Eagle Dailiaoyixia, and then looked at Chen-off angrily: "not for my son's revenge, I can for what?" "You very afraid of death! "Chen-off did not talk too much, because this sentence is enough. "I'm not afraid to die! I am not afraid!" Chen broken words, although only four words, but enough to allow storm eagle cried themselves hoarse, but he cried the more powerful, but it seems more and more afraid of him, even he himself gradually understand that the son of hatred in his mind that point is not what you really would not want to tap into their own Matsubara reason is fear, fear of death! Eagle to help people off Matsubara Lee, Lee's only surviving descendant has become the leader's radical, even a fool will understand, will enter Matsubara leading after the first thing to do is what! Storm eagle is not a fool, so he is more clear that he will enter the Matsubara clearer after leading what is waiting for his fate, so he would not want to tap into Matsubara, he would do everything possible to prevent the leader would come! "I do not agree ... I do not ..." violent Eagle howling (computer reading www.16kxs.coМ) for a while, and finally unable to sit behind the couch, mouth still send hehe low roar, as if an inability The wolf in general. "If you dare not listen to North Face Hybird the words of Mr. King, I guarantee you will die even worse!" Chen broken stood up, looked contemptuously hawk a storm, and then coldly dropped a word, turned and walked out of the door, he knew storm eagle how would you choose! "I never thought it would be the result!" A car, breaking the military has been silent watching the fat man whispered: "There is no planning for so long fighting, without bloodshed, so breezed into the Matsubara! "" So what? "Fat Man was silence for a long time, suddenly cold channel:" hatred or revenge, hate or hate, or to the flow North Face Windstopper Clearance of the blood flow! "Yes, the flow of the blood stream or to The! However, in the end who is the blood of the stream? Eagle is still Kim Jae storm? Suppression or instigation of the gang in the back of the Korean underworld? Breaking the military's too silent, he did not know how to answer, because he can not understand the fat in the hearts of hate, because he did not experience! Qisha been silent, suddenly looked around Wu Xing Chen Sheng said: "how do you see this thing?" Wu Xing pondered a moment, looked at the car three, whispered: "Ge certainly do so has his reasons, we speculate how are useless! However, if we violate his meaning, probably only affect Ge plan, so we do still act according to the meaning of Ge it! "Then, they se has been overcast face looked fat man, whispered: "I believe that you will not forget hatred Ge, but it is temporarily unable to take revenge for you! So, one will enter Matsubara, you better not come forward to see eagles family who helped and gold! "" Why? "Fat Man Yie, followed by Nu Sheng said:" Ge just let us not with gold clan of people from the conflict, can not say I do not help people on eagle shot! " "hey!" Wu Xing sigh loudly, and whispered: "You drove too fast, it will only make violent Eagle cornered, this is not a scene Ge want to see!" Yanji City, is late at night, the streets too few people, and occasionally a few pedestrians coming home, but also passing by, but it is not in the streets of this quiet stay too long. Suddenly, the silence of the night came a roar of cars on the road a few pedestrians looked up, it was immediately stunned, because they had never seen such a great scene! Dozens of cars and to the series, taking advantage of the dark night se drove to the city center. Se until the dark night that taillights annihilation will gradually fall, these people not react! What people have such pomp? "Oh ..." Chor Lau Heung Kim Jae sedentary sitting in that position, before looking at Kim Jae light laugh: "Mr. King to China a few years?" Kim Jae Choi translations are standing next to hear Chu Liu Xiang, then translated to north face clearance sale Kim Jae busy listening, Kim Jae is covered in blood, wounded again and again, even the extremely handsome face also given rise to a lot of scars, seems to be eating a lot of pain. Choi hear the translation, he is busy whispered: "Five years!" "So long ah?" Chu Liu Xiang could not help Yie, then looked at the house furnishings, chuckled and said: "Well Mr. Kim is very rich ! "" Korean people have the money! "Kim Jae said this time, there is an indescribable tone arrogance. "That's great!" Chu Liu Xiang's cheeky cheerful se, watching Kim Jae laughed: "Brother I recently hand a little tight, I do not know Mr. King could borrow money with brothers use it?" Kim Jae listen the Chu Liu Xiang, then, my heart could not help a hi, busy loudly: "If you let me go, how much money I can give you!" <
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