golden corpse why stop

September 12 [Thu], 2013, 17:52
Two days ago, Zijin Mountain; in sorrow hair place to understand, zombie, the darling of the earth, as the people buried in the 'pulse to the Yin Yin, when one has passed away get earth, this is not immortality of things, can Mens North Face Nuptse Down Sale accomplish the zombies, further into the copper. (read novels to vertex novel nets) update ultrafast copper corpse is silver resin, senseless destruction around, or be destroyed, or was controlled by people, golden corpse is more level of zombies, can fly, can escape, escape is not like some of the zombie like a rat holes, but so into the earth, very magical. Silver resin has been rarely encountered, golden corpse is a legend, the golden corpse and no, it is not clear. Zijin Mountain has been hidden body with golden corpse, continue to sink to. Golden corpse like know treasure in which, for a moment to the side to side for offset, offset, the Zijin Mountain are closely followed, but, more to the ground, earth is more intensive, hidden body moves from the soil slot is also slower. Semi incense, and finally in the Zijin Mountain with is not golden corpse on the occasion, golden corpse stopped. Aura, a lot of Reiki, this one, full of aura, Kaiyang cases than his flame fruit cave aura also rich in general. There are baby? Zijin Mountain moved to the front, suddenly in the dark environment, shine a light. Red, blue, deep in the ground, filled with light. Lingshi, Lingshi, Yin Ling Shi and Yang Lingshi, mass of Lingshi, dense, extending to Lingshi, this is mine? Lingshi is like a fixed individual, even in Lingshi mine, is a, a whole is not very strange. Golden corpse stopped in the Lingshi mine, and after the Zijin Mountain to see the Lingshi mine, is also in the heart a bright. I got it. Find, Kowloon Fang Tianyu found, a coal mine in Lingshi, Zijin Mountain in this two days also asked sad hair, generally speaking, only a, if not Yang Lingshi mine, should not the dark stone, here, at the same time, there are two, that of sleep is Canada Goose Chateau Sale not possible. The only, Fang Tianyu, "heaven" as mentioned in the Kowloon Fang Tianyu, once formed, will be collected from four aura, eight party migration, keep and do not come loose. Here in Lingshi, must be assembled, Fang Tianyu. Kowloon Fang Tianyu inside, inside this endless Lingshi. But, golden corpse why stop? Is Zijin Mountain doubts occasion. H ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Golden corpse arm stretched before suddenly, a golden beam from the golden corpse arm Quan Gang, suddenly turned to the endless in front of the Lingshi. Under the ground, the sound is difficult to spread, so in the Zijin Mountain will sound more huge, with a bang, Lingshi mine suddenly was hit in front of a channel. Golden corpse body toward the internal channeling channeling, then, the fist, once again hit a pillar, golden corpse body, toward the inside passage. Golden corpse to soil to escape, but, in the mines of Lingshi, but can not escape? See this scene, Zijin Mountain, a happy heart, good, good, good! Golden corpse can break open coal mine in Lingshi, in order to constantly, but otherwise, Zijin Mountain, the Lingshi mine, filled the gap, the hidden body walking on this, too much Canada Goose Women's Dawson faster than that in the soil. The blink of an eye, a dark shadow as the demon, from gold body side straight out of the door. In the twinkling of an eye!
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