distance kill saver supernatural powers

October 27 [Sat], 2012, 15:18

> At night a few hours, slightly clean clean first layer there are better new zombie brush ... mouth Hu just came out from the second layer or first layer of hidden locations. WwW, qUanbEN, cOm Lee ink Yang lazy with these zombies care about, be exposed target killing non-game crystal wall not up experience, to say these the zombie groups of beast, only order zombie commanding scary weapons, it will be out of order some 5,6 let him mention no motivation to. The harvest is only able to absorb a lot of killing of the gas to strengthen the power of the Big Dipper dead, then is crossing the souls of charge karma to help unite the gilded ...... quickly down to the second layer, this layer zombie universal quality high But still the same impoverished. A lot of creeps or bone weapons, even the pure natural the mace-Madein mountains, and made ink Yang Li, are embarrassed to go to rob them. In fact, not to mention the double-headed wolf, three dogs, Hydra, he met would not be so surprised, the key to this two head wolf zombie heads, turned out to be long in the butt ... the exact said, instead of the site of the ass. That the digestive tract which side is the head which side is the tail? The wolves Central rearward position, piled four or five heap fairly fresh meat mountain, part of the two-headed wolf is eating. Death house looked at, 70% of the beasts of the forest., 30% of the the various costumes Hmong corpse. But the strange thing is, Lee ink Yang only see these corpses bodies of Hmong male soldiers,timberland sale, one did not see the female insanity Alchemist. Group of the corpse wolf just stand in the only way to bypass here probably paying more fees for half an hour to reach the third floor entrance, Li decided to ink Yang, from breakthrough. Beidou Seven Swords Qi, the head of the charging horns rhino the giant doors Jian Jian Ling, seven the Beidou coldness sword Dan the junction Dan successfully, rhino the Feijian are Zhebing force of a few stout figure minutes. Rumbled past the RCC, nearly head 6 order, the order of the two-headed corpse dozens of head wolf was broken up, the corpse of the wolf Gaosi engage residue accounted for more than 30% of the total. The death house turn SPL Sanjian group release, specifically with the point of killing 7-class elite corpse wolf. Wolf three powerful than the of 7 Order junior elite corpse wolf some 7 a middle corpse strange. The most powerful one in three wolf plays a role wolf Garnett, has condensed the corpse Dan, is a 7 Order Advanced corpse strange. Completion of a war ...... ** a corpse wolf harvest of Tong Jia corpse level 7 order corpse Dan one, an additional 8 product saver supernatural powers 'violent haste', turned on an additional 150% attack speed, 250% movement speed, attack power additional violent harm certain, Wounds certain ...... like. For refining may appear in the instruments used in the 'and violent haste' skills, ink Yang Li Fengyun the corpse Dan and five additional products supernatural powers of 'Frost vitality' frost and snow, the great apes dan, four additional 7 products supernatural powers' Diamond Shield Wall 'Golden Shield lice dan together to prepare for the future with mixing device. Quickly cleaned the battlefield, Lee through the ink Yang, the corpse of the wolf to guard the area, and go to the third layer of the channel did not take long to find. Along gradually downstream stone staircase in the hands of the greedy wolf sword emit the Bristol blue light, he was not flustered eerie environment. The reason why people fear, should now fear may hurt those zombies will hurt. Lee ink Yang identify what has been open to the second floor, but the same can not be completely dark conditions depending on the material. The so-called 'dark vision' also need the support of the weak light if no light is also able to detect an object, and that simply is not the visual. Bat called ultrasonic hearing, the cold-blooded beast infrared sensor, the Simpleton skills specific performance, are non-visual evolution of high precision spiritual power scan. The first wave of monsters encountered in the third layer is 5 Tong Jia dead soldiers, 10 three-meter-high brown soil puppets, both 7-order biological. The of Tong Jia corpse soldiers Fortunately, this monster still Memento little martial art foundation and IQ-inherited from the brain tissue of corpses. And brown soil puppets purely undermine all machines, the spontaneous formation of the elements of the in rich earth element locations biological West magic system in a huge number of earth element Giants the stone elements Giants very close, the only difference is that the talent skills by deceleration, throwing boulders, dizziness trampling, pounding into the the Sendo system similar tract surgery. The sword repair most likes and what monsters fighting, not a move can be seconds away blood skin Mage, two thin blood DPS a meeting is life and death, to finish the long march to a count of 8 ring ring spell, Lee ink Yang also was ignorant. The sword repair their favorite is and single purely behaviorist thick grinding melee human shields. Lee ink Yang thirteen handle Feijian trapping a giant puppet of soil, meat grinder, like turn up. Although health bar is not visible, but looking at the soil layers to slim down quickly puppets know it is not going to live. You have not seen ten seconds of this soil puppets broken into several pieces and scattered aura of earth and rock into one place. The catacombs excavated Mana blessing, but still somewhat undersized, the top also more than 30 meters from the floor, the flames dance and Assault lipstick can barely activities, the glory of the wind station high data 30.60m on tiptoes to tiptoe head To rub off the layer of rock on the ceiling. Follow the the active soil series at Mana fluctuations memory direction, this tomb just the underground barracks instead maze so without struggling to find routes, like death house often do - open Black Dragon No. When the rig destruction walls. The 7 order early to build the base corpse strange, and strange the 7 order mid-saver corpse, the power gap between the two should reach at least ten times more. If condensation saver are enough to obtain supernatural powers-order goods, the combat power than have to rise. The death house at the third floor of the tomb of the general mass graves total encounter strange five saver of the dead, only he killed the two-headed the corpse wolf saver concise same supernatural powers, are 8 products 'violent haste'. Second only the third one concise 'the blood A flying edge' supernatural powers, order goods than 'violent rush' an order on high, 7 products supernatural powers. Only 4-saver supernatural powers the 'the day corpse Ghostly', this cargo is a mage type corpse strange, but the same death house brutally killed. The fifth only concise saver supernatural powers 'gravity field', is the rare Advanced supernatural powers, initial 10 products supernatural powers, the highest able to field 4 product purified to powerful. The Li the ink Yang encountered only Bangdayaoyuan, shape like a Doom. The giant zombie muscular just gravity supernatural powers purified by 9 products 8 products powerless struggled for a few, or by 贪狼 Sword unloaded a few dozen. The distance kill saver supernatural powers is 'gravity field' corpse strange ink Yang Li have been half an hour did not come across a decent blocked. Right now more and more distance singular at soil series Mana fluctuations, guarded but fewer, the most likely explanation is that the other has found their own purposes, and will all of the remaining troops accumulation in the last line of defense, intended to wait at Plaza waiting concentrate on the eradication of their own Tactics and the like, only in force close, at least against the two sides not only when the value of the gap between the magnitude level. Li Mo Yang now need, just RCC nothing! The Black Dragon No. enlarged to 1/5 the size of firing the Sr-hot relocation meson gun and two three guns fully to the front. Lee ink Yang still not faint first, just choose a strong penetrating properties of shelling attack, based explosion of anti-shelling mode, vaults 被震 the collapse he and properly miners out. Layers of walls penetrated, away narrow type of Black Dragon, Lee ink Yang jumped into the the flame dance cockpit, the red lotus driving a mech all the way to high-speed onrush. Full flight of less than a minute later, the field of vision, he find the target. A height of ten meters of red A giant corpse, covered with parcels being in black and red flame armor, he does not wear a helmet, but bared a yellow fangs, lanky face full of ferocious firewood. Why grim, because the zombies are generally not high IQ, basic does not swing the other expressions ~ ~ Chek corpse Jiangjun waved his hand, hundreds of building the base period under the seat saver ranging the zombie punch will come. Honglian molecular chain, raising his hand is a gun radiation fluctuations, which then reached the group corpse. Zombie like most of all like melee remote attackers typically also will Penpen the dead air, flames dance energy shield to protect operations in the space environment totally enclosed mech, this permeability range attack role . Li, not idle ink Yang, long-range beam sniper gun rarity in the saver of kill corpse strange point remote spell Series,Timberland Roll Top, four 25mm railguns save time shot will be able to be reimbursed a bunch of built the base trash fish. A giant icy chop horse the sword and nanchen flame bullwhip flying off a group of zombies is just a matter of time. 8 order the red corpse General of the the Ginko corpse stage although ** tough Ying Kang the Beidou the coldness sword Zhanji single handle, and comes with a lot of fire damage makes the attack melting the element of fire,air max store, very tough. But his fighting no matter how strong is strong Baiyun monk and Dazhi monk, however, is even more not continuous killing of two the Wutaishan 9 order Baldy death house opponent,Northface Women's GTX Jackets Sale. 10 order of the presence of Li ink Yang really not killed, 9 order transit robbery period the monks 9 order insects grade Vajar, 9 order Longshou angel fire lizard, 9 order the stuff planted in the hands of Lee ink Yang has fast two number. 'Om ~ om ~ om ~' continuous the three sound Hunhundundun chime sounded, even if the red lotus and Lee ink Yang resist the spiritual impact of flame dance, even if the death house 9 order intensity treasure with space shocked for a full half a second. He hurriedly took the mech command escaped General Chek corpse, throw over the meteor hammer, wait two seconds Honglian would regain consciousness. Toru bell 10 order innate magic weapon by the source of the evolution of the D grade crystal wall of congenital soil line, with an increase of all earth spells, increase the speed of soil series method tactic practitioners, the suppression of the soil series matrix method to collect 9 order acquired E soil own soil gas into congenital ...... Magical.
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