automated play without having to Runescape Gold

April 01 [Tue], 2014, 11:02
The new M11x R2 compared with the old M11x R1, new entrants to the NVIDIA Optimus technology, it can be fully automated play without having to Runescape Gold manually change the settings, user-friendly set of significant and independence was in the switch between.Optimus technology can have both long life and superior performance, long mobile use, Optimus technology will remain significant in the set mode, in order to get the best of the life table.

when switching high-performance graphics work the next time, Optimus technology will automatically go to the single significant environment, in order to obtain maximum performance.The final blow to the performance of heat and life movesAlthough the ultra low voltage processor, is a pity that M11x R2 and M11x R1 thermal performance of the same, especially during the high-performance graphics work, the keyboard C surface temperature will increase.

The reason,18W processor power DELL XPS 15 batteryconsumption is on the one hand, the other is GT335M graphics power reached more than 30W, the overall level of heat than the palm of your hand to Cheap RS 2007 Gold play the game season unbearable.Random with the same 63Wh battery and M11x R1, are integrated inside the fuselage, which determines the expansion of the M11x R2 can not be further improved.