Security and free-to-play update - the Stronghold of Security

August 08 [Thu], 2013, 12:36
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Why not learn how to keep your account secure whilst having fun in game? Now all of our players can, be they members or free players, level 3 to 126. When the Barbarians moved their mining operations to the centre of the village, little did they know that they would unearth the strangest dungeon yet encountered in RuneScape. Haunted by lost spirits which seem to have taken over the doors and infested with beasts never seen before, it makes an adventure and a half simply getting through each of the four levels. The doors in the runescape 2007 gold area will ask you questions about account security, and the best ways to make your account safe, such as using recovery questions. Take your time to think about the questions they ask and the answers available, and you'll get through the dungeon in no time at all. Remember their advice, and you can learn a thing or two on the way. After all, secure accounts are the best kind of accounts! You can find out more about it by picking up a book in your local general store and investigating the first part of the dungeon thoroughly. As well as some new creatures and talking doors you might also pick yourself up a reward or two! Plunder the treasures of the Stronghold of Security to find new boots, a new sceptre, 4 new emotes and a whole heap of golden shiny things. Be aware that like any other dungeon with monsters, if you die you WILL lose your equipment, so come prepared for combat.
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