Non members to destroy the rev in Runscape

July 27 [Sat], 2013, 11:23
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First discuss the position of the rev, a position known as Forinthry Dungeon,in the higher right of Black Warriors' Castle, a new dungeon. The suggested non-member in the opening from natural Monster, where to go, there is nothing for non-members from the natural dragon, all the way up the rev where the position can be achieved. Suggested that at every interval of marking position seeds in a industry position, the route toward the route they go, so that one part remaining behind or crack the gamers to keep up with the group. Went on to say the devices. Rev the primary strike miracle and bows and arrows, all of our archer armour. varied abilities to achieve 40 buddies can use the complete natural, 40 archery buddies suggest to look at the studded devices, as well as set golves, shoes. Secure to use insistent sq shield, and so reduced the miracle protection also improve the protection of the melee and archery protection. If the tool is near the military, then use rune weaponry, the best rune battleaxe, rune longsword, so the rate and strike energy are relatively moderate, but also above the shield. The present shooter can use the most innovative weaponry. The wizard is advisable to use a second job, because if it is miracle set up in situation of loss of life a dreadful factor. Pendant using the amulet of protection, jewelry use exploer's band, if not without. Wrapp gently on the range, anyway, plus a reduce protection factor. So carry a package of swordfish. Choose at least the non-high-risk web servers in the crazy, almost no, if you met, don't fear, perform to destroy,or you can errant. Way to range up, and more powerful at the top, the poorest in the most center, the second in the ultimate, if more than three on viewing row. From the disorder forehead next to get into the position at the front part to set the marking on the map, so you do not get missing. To get into the Dungeon from the Green Monster has been going up to. Finally started to destroy. In the Dungeon and different locations in the crazy, there are two, the first factor is they will not be freezing, which is well known, do not describe. The second factor is set the landscape to excellent use so much easier than in the crazy to destroy, and if the use is not excellent then you will be cis a few moments. First, before coming into the rev position is complete of durability, after the brigade hurried to the within. Goblin, where in the rev, then not only cause the goblin strikes, but also drawn more than 80 of the cyclops simultaneously to strike. So rev devil became the best applicants. Inside red to try to prevent the rev dark monster, what can cause over Rs Silver. Rushed to the L-shaped position of ??the deepest and concealing, after the second high-level gamers to go to destroy, and then the other to go after another strike. When you hit them when they do not battle to confirm their blood vessels. A chance to start their profession to be able to use the best Prayer to rate destroy them, if rate destroy achievements then you can select up Rs Silver, if the rate destroy is not able they will be blood vessels, now to shut the Prayer so as to guard the factors. Lastly, also maintain a few enough products to use the Secure factors, so that if he passed away can also maintain products. Must be positive and then simply simply select the strike, or reckless hit partners will go metal framework indication, will reduce all the products in this situation, if he passed away.
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