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October 15 [Tue], 2013, 10:34
Conversely, why the national team failed miserably in Manila? Admittedly, after the era of Yao Ming, the Chinese team has no absolute advantage in Asia, especially with El haddadi led Iran compared on our strength, even at a disadvantage. However, most criticism of the national team, is the lack of jingqishener, no fighting, it is easy in the face of adversity in a rush. Us news is, this team has brought us. Starting late from third period, Chinese Taipei hit a climax, evened the score, this time Olympic no has wrong-footed boys, break miles, offensive end morass, on the defensive from the start, thermal River West [Twitter] two of three in a row, let us see the Siger I as well as the resilience of the team. Olympic sports scores, losing games like this, can't believe any adidas rose 3.5 blue one go shelling. May not indicate a match too many questions, as it was, Olympic team earlier in the face of rival Korea Shi, in the case of a dozen points behind, distal regicide staged attacks. Distal reverse hit for China basketball, it is a strange phrase, especially reverse-hit Korea, more cheerful. You know, counter attack is Korea people often do something Olympic in Korea based on counter attack eliminated Korea alone that renjiner and bloody, victory is more valuable than the game. End of the game, China's Olympic team champion missed, but this time coach Fan Bin blew over. Yes, the Olympic boys deserve applause. After the fiasco in Manila, Chinese basketball terrible hash amid sorrow hung, has even issued "China's basketball is dead" voices of frustration, at this point, that Chinese basketball Olympic boys fighting spirit is still alive. Contact to the U16 men's basketball team win the Asia, we really should not be overly pessimistic, face various problems of Chinese basketball at the same time, should have a minimum of confidence, just like the Olympic guys.

SINA sports news Beijing time on October 14 evening, Beijing sports channel of the 100 minutes of football program invites to national security [microblogging] players South [Twitter], sports commentator GE and Zhu Yuming, super hot in this round of events, especially the Green Tianjin "suspected" team ball "conducted reviews and discussion. South first to concede to the Tianjin team wondered, GE said the ball right, because there is Tianjin tainted team. Zhu Yuming is there for a reason, but to have done more controversial techniques will be smaller. Experts agree that another demoted team will be in Qingdao. Constant big [micro-Bo] and Luneng [micro-Bo] already lock Crown runner-up, in analysis another Asia Crown places of race Shi, guest think Guoan has lock third name, said Guoan won Greentown hopes is big, won Qingdao opportunities not small, only Luneng on Guoan is not small of test, but no for no begged of Luneng will go all out is a problem, Luneng will decided with League third place of belonging. GE may say so: "the situation I don't think national security is important there are now three points clear, national security adviser, will have the last laugh in the end. ”

SINA sports news Beijing time on October 14, U22 2013 East Asian Games men's soccer competition after the last two games, Korea beat Hong Kong, China 6-0, China 0-3 no match for North Korea, the Korean won, while the China National Youth no games are better than bottom. In the game when there is a trailer, because Korea team beat Hong Kong, China 6-0 in the afternoon, and Japan with 7 points and 4 experienced than, so this case who should be the next? Korea score than Japan, but directly between the two teams Japan over Korea. As a general rule, you only need to check the tournament regulations require, in points and experienced than the same case what data can be concluded. Until this situation happen however, it is the Organizing Committee does not expressly provide in the conditions of contest at the same score and experienced than the circumstances which determined the final rankings, which also makes Japan and South Korea represent the differences have also emerged between the two tea adidas rose 773 2.0 buy ms, Japan saw it as they defeated Korea, deserve better than the other ranking high. Korea, by contrast, thinks the team scoring more, should be top. While Chinese and North Korean team towards the end of the match, if not agreed, post-match ceremony could not take place. Under such circumstances, the Organizing Committee had temporarily taken on behalf of the two teams close the door opened an emergency meeting and eventually China and North Korea after the match to determine, both scoring, Korea team won the second prize, Japan
Team won third place.
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