but the ingenue Ho Xuan's reputation

August 01 [Thu], 2013, 10:05
> Xue luan among the elevator was 6 Kelvin accounted for so much cheaper, and my heart is uncomfortable too, to hear the words of his father, can not help Jiaochen cry, suddenly awarded by the sky, slender ** kicked toward Xuebai Tao in the past. Xuebai Tao does not seem to think he kept his daughter would acknowledge me on to his hand, but still with a loving smile on his face, slightly retreating footsteps, mysterious step back, just Xue luan legs swept from him, legs wind even brought up Xuebai Tao clothes. Luan Xue did not expect an attack of ridiculous, so Johnson denounced soon as the body going up in the air while kicking comic, Luan Xue Xue Baitao will attack eleven Dangxia, finally grabbed the leg slightly Luan Xue Yi Che, Xue Luan's body a staggering, sitting on the ground immediately a splits. Xue Baitao clapped her hands sitting in the garden pavilion, watching Luan Xue went to his side, while tea while and said: "girl, this is how, so much anger, it really was not a bully you? "Luan Xue Xue Baitao sitting opposite a thought of 6 Kelvin indifferent look askew on their hated straight teeth, to see the light of her own body is not that surprising to myself so do not care, simply look Not on their own, how to prevent this disposition proud Xue luan extremely angry. Small hands clenched, Xue luan teeth and said: "Daddy, I'm looking for a son for you" is the Xuebai Tao Enliaoyisheng tea, but immediately stared, Puchi about a tea spray out, but fortunately Xue luan already preparedness, there was a crossfire. Xue Baitao not believe his face looked Xue-luan, finally reached in their foreheads touched, softly whispered: "Hey, I did not burn, ah, how to hallucinations of it?" Luan Xue Xue Baitao can not help but go around , one arm clutching Xuebai Tao Gently rocking, baby: "Dad, are you talking about?" Xuebai Tao laughed: "I thought I Xuebai Tao's daughter to keep it forever, you finally willing to talk about this girl married On married, Well, you saw the son of Which, I'll let you go to propose marriage, "Xue luan lips pursed up and said:" Dad, you talk about those little dude, like what one like, do not marry your daughter is a lifetime will not find them like that, "Xue Baitao laughed:" That is natural, my daughter is what kind of people, ah, make you fancy eye is definitely not the average person, is not brought back to me and you, aunt, small mom pleasure of seeing ah! "Xue Bai Luan even this seems more than his father, an anxious and said:" They've got a girlfriend, do not you willing? "Xuebai Tao listened to blink blinked, looked Xue luan one can not help but laugh: "What are they afraid, not that you have a girlfriend, do not grab my daughter also, but others do?" Xue Luan said: "If he abandons his girlfriend, I also disdain it, "Xuebai Tao is like being given strangled in general, looks old's body stood up, staring Xue Luan said:" You ...... you will not want to give someone a small bar "Xue Luan face iceberg suddenly thawed, his eyes shining coldness and said: "It also depends on whether he has the same good fortune." Xue Baitao some do not understand, look at this Men's North Face Waterproof Clearance girl's face as if their wait will be the man to her mouth tear eat, but it is said to find their own son, patted his forehead, Xuebai Tao said: "You girl, I really do not make people worry, now is not the era before that, a few decades ago that I can marry you two mothers, but now the law, but allowed "Xue luan drank a tea ceremony:" I was to give you a wake mention it, I did not say you want to get married "Having Xue luan respect toward his bedroom where Direction walked past. Luan Xue looked away, Xuebai Tao shook his head, his eyes flashed a naked, clapped his hands, and suddenly a man suddenly appeared Jingzhuang, directed Xuebai Tao respectful: "The master of the house, what you have commanded," Xue Baitao words to the mouth but taken back, and finally waved schematically man down, sighed and said: "Bale, go along with this girl, being in no hurry to know each other's ins and outs, all 25-year-old spinster, the girl finally moved lust , no, I have to get these things unto her aunt, small mom go "6 Kai Wen and Liu makeup of the car and was about to enter the hospital, this time Liu Su Yan Kai Man pulled a 6 bit, 6 Kelvin stunned look and said: "What?" Liu Su Yan said: "The first time I see people, we can not go empty-handed," spake, Liu Su Yan Kai Man pulled six into the edge of the mall among over They came out for a while, 6 Kai Man hands carrying a basket of flowers, Liu Su Yan hands still carrying some supplements. Among the quiet corridor, between two people walking out of the sound sounds quite charm. Came to the front of the intensive care unit, 6 Kelvin gently knocked, then immediately see a nurse looks handsome door opened, it was six out when Kelvin attracted special care that name. Putting something on the side, we can see 6 Kelvin Ho Xuan lying there quietly, wearing ill clothes, his face has been more than good morning from many. Special care that name back out quietly, Liu Su Yan Ho Xuan first time I saw the face of it can not help but Dailiaoyixia burns, eyes full of horror look, since half of a perfect face Liu makeup can imagine lying where Ho Xuan if not because of burns, then definitely much worse than their own, but actually a merciless fire destroyed a woman's life, when she was able to understand why the six Kelvin would lodge such a woman, that is, Ho Xuan she saw the horrors they also can not help but formed the slightest sympathy. Liu Su north face clearance sale Yan whispered: "This girl is really pathetic." 6 Kai Wen nodded his head and said: "Yes ah, a fire so everything's ruined her, you probably do not know it, she is a big star Ho Xuan" Although Liu Su Yan on entertainment stars do not understand, but the ingenue Ho Xuan's reputation is Womens North Face Hoodie Sale too great, even Liu Su Yan heard her name, and even seen her perform it, but because a big star, one patient was disfigured, Liu Su Yan is simply not the two together, this time to listen 6 Kelvin say this, Liu Su Yan Ho Xuan really sympathize with it. Ward atmosphere of some depression, 6 Kai Man pulled from those who had just bought and took up an apple fruit, gently peeled apples looked round at 6 Kelvin's hands in a circle, and the peel of a circle shedding, just some surprising facility, Liu Su Yan could not help looking stunned. Wait until June to cut the net Kai Wen Apple handed Liu makeup before the time, Liu makeup they recovered, looked surprised 6 Kai Man one, out of hand the apple fiber white smiles tenderly picked up in the past : "I never thought you have such a hand" 6 Kai Man laughed: "the secret of living to me, you do not know still living," Liu Su Yan quiet while eating apples while laughing: "Oh, you Is there anything without telling me, hurry from the real provoke "6 Kai Man smiles:" When you became my wife, I can confess to you completely, not just from the body and spirit. "<
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