the slightest tide coming

May 07 [Tue], 2013, 9:38
> Never dim piece of the sky, suddenly raised a Luna. wWw, quaNBen, COm four weeks dead one, the only Luna according to the place, emerged a vague open space, cold wind whistling blowing. A dark black slip Phnom Penh carriage by two horses, from the moon suddenly appeared and landed on the top of a piece of open space, driving position, emerged in a black gown spirits. "Masters of the this deep, is the Lord boundary. "The black robe spirits covered stiff sitting in the front of the car, manipulating pull a cart horse, lips do not move, the sound is naturally occurring. Gui Xian, in the deep soil strength weaker than those of the soul, at any time dangerous "do not stop," Since people will come to meet. "direct line to the front of the Palace of the carriage came the cold voice. "Yes! Lord!" Black robe spirits no longer say, the carriage to move on. The two into large groups wildfire accelerate the speed of travel. This carriage line after the fog again spread over four weeks to re-fill the carriage through the place. Heaven Luna also mist again obscured, dead on the ground once again restored. As if this place for thousands of years, there has never been human habitation "has always been so quiet silent general fact, true where non-earthly, here is the first layer of the soul, where there is no living soul soul force, and even the soul can not bear the silence and energy fluctuations. abandoned too much soul as dust scattered in the region, re-grouped between heaven and earth, to become part of the transformation of the soul. slowly accumulate some soul heart is, "Wan Road become the most common residents here, even if it is such a difficult environment for the survival, deep soil people or more unbounded along. Red monthly "as human blood faintly through the thick fog in the sky above, overlooking the deep soil beings. From north to south, from west to east, numerous ghost silence in the dark, in the night, painful, howling, screaming, distorted or dissipate or become mindless evil spirits . Everywhere hazy fog, can not see the light of the finger as if deep soil is always so quiet in the endless darkness. Until well into the second layer, Clear, isolated resistance World and other world confrontation " into the a stable deep soil, this area is often bits and pieces, has a bright place. The largest and most popular bright is that most of the temples the fact that the temple of God is the shade of God, the temple became a palace in the deep soil. These palaces always has a bright shine, the miraculous, birds huā palace Hong quiet dignity "living gods dependents. Distant wail of pain when they are happy. This is the faith of the upper world, and Ford's light, descended upon the redemption of the deep soil, the soul practice has a great help. the where Quefei unusual soul available or by the soul itself thoroughly Gui Xian be inspiring world, so drop Crawford light or by the world's children and grandchildren have large wealth and power, repair ancestral temple, built ancestral halls, a descendant of worship "So be affected by this mask Yam" bright shelter estimated or soul alive earthly big martial art practitioner death fall into the deep soil, still in deep soil by the door division The shelter estimated or Gods, temple worship and incense. region or Yang Shi feng shui treasure transformation In short, there are numerous various cause "to create a paradise in the deep soil. Bright shrouded, spiritual power with plenty of these places is absolutely rare Ford In fact, said the practice blessed, deep soil soul. These areas, most of the land of the Lord, Ford's light the main display, even extortion hand, easy to master, Ford's light will disappear, wins and won no difference. angered grade spirits, the consequences are often out of their wits to do so, it is outweigh the benefits. Want shelter assessment, the only way is the spirits seek refuge with the resources and even princes "such a thing, a blessing is easily achieved? Wang Hongyi recover the Dragon Sword, unified Xiu, Shu-long hovering over the Shu Xiu air transport condensate. Bunch of beam of light shining under the bright upper world. Region, a towering palace expanded doubled light this area, "reflecting the gorgeous light shining on the eaves of the house, people feel dazzling gorgeous. Palace ground, forming a piece of marble, the breeze blowing, not far from the springs gurgle gush green trees around the palace, everything is so quiet and serene. WANG Zun spirits, naturally easy to know what happened above know Wang Hongyi recovered the Dragon Sword unification Xiu, the mood naturally large fast Wang Hongyi in the above banquet ministers, WANG Zun in the deep soil a large banquet dinner from the guests with his invitation issued near the deep soil at the same time mobilization Guixian and practitioner receiving the invitation, to his own way, the line to the king of compliance palace. A gorgeous carriage vehicles, has a grotesque, in Banquet "came from all directions, and their owners to attend the king of compliance Banquet." How is this going? "I'm afraid by public Lord invited to attend the banquet? "Gee! Really is a big style! The front of the palace of the king of compliance, passing some of the power of the soul, found many carriage stopped in front of the palace, can not help but pause footsteps and whispering. Soon they spread out, a team sergeant with awe flavor came from a distance. These non-commissioned officer, are killed Shujun lifetime loyalty and bravery of the men, after death into the deep soil, due to the strong aspirations, and your breath lingers defected to the king compliance here they are consistent pace, very orderly "careful inspections Palace. Front of the palace, the doors are filled with gold nails, door thirty feet high, very solemn and majestic, two huge glowing pearl exudes a bright light. Along Gongmen go along the way, glowing pearl inlaid in the walls on both sides are dazzling light,Coach(R) Handbags Outlet. near to look, jade palace built, stretching for several large huā Park, Rendezvous the many Diange everywhere the Jinting Yu column, Zhu Lan Treva "bizarre, spectacular. Start banquet in half an hour. Held in the Grand Ballroom, very gorgeous "multiple few jade, and Pearl a map, Yuejue light shine on people" can not watch intently, cups are treasures, a variety of dishes, just looked at is a rare delicious. Musician, playing with moving music, high platform, girl wearing a veil, all of them beautiful, and looked gentle and delicate "There is a sense of soft without bone. Most bizarre these girls through the body clean, not stained slightest dust sewage sons sat dozens of guests," href="">Outlet Coach(R) Jewelry->, WANG Zun-'s dressed in a the Duke level of Akira clothing, sitting in the main seat. maid poured wine for his smile to participate in the banquet in one fell swoop in the hands of the cups said: "Surely you is heard "My child is in the human world to send troops to put down the Dragon Sword, the unification of Shu, but pieces of the big things, all the many Shu origin? The past, solitary alive Shu Fanzheng range, and from the flame, now no more than a few years, Shu has been put down dominate, fine think about it, is really cause for regret for the future prosperity of the Shu people live happy , my children and grandchildren to enjoy peace and prosperity, this did cup! "said Wang compliance of his head, drank the wine. Welling public Wang compliance of these spirits invited Indeed most of the origin Shu, even if passed away a few hundred years, unified message heard Shu, very pleased, raised his glass, which drank wine. " , you only set up dozens of seats, I'm afraid not enough. Drink a glass of wine, spirits sitting "sudden opening said. "Oh, near the times, who did not go to it?" Wang compliance of surprised. This spirits laugh, and I will not speak read area saw bright as day, and are everywhere to Qi huā Yaocao, fighting Yan Zhengyan, the climate is much milder than the outside, another world Wanran. Before saying: "Wei Duke Ling, I have 500 Shou are to understand, this yin and yang, contact between the deep. "Earthly things will be in deep soil and laid the foundations, said Hou said public king emperor, especially. , "Welling public where this is not accidental, but your son said Shu Hou has a set number of". "," Shu Monkey sealed two thousand years, the public champion dozens, Shu titles, two thousand years, the so-called foundation deep, is why there is such a rich foundation. "In this case, there is a light spirits asked:" That said the number "is not it? "" Of course, deep soil to be converted, real non-overnight, was the world I do not know, are claiming large cross-King "victory over the king and the like, are unfounded Miscellaneous number, not only of the upper world to start from scratch, that is, the other world to have to start again to this brilliant palace "Which is easier? The so-called yin and yang cutting, so it is hard to succeed. "" Erru sub Li Shu Gong, unified Shu, he inherited the foundation of dozens of generations Shu Zhu, so I said, you are prepared for a banquet too little "I expect not bad, dozens of generations Shu Zhu the old unit "Some will seek refuge from the dead dead" to go, to come, but dozens of generations savings, definitely a lot! ", Wang compliance of heard, could not help stunned, and sure enough, the distance I heard muffled thunder, the slightest tide coming WANG Zun not help boarded the high, from afar. I saw pay Flag clouds, have their own spirits and Yinbing from centralized to the palace, on the bow down to the ceremony. These spirits who, with a touch of the familiar atmosphere. "It's all the people of the former Shu Hou and Shu, take refuge in a new Shu Zhu." The presence of guests over to congratulate: "of Wheeling set of 100,000 soldiers" Wen Wu Ruyun in laid the foundation, Yang Shi also benefit the so-called Souls care in St. emperor is the case. "WANG Zun's re-look, I saw the palace received this worship, the clouds, a faint but dignified air transport and the surging river, endless. WANG Zun looked down, But then he sighed: "So,coach outlet bags! "Throughout the successive failed to do so, most of the dynasties of the country, are ancient Packet country, that's why. Occasionally several differences" are canonized by the court of the country, the court air transport to pave the way. Really unprecedented country, "from scratch" but also successful, very few. Since ancient times, to take charge of "following the first to sign, then innovation towards! ~! .. <
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