Some questions about CIW

July 30 [Sat], 2011, 16:48
1. Susan is creating some additional images for her customer's Web site. One image will be used repeatedly on site pages. However, in order to support the site's topic-specific color scheme, she wants one shape in the image's background to be a different color on each page. What is the best way for Susan to accomplish this task?

A. Create the image using layers for its different components.

B. Create the image using series for its different components.

C. Create the image using pages for its different components.

D. Create the image using frames for its different components.


2. Consuela is updating her company's Web site. She wants to add an image that is 1,414 pixels by 724 pixels. Her site audience generally uses a monitor resolution of 1024x768. Using Fireworks, how can she adjust the image to fit the users' monitors?

A. Resample the image to adjust the print size.

B. Resample the image to increase the resolution.

C. Resample the image to decrease the color depth.

D. Resample the image to decrease the pixel dimensions.

Answer: D

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3. User feedback can be evaluated in many ways. Which of the following methods is more quantitative than direct user feedback, and will provide indirect feedback from the majority of users who do not respond?

A. User surveys

B. Site server logs

C. Online e-mail links

D. Opt-in bulk mail services

Answer: B
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