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December 16 [Mon], 2013, 15:08
Key Features Collection ut coins Manager:Peruse your ever-expanding card collection and build a variety of custom decks to suit all kinds of strategies.If you’re new to deck-building,you can also get guided help here on how to fill out your deck for competitive play.Crafting:Disenchant those extra cards in your collection to receive arcane dust,the building block used to construct Hearthstone cards.You can then use this dust to craft the cards needed to complete one or more of your decks or your overall collection.

Friendly Duels:Want to challenge your buddy to a quick match or just show off your shiny new cards? Hearthstone is connected to Battle ,so you’ll be able to fire up a game with a friend right from your friends list.BETA TESTINGAt the FAQ section below there are more details about beta.Beta testing starts this Summer.You can sign up to participate in beta by going to the bottom of the page at the USA Heroesofwarcraft website or the Europe website.Press ReleaseNew free-to-play strategy card game for PC and iPad? lets you hang up your sword...and throw down your gauntletHands-on demos at PAX East this weekend,beta test starting soonBOSTON BUSINESS WIREPull up a chair across from an old friend at the tavern table and prepare for a few rounds of lively card-vs.-card warfare.

Blizzard Entertainment,Inc.laid its cards on the table today with the unveiling of Hearthstone?:Heroes of Warcraft?,a new cross-platform free-to-play game for Windows?,Macintosh?,and iPad?.In Hearthstone,players build card decks centered around one of nine iconic Warcraft? character classes and duel each other for fun,glory,and the chance to win awesome new cards.PAX East attendees are able to go hands-on with Hearthstone this weekend,and Blizzard will begin beta testing for the game very soon―no,seriously.