Charcoal Grills : Backyard Favorite

April 02 [Thu], 2015, 10:17
Charcoal grill is what most people think of when they think of backyard cooking. Though many families have traded in their older charcoal models for a new shiny propane number, charcoal is praised by many as the best way to make the best tasting food on the grill. Due to the simplicity of the grill itself, charcoal grills stand the best chance of facing the best of time.

Well made and well maintained grills will last a lifetime. Because there are virtually no extra parts to be concerned with, there is little chance of anything breaking down. Properly covered when, your charcoal grill will function as long as its standing. As with any other grill, there are plenty of options available to you.

The best models are sturdy and heavy duty, made out of thick rolled steel and will have plenty of ventilation for the fire. Because of the high temperatures, smaller, cheaper models are prone to warping. It is also important to note how deep the bucket for the charcoal is. Too deep, and it will be hard to keep clean. YUELONG ted to build up over time, and can reduce the heat of your fire.

Also important to note, is the weight and size of the grill surface. Again, heavy duty is preferred. Thick cast iron bars are best, for a number of reasons. Thick bars will retain more heat , and convey that to the food faster. Cast iron grill tops can be thrown into the oven to clean, just run the oven’s self clean cycle. The flatter, wider bars will also make getting underneath sticky food easier.

As was mentioned earlier, a well ventilated fire is necessary. Charcoal fires require a lot of oxygen to keep the heat up. The more air you allow through the bottom, the more heat comes out the top. The smaller, bowl model grills usually have a few small holes drilled in the bottom that can be opened and closed from there. These should be avoided when possible. It is quite easy to forget to open and close the vents and once the fire is started, it is to late to reach down and open them up, as the fire is just too hot. Instead, opt for a model with vents that can be easily opened and closed away from the fire, in the eventuality that you forget to do so ahead of time. This also allows you to close the vents once you’re done cooking, to kill the fire a bit faster.

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