lol wierd stuff spotted 

2007年01月05日(金) 0時24分
lol went to the medium or sum sorta ytd at yi shun and the at the coldsotrage there foudn 1 god like thing and it is beer !! yes beer and it is god like y? show u pic then u know

see? it is god like this beer is called lucky beer and it cost a bomb 1 small bottle liek this not really tasty cost 7 bucks !! lucky i no need pay XD..... tml more adventure of baka neko bah

still looking for bitable ppl


2007年01月02日(火) 4時31分
muahaha finally defeated the lazy bone of mine and come UPDATE ler muahaha baka neko is back!!!!more updates tml muahaha

still finding things to bite..... X(

Gachapon 2!!! 

2006年12月07日(木) 22時51分
wahaha today went to paly the gachapon again guess wat!! ig to saber ler!! 2 saber!!! saber ga futari!!!!!wahahah 2 saber abit sad cause both saber the same lol but then nice !!!!!

OMFG test 

2006年12月07日(木) 22時46分
ytd i did my sch de test omfg i dunno ANYTHING die ler luckly darren come out help me man woot well i am pwned omg


2006年12月02日(土) 3時12分
waahaha today pon sch again lol when to jurong point saw ah sian there instant lose the game while talking to him omg mah later go eat long jonh wif finny and gerald they all wahaha normal talk cock but then today special cause jurong point got pokemon de show today wahaha the pokemon the heads are so big feel like plucking them off anyway gerald brought yunnie to make the painting stuff the type that got border you put colour de LOL kids stuff... then i go liao to play gatchapon spend $9 on it making my self broke in the end

but then quite happy in the end ^^

wee this is my Rider XD

sakura XD thx to qing to exchange wif me for one of my extra illya thx qing

well this is the illya cute hor cute hor? lol illya is always so cute

well all these nice but my aim is saber but no one got saber sad gonna try again next week hope still got left

i still haven found sumthing to bite yet

SICK !!! X( 

2006年11月24日(金) 11時17分
darn ytd 3 am for nth wake up then vomit, vomit untill bu san bu si then comes a combo of stomach ache and burning sensation in the troat not bad hor this combo meal 100% wu hua 1. =X bloody hell wake up today hand and legs no strength liek luan jia xia like that.... ahhhh this suxxor


sch = boring... 

2006年11月24日(金) 0時30分
sch today is boring as usual so theres nth much to say.... abt sch

anyway recently i have been thinking alot.... i wanna open a cafe XD if can maido kisa ten XD !!! when u go in neko maids just come out to greet your and main aim is to sell coffee and earn money wif service.... is that possible in sg??? not too many hardcore otaku huh? how much whould i need to save inorder to start it leh... lol i need help planning lol this is part 1 part 2 comming soon bah...

i thinking too much? well i got too much free time to think too much just have to entertain myself by thinking abt stuff


Dumb new post.... 

2006年11月20日(月) 0時22分
Haizz boredm is sux nth to do all day play game no mood do things no mood go out still ok at home do anything also no mood and me flen just break up wif gf also like that but then me is NTH TO BITE LIEK THAT OMGWTFBBQ!!! then i turn insane ler i look at my hand and suddenly bite it as it seem good to bite and such lar .... pain .....haizzz hope sumthing nice to bite will come soon

I wanna bite u!!!bite

Yay 1st blog 

2006年11月17日(金) 23時38分
yay got my 1st blog thk my seceratry for filling up the stupid form.... XD

Did stunt today wahaha school end at 11 am i reach at 11am woot reach the time saw classmate say bye bye me good job man to think that i wake up early just go school today .....

I wanna bite things
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