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May 13 [Mon], 2013, 16:45
Productivity Solutions Limited Provides Carphone Warehouse with the EASEworks software to Renovate Their Lean Initiatives and Process ImprovementsMission Viejo, CA (PRWEB) April 26, 2013

Carphone Warehouse agreed to conduct laboratory studies to model the workflow within each store. With the help of specialists atand , Carphone Warehouse was able to set up scenarios representative of most stores and to capture this data for future reference and use.

When Carphone Warehouse approached Productivity Solutions Limited to assist in establishing benchmarks around its current operations and practices, they required fast deployment and application, transparent audit trail, easily adapted to different sectors, non-proprietary database and initial and ongoing costs. Since it was a difficult process to measure work across 800 stores and accounting for many, Carphone Warehouse agreed to conduct laboratory studies to model the workflow within each store. Specialists at Productivity Solutions Limited with the EASEworks Labor Standards software were able to set up scenarios representative of most stores and to capture this data for future reference and use.

Store variables such as layout and configuration did not make a difference in how long a work process should take, as they were able to derive a formula that could be applied across stores based on the square footage. Carphone Warehouse Project Manager Andy Lee, said “The lab exercise was important because for the first time in our history, we replaced assumptions and best guesses with scientific work measurements.”

Carphone Warehouse is a big box retailer of consumer electronics and connected devices in the United Kingdom, with 800 retail stores and an ecommerce channel. The company, along with BestBuy is responsible for the creation of BestBuy Mobile and the Geek Squad, which it later sold to BestBuy. As a brick and mortar retailer, Carphone Warehouse had previously scheduled in-store staffing according to the number of customers projected to visit on any given day. With no scientific measurement of what productivity levels should look like and how to schedule resources optimally, Carphone Warehouse sought to gain a better understanding of and greater visibility into its work procedures in order to properly benchmark in preparation for Lean/Six Sigma improvement activities.

EASEworks and PSL enabled Carphone Warehouse to quickly perform rated activity sampling, day in the life studies, direct observational time study and video data capture and analysis. The ability to quickly establish standard work afforded the client a powerful level of visibility into internal processes that would pay off in the short and long-term.

John Wilde, Managing Director at PSL said, “As with all of our clients we only recommend the very best solution & support and this was absolutely the EASEworks product.”

Carphone Warehouse laid a solid foundation for optimizing storefront efficiency by bringing work documentation and processes online and making them available on demand. Through implementation of the EASEworks complete solution, Carphone Warehouse realized additional benefits.

While Carphone Warehouse could easily benchmark its customer-facing retail operations based on projected customer count, its back office administration activities did not present such clear measurement drivers. Now with thesolution and staff trained in its use, Carphone Warehouse has the tools to benchmark its back office processes and realize further process improvements. Carphone Warehouse initially selectedto for benchmarking purposes and ultimately gained a comprehensive yet affordable labor standards solution that would set a foundation for continuous improvement and retail productivity excellence.

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