October 22 [Wed], 2008, 7:02
You fucking pervy's!
Get outta here and spam another one,I'm not intressted in your boring sites.
They just bother me xDD


It's been a long time x.x 

October 22 [Wed], 2008, 6:56
I'm sorry I didn't post anything since along time xDDD'''
Yeah but I think I'm kinda back now.

I'm in grade 11th now.
I gotta new CD's.
I gotta new blog.
I'm still crazy.
I wanna see VanessA .
And....I dont know I just know shit atm xDDD
I'm a bit hyperactive so see you guys later <3

Loves you all <3

school -o- 

June 25 [Wed], 2008, 14:21
I have to leave to school now....boring!


June 25 [Wed], 2008, 5:52

Haha i pimped my nails xD
No not really kawaii it looks wreid and unpimp
but i tried the first time and it looks... 醜い!!!

bai bai

(*'ー'*)_■ Do you want ビシュ?


June 25 [Wed], 2008, 2:40
私は あなたの 友達 ですか?
灰 友達 です。

I try a few phrases in japanese,but i know it's wrong,because my japanese is really bad,but i try my best to be good ;-;!!! believe me!
I know at the beginning i shouldn't work with Kanjis,but i love Kanji's. Their looks so beautiful,not so boring like the european letter. Every letter looks the same in france,germany,polan,spain,italy,autria and greek -o- it's boring! Only the japanese and chinese letters look the same :3

ok this shoul be only a short entry to say
my sport exame was good and i got the mark 2 with 10 points *o* it's the second bestmark here in germany and i'm really happy!

i'm writing a bit later an entry again :3

あーの? 〔/≒A≒〕/ 

June 23 [Mon], 2008, 20:26

My last entry is a while ago,but had not so much time, to write anything!
ごめなさい ください!!!
What i've done the last days,weeks,months you can read it in my LIVEJOURNAL!
I love my Livrjournal,because MY header is the best of all *O*
but here I will post every day an entry,when i'm at home,because i can come online with my cell-phone like all japanese people \\(°A°)// UNHAPPY,iknow :3
Today i've played DMC3 ♥ WE LOVE DANTE!!!

Now you can see my new haircute and my ne haircolor because i changed'em!!!
so i hope you like it !!

At last i have to say...
★☆★ (=゜ω゜)ノ
He's GREAT!!!

PS: also you can find me here : : xbishux
LiveJournal : xbishux

ビシュ °(・ω・)\\


February 27 [Wed], 2008, 7:41
yeah~ happy,cause of the new screw single is today in japan stores *Q* yeahh~ happy to listen to them in a few days! happy to have a training card from one of the members! happy about that i support them!

new picture of myselfe *Q* some friend sad me,it looks like yuuto...what do you think,can i cosplayn him?

bishu ❤


February 07 [Thu], 2008, 4:53
Hello ~ ladies,gentleman and friends^^

Today i felt so happy,but i don't know why ._____. ....but it's not so important right? XD'' happy feelings are good!

Let me start to talk about my day and some other things/shit °(^~^)°

My school start at 8:20 am~ but this is the 2nd lesson in my school,because my school start regulary at 7:30am >o< i terrible!
My first lesson was Math @..@ i wrote a test about volums~ it was easy but i hadn't finish the last task T__T and it was sooooo easy,maybe i become mark 3 for them,than I'mVERY Happy^^
Soo...the next lesson was music and we wrote a test,too about 'Ludwig van Beethoven' It was already easy^^ nice day,right?
After music i hab AL,it's called 'Arbeitslehrer',it the lesson where we learn to write application and some other things for our life atfer the class 10,for exsample for jobs^^
My 2 last lesson were Art...we only drawed xD'''

So after school i go on to Msn and ♥ for 3 hours and after this i go to a friend and learn with her Biology
Now~ I sitting in my room,listening to screw,learn fopr math,look at my ScReW poster and chill it out^^
i take picture from my wall♥

(you see there,SCREW ♥,Viored,D'espairsRay and ShoujoLolita23ku)

finally...tomorrow i go to hairdresser and get a new hair-cut *dance* i love to got to the hairdresser,you too? ^o^
i want a hair-cut like this x3
i try to draw it,but it's a while ago!

(i hope you see all XD i have a mizerable cell phone >o< with no Qually!)

20 days....and the new ScReW single is cooming *Q* YAY

そうーさん °(♥。。♥)°ソッ 

December 11 [Tue], 2007, 6:44
hey ya!

i dont't want to talk so much,because I'm sad,but i hope in a few days,I get my hapiness back *Q*
The first step is done! ich made an animation,
with the vocalist form 少女-ロリヰタ-23区...with そうーさん!
Ryobou helped me with them~ yes i want ti make more animation,i love them really~ i don't know why xDD~

here you can see it~

I love the PV and the song

have fun! ^^


20 Days 

December 09 [Sun], 2007, 9:33
(It's the 9th Sunday and 1:45am in Germany)
hello last blog was...OMG so far away xDD
sorry,but I had not time to write there~
Oh...but I've done not so much these days...I learnes for school,helped a friend with math,biology and physical!(I don't know the right word >..< sorry)
Yeah...then I had 3 tests...uh...what at next?....AHHHH
Only 20 Days to see Aoi-chan *Q* *happy*
...and now...I want sleep~

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