the two ancestors how overnight so young

December 30 [Sun], 2012, 15:41
- Remember, oh! Long family who are gradually back. - Bxwx. Org / fact and did not let the Dragon Ng non how long. First rushed to the Dragon juniper, the first to reach a family of four. Long of juniper, daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter. In time to see the dragon and Lung Wu non-dragon juniper a person touches froze for a moment. Is too surprised, the two ancestors how overnight so young? Skin is no longer the kind of folds of the old man, touches giving a rosy smooth soft white, seemed to rejuvenate immortality like eat, however, in this world with this medicine? If it is can be seen from the face on the original appearance really doubt not fallen leaves and bark change, or cosmetic surgery. The even even Long Wu non Sucai Li than before becomes beautiful young a lot Mens Timberland Classic, saying their age seems to be true is no longer small. Ever seen as they are full of spirit, but, after all, not so obvious to see today. Dragon juniper first to wake up, coughing loudly remind their own people, to see people just standing doing. As for such a fuss about this, not that and a 100-year-old man into a three-year-old Lee with the wind in, it may not seem so difficult, do not likewise maintained a youthful face, and how it had not been frightened to. Before Long Wu non and Sucai Li, in fact, is also shocked, I did not expect the two elderly bedraggled black liquor is washed off, even after becoming so young directly fixed in a 31-year-old age, whether it is face, body, or skin, who are all rejuvenated in general, which is just incredible. Even before a lot of good things to eat, (Lee wind left their immortality, spiritual grass), but only slow down the aging Bale, where like this so obvious. The fruit of God the Long Wu Africa and Su Caili first try to eat, but perhaps because they would have to keep the looks relatively young, so not to be seen what effect. This fruit of God with two elderly people, was to maximize the embodies its value. "Grandpa, good Su grandfather." Dragon juniper first opening. "Great-grandfather" ancestors "Long cypress the granddaughter Qieqie shouted. Faced with the Longda ancestors pressure ah. Plus was by nature somewhat shy, even more serious old man to be intimidated. Even at the moment of our ancestors is clearly overly handsome young but habitual majesty but still people can not easily access. Longda nodded, be considered to give a response to, not that they were dissatisfied with them, only dragon had served as the the dragon group's boss, all day sullenly, he was it would have been serious, not easily exposed emotions. Personality dictates, and will not be easily changed person. Of course, also with Su Jie together when noisy easily anxious and red-faced, plus let him hold it in your hand distressed pet's grandson, others really hard to get his smile. Sometimes looking at the Longda here a lot of junior Su Jie occasionally quietly feeling a sudden heart, do not know the son of his family when they could get married and have children, look at the situation, it seems unlikely, but Even Su Wencai really gave birth to the child, Su Wencai hostility at home, would never let their kids Renjieguizong. Alas! Headache for the guy. Fortunately, my daughter here also gave birth to a son, but unfortunately, the that obediently grandson often did not see the surface, it is very frustrating. Although the the Longda situation here is almost the same, only that a pro-grandson, but the people it touches adoptions few good kids. The Dragon family can be considered. "First waiting for other people to." Is just a very ordinary, but the dragon mouth of the dragon juniper is like family feel that one can not reject the stern and never acts, not people shaken decided the kind. Longda has since personality is simply no room for people to refute. Saying, dragon cypress really not refute Although he is now also considered out crowd surrounded owned, but really do not have the guts and the stern grandfather talk back. Dragon juniper, not to mention his daughter, granddaughter, son-in-law even dare not speak, would have even door-law, in the face of the head of the family, the low-key or low-key, or only fascinates the walk. For the Longda identity, door-law is not clear, However, at Longda beside the Su Jie, but he clearly, former prime minister. Wanted to come with the Prime Minister argue figure is also the top policymakers. Sucai Li is pull off the dragon juniper granddaughter asked a few from time to time. "Great-grandmother" still young great-grandmother, very kind and good temper. Shy girl become some generous compared to just kind of cramped, it touches on a lot better. Dragon Japanese Su Jie is here, and the atmosphere is still some pent serious, but still better, the Longda and did not stop their chat. "The little girl looks really sweet future will certainly be able to find a more Jun lad." Even if no blood, but still they saw the children, the dragon cypress, or dragon juniper daughter, granddaughter, Su Caili are involved in the links among dependents. Raise their children naturally love, the dragon cypress daughter marry the man, then, is Sucai Li brokered promising young orphans, but his honest and capable, and Sucai Li had classmates children, is also quite good. Great-grandmother, I also do. "Small? If not mistaken should be 20 years old now." Ah, twenty years old this year. "" You look at all the two-year-old, there's nothing little like the original small eighteen had run all over the world at that time around a woman have several out. "she spoke, Sucai Li Lee thought the wind. Like his son, even if they know his son will be back soon, but still can not stop thinking of emotions. Small day? "Very puzzled this little day is 18-year-old like a few women? Women too do not respect. Previous society not to say that monogamy? Marriage Law is formulated so, although nowadays has changed, and no one would limit the families of others things, as long as both sides are willing to either marry several are even a woman married to several men can also, but all are based on its own strength. If you have a skill, even if others want to meddle meddle not it. However, listening to the great-grandmother mean that the so-called 'day', should be living in monogamous Under this system a long time ago now, and how it is n around a woman, efforts to reach the men. Although she is some misunderstanding, but it is not raised. See, great-grandmother is very much like that called 'small day'. However, the small day in the end who is calling? Home party not there had been this person. If it appeared that he would remember, but she was determined to figure called small day never happened. This down can not blame her a bad memory, but Lee wind of the existence of a secret for her indeed. Before Lee left after the wind, it was to eliminate all traces of the wind existed, newspapers, photographs, have not spread out. Dragon juniper, it is not these things to scoop out mantra. Because the family who are invariably choose to hide, to conceal the presence of Li wind. After all, said at the time to leave a hundred years, then, not to mention a hundred years, fifty years alone, everyone has passed away now. Plus, they mention Lee wind will cause Sucai Li sad, over time, we will think in their hearts, no longer mentioned mouth the surface said, lest angered Everybody is happy. Miss the pain, can not taste or not to taste good, bitter ...... Sucai Li is also because before seen Lee with the wind, and Lee wind promised to come back soon, will not consciously Lee wind to mention out The original quiet read newspapers read newspapers, tea tea, and heard the name of a small day, all take God as his eyes fell on the Su Caili body, mind, but do not know where to go. My baby grandson course powerful, a few women only, what Longda said triumphantly. Su Jie also agreed: "is, I obediently grandson looking for what kind of can not find so cute looks like, do not like strange." This time, the the two bicker old guy finally are views unified. Lee wind is their common treasure some of the lovely, some of the powerful, that is should be. Small day to come home? "Dragon cypress also asked in surprise. "Nothing! Grandson of course, to come back home Timberland 8 Inch Boots Sale." Longda stare dragon juniper one of the dragon cypress temporary slip of the tongue is also preoccupied with. Dragon juniper immediately the Samsam nod. It's not intentional, as such a fire. Mean are asked the small days is not going to come back. Su Jie is also now keep up with, "You dare not welcome, I immediately obediently grandson away." "Do you dare -" I dare him I obediently grandson. "That's still my baby grandson it. "Seeing have to continue to fight, Lung Ng non-opening to the dragon cypress family explained:" Little Heaven is my son, dragon Guards but at this time, just because some things were not at home lived. "While listening to to old ancestors quarrel, it has probably understand the identity of the 'days', but really listen to the explanation of the Lung Wu non, can not help but still people wondering why never hear anyone mention. In particular, did not listen to the dragon the cypress filed it, Is Dragon juniper and small day relationship is not good? Those wondering eyes scanned the the dragon cypress open road: "Dad, is not people known it? How added that out." "It does not matter, anyway, the small days come back, did not need to continue to hide, so that we the recognized identification parade, just afraid everyone Chujingshengqing. Lung Wu non-Here Mens Timberland Euro Dub, must've looked at his wife, his wife is the most obvious. son-in-law in the heart of the dragon cypress emotion, good atmosphere name , the Guards? saying that, enter this home, it has for decades, but have never heard of this time away from home seems so long ago that the point - remember Oh!
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